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  1. Dawn13 added a post in a topic For some, shadow of regret cast over gender switch   

    Your link does not work any more. I would like to know more about what you think about transitioning.
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  2. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Pictures of me in jeans   

    Group Please Assist,

    I would like to get a pair of new jeans - What is a good brand? I may try to buy the jeans on e-bay or Amazon.

    My Stats -
    Today I have a 31" waist (Usually I can wear a 30" but I do like to breath). My inseam is 32” I do have somewhat wide hips/butt at 38 to 39".

    Any ideas would be helpful. I would like to find a pair that I could actually wear day-to-day that could come across as unisex but is designed for a woman.

    Looking for friends
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  3. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Bikinis as favorite swimwear   

    I am looking to get a couple of new bikinis in a few days. Then I will post some new photos with me wearing them. Dawn
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  4. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Nessa's CD shopper guide.   

    This is a really interesting topic. Where I have bought the about 50% of my women's clothes was at the Value Village, in Vancouver WA. Normally I get a basket and just put a few men’s items in as cover. Then I go to the dressing room and try all of the items on. It is amazing the kinds of things you can buy. I have bought dozens of leotards and tights, bras, dresses and belts there. Getting the larger items is a bit more difficult, so for nice dresses I have bought then near Halloween as a “costume. “(Of course as a Halloween cross dresser). I have often used Halloween as my cover to buy sexy women’s items.
    About two of my most daring raids. One time I went to the Danskin dancewear shop when I lived in Virginia and bought a women’s large cap sleeve leotard, matching tights, dance skirt and leg warmers; all in crystal pink. I told the shop women shop clerks that I was buying the outfit for my girlfriend. I think they noticed my shaved legs and shaped eyebrows. Because they looked at each other sarcastically and one of them said “I wish my boyfriend would buy something like this.” I think they figured out this really sexy outfit was for me. The second experience was even wilder. When I was at Ft Walton Florida I went into swimsuit shop and said I was looking for a swimsuit for my wife. I also told them we, my wife and I, were about the same size and the woman sales clerk helped me pick out a nylon multi colored light blue bathing suit. The reason I knew I was a good size comparison to my wife was because of the different clothes I had worn, of hers, over the first years of our marriage. The sales clerk actually handed the suit to me to try on. I tried it on and I told her it fitted perfect and I bought it. Later, I actually gave it to my wife. But I really did model it for her.

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  5. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Living my dream   

    Hello Leah,

    How is your cross dressing experience going so far? Amazing that you waited until age 40+ to see what the women's clothing line was all about. I was about 8 when I first remember trying on girl’s clothes. It was a yellow sun suit that my sister no longer wore. I remember showing my Mom what I looked like and I getting in trouble. However, later because my Mom knew my feelings about wearing women’s clothes she actually found me a girl’s designer T shirt with purple elephants on it and some shorts that matched at a thrift store. I actually wore this outfit outside to play most of the summer. This was a summer when with a small slim body and long hair I looked the part.

    When I got married to my wife she already knew of my cross-dressing habit because I had expressed my feelings early in our relationship. She even kind of made my dressing up a game as several times during our college days she brought me some of her outfits and dresses to try on and on a couple of occasions we actually went out together as two girlfriends. Additionally, lately my wife actually helps me pick out women’s clothes that are more unisex in design. Often I will look at some item of clothing I want to see and my wife will say is it for me or for you? So I guess I have learned to shop and actually handle the women’s items. Because of these experiences my wife and I both are more in-tune and understanding of each other. So, for me my Wife has been very supportive considering. However, I do know she sees the Dawn in me as rivaling her position, female role, in the relationship. Still I do not directly cheat on her as she knows almost everything about the person in me called Dawn.

    Have you told your wife of your desire to dress-up? If you did how did it go? Did your wife express her feelings about what you look like? Did she find anything she could say positive about it? She could find your appearance appealing or she could become fearful of the situation, and maybe shades of thoughts in between. I believe that by channeling your experience as a cross dresser you could actually improve your love life. So maybe your wife might find something desirable about this new you.
    Wishing you the best - Dawn
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  6. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Post your favorite dress/clothes pictures here   

    Here is another picture of me with a similar shorter wig. Actually my wife did not comment on my bra choice. She did comment on the fact that I could fit into the outfit at all. Boy my dieting really paid off. She was getting rid of this short evening dress outfit because she had grown too large in her chest. So what kind of bra would look better?

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  7. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Bikinis as favorite swimwear   

    I have tried on several of my wife's old bikinis and they do fit. So I guess I could wear a bikini outside but I like the patterns and body enhancement of some of the full suits. I have a fairly slim waist but would likely need to go back on hormones to soften me up more to allow a bikini to really look good on me. I have only worn a women's bathing suit once at a public swimming pool and it was an older style women's Speedo.
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  8. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Post your favorite dress/clothes pictures here   

    Give me a cheer! Here is what I wore three Halloween's ago. My Wife did not like it because she said I "looked too real” This was the third time in my life I had dressed as a woman on Halloween. When she said what should she wear. I gave her several ideas including being a football player. (She did not like that idea) However, she went out as a cowboy. It was an interesting Halloween and yes I did do a few cheers.
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  9. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Post your favorite dress/clothes pictures here   

    My Second Try.

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  10. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Post your favorite dress/clothes pictures here   

    This is my favorite picture of me getting ready to go out.

    I also have a couple of others of me in my Halloween Costume of a few years ago. I will post it as soon as I can. Dawn
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