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  1. Monica you are the best and thanks for commenting as much as you do.  Seems like I always learn much from you.

    Latest trip and gender mix up.  I was at a Ross Store in GA ready to check out, in guy mode, and the female teller said I can help you over here Miss.  I thought she was talking to someone else and then I realized I was the only one there.  I checked out and am quite sure she thought I was a woman.  Then the next day while eating at an IHOP with friends the waitress said to me what can I get you ma'am, because I was with friends I corrected her saying "sir."  She repeated "sir" but when she came back she presented me my breakfast and said ma'am can I get you anything else.  This time I did not correct her as actually I was a bit flattered and later I checked the mirror to try to see what she saw.  Could be my chest/breasts are showing more (Was wearing a bra but straps were almost impossible to detect), earrings, hair, wore unisex clothing - still in acceptable unisex look. 

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  2. When I say it is all me - I mean the breast and hair growth is real.  I am wearing a shaping sports bra with normal padding.  So neat as I do not have to wear breast forms any more.  Dawn :)


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  3. Hello Emma,

    I care about as you have cared about me.

    I noticed you were having issues with your electrolysis.  When I last had it done, the better electrologist (However more expensive) I went to used a cooling gel and it helped a lot. I had my chest done my face and my legs. It was expensive and I quit the treatments when all my dark face hair was gone.  I took electrolysis for about two years.  I still have about 3000 hairs left on my face as I even plucked the remaining ones a couple of times, but they are all white and easily shaved and when shaved I have no shadow at all.  So the electrolysis was worth it.  I share your issues with losing hair.  In a few weeks I will be starting hair therapy. 

    I also go to a therapist and the goal is currently to help my marriage while accepting that I am Transgender.  Have I not been trying to salvage a happy home relationship I am sure I would transition completely. 

    So I am hoping and thinking about you and your path - some things we share and others not - wishing you love and support along your way.  Dawn


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  4. Monica,  Bonnie has some good points.  You must follow the course of your heart.  I am a moral person but I also understand that I am transgender, finally not lying to myself anymore.  The love I share with my wife is real and is unconditional.  Do we agree on everything = no.  When we married she did not know I was transgender but we have worked it out.  I am as close to being female as I dare to be and still keep family and friends.  A compromise - yes.  If I had known what I now know about myself I would likely be female today; would have transitioned as a youth.  More soon  - have to go again  -- Dawn

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  5. Finally I have some time to respond.  I really do believe in the friendship and companionship aspect of life.  This means a kiss and hug, a laugh together, some shared memories.  A true friend is forever - my wife - and I have been together for 40 years and we are firstly just friends.  I have almost 100 other friends I have strong ties to.  I kind of collect my friendships.  Some know of my transgender leanings others do not.

    About shorter relationships these all need to be friendships to succeed. The first aspect of being a friend is acceptance and realistic expectations.  One does not try to make a friend someone they are not.  If you have quirkiness that is you, who you are, this is usually the last thing a friend considerers - this may be something you joke about and actually could draw you closer, as all of us who are real have our quirks.  I hope this helps.  I know you through your writings to be a wonderful person well deserving of many good comments and relationships.  Best to you.    Dawn  :)

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  6. Companionship a issue - the need to share one's life  ... Thanks Monica for asking me to respond - As it is late I will sleep on this and definitely share my thoughts with you tomorrow.  I think you are a wonderful person deserving of love and compassion.  The other things you mention; the you of you, these are factors of relationships but are not the drivers.  See you tomorrow.  Best to you - Dawn

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  7. Hello Emma - Thanks - You too are a delightful person.  I keep wanting to meet everyone as we are all in this life journey together.  (Not practical but we do have a lot to share)

    Emma - You are treasured, yes, and of course loved. 


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  8. Another delightful thread.  About Halloween and costumes, I have had the opportunity to wear several costumes lately, Green Lantern, Superman (Pink for Cancer Version), an elf and Avatar and of course as a woman(But not lately).  In the last three years, I have been able to go to almost a dozen parties and face paint the kids. (I usually wear a costume/s)  Besides doing the kids I usually face paint myself and paint additional examples of my work on my own arm.  Rainbows, butterfly's, stars, animals and super heroes.  I love to do this.  It is my feminine arty nature coming out.  I have now been requested at various fairs and I ask for donations.  I give the money to children's programs.  I too am in my 60's - still enjoying life, stretching myself and taking risks.

    About the first thoughts - To me being Transgender doesn't have to mean being female rather it means being closer to the attributes that are labeled as female.  I now feel that my condition, who I am, is not a learned thing but rather in-bedded in my DNA.  I have always been an explorer; this is my nature.  Also, I visualize colors, experience touch sensations and sense sounds in a way that I believe is a female frame of mind.  I remember when I found myself putting on my first feminine outfit at about six or seven years.  It was a yellow sun suit with green flower embroidery on it.  This along with my longer hair made me look like a girl. That was an image etched in my mind. I wore the sun suit and I wanted to show the world it was me inside it, wearing it. It was the little person, girl, me, and it was there before I ever put the item of clothing on.  So the article of clothing/adornment brought out my nature and it was what is considered feminine.  As I grew up took me forever to mature - most of my life my maleness consisted of being a Pixie or a Peter Pan.  I also often masked some of my feelings about wanting a female body by being a clown.  The clown gets to wear almost anything and can make people laugh.  As a male I did not laugh. The closest I ever felt to being a male was in my Indian heritage.  Wearing minimal clothing and being highly adorned.  As a kid, I always felt more at home in my own skin when I was wearing feminine styled clothing.  Going against the norm (Accepted by most) I am more female than most males.  I have been hit on a lot - most want me because of some homosexual attraction.  I am not homo.  I too hate most of the base male characteristics.  Dirty, unkempt, Cursing, corralling.  So I am closer to female, but not female, transgender.

    Have a great day!  Dawn



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  9. My recent gender bender.  Went to my hair stylist a couple of weeks ago wearing all women's wear including a bra. (My stylist also does my pedicures and waxes my eyebrows)  She told me my hair was now finally long and was longer than most of her women customers as women currently coming to her are now getting shorter cuts.  About her she has always been a tall muscular woman.  Much heaver than me.  She commented that it looked like I had 'lost weight" and that she liked my turquois "earrings"  I said I did not think so since I had seen her last.  Then I started to think she could see my bra straps or that she knew I was transgender.  After she draped me in pink we got into a discussion of fitness and she told me she had increased her weight lifting to as much as two hours a day.  She asked me to feel her bicep and I did and it was both large and hard.  I said you can "feel mine" and she did.  'Soft' was her comment. Then she said it was "OK" and that she was going to make me beautiful and she did. She gave me a very nice feminine haircut; matching my outfit.  When I saw my image when she was done I actually felt I was passable as a woman leaving her salon.  The attached photo was taken after the visit; me in a dress.  Dawn

    Dawn relaxing 1a.jpg

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  10. Hello Dawn - Looking at your first posts I have a similar experience - still not totally the same - but similar.  My therapist also told me she has me categorized as transgender, I am one of two, that I know she councils. Because of this she had told me it is OK to wear women's clothing that is more gender neutral to what I feel.  Also, I do wear a bra occasionally as I do have some natural breast. (Size B ) I would love to have a bra fit but Have not done this.  As you also talk about, I know my transgender part is inside me not just a sin I cannot control but actually part of who I am.  I will post more and look more at your blog when I have time.  Dawn (13)

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  11. Reposted from "Being Transgender not a Mental Disorder"

    So difficult to sort out the feelings versus the male body I have underneath.  Three days ago, I just was talking to one of my best girl friends when we were at a running expo - she was part of a staff selling running skirts when I stopped at her booth.  "I told her it was so unfair." (That men - feminine looking men like me - are ostracized when openly wanting to wear a cute stylish shirt in a race or run).  She showed me a new product that they finally have developed. A collet short for men made of the same fabric as the shirt/s and almost a skirt in form.  I bought one of these with a matching unisex headband.  She actually got the same matching skirt so at some point we hope to get a picture of us both together wearing our matching outfits.

    The real point is even though I go to counceling about my being transgender - there is definitely something inside of me that goes beyond my desire to be a straight male in thought and body.  Over time I have actually become more feminine in looks to better accommodate my feelings; I now have very long hair, two earrings I wear all of the time, a weight closer to that of a women allowing me to wear junior's shorts and tops; some new breast tissue to the point I now can and actually need to wear my new sports bras.  Still I go out primarily as a male as I did in a recent running race. I remember at the race a girl runner actually saying as she walked by in a hearable voice to another runner.  Isn't that a woman (Looking at me).  Other guy friend said - no its a man.

    I am now happier in my own skin.  My therapist told me it is OK to wear unisex items and girls items, shorts/tops, that are kind of unisex.  She did tell me that I should not wear a skirt because of what it appears to do to my mind.  But again - this is really who I am, a girl, in my mind.  Dawn

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  12. What a fun day today - new Goodwill store opened and I looked for American Eagle shorts and jeans and a sport top - I found several that fit; size 10 and 8's.  I was dressed in my male clothes with a ball hat on.  My longer pony tail evident as well as my earring's.  One of the shoppers said to me "Mam do you know which tags are the discounts."  Concerned about my voice I hesitated then I told her "the red ones."  I did not try to correct her to my gender as I was in the women's section trying on women items and actually blending in.  Still I was concerned that my voice was telling - still was fun - not even going out-of-my-way to look feminine and still being coded as a woman. 

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  13. A shop clerk told me she really like my necklace today.  I was dressed in girls jeans and a nice sport top. Not sure if she was coding me as female - but was thinking this when she talked to me.  I had just got back from a beauty salon and had my hair colored, long styled shoulder length haircut and had my brows waxed.  Here are a couple of shots of my hair.

    Adding my latest here - was at Red Lobster two days ago and the store manager asked "Ladies how was our service." (Just me and my wife).  My wife said it must be the glasses and hair as I was dressed in boy mode. Then just yesterday I was going through a security point and the guard first said "sir" as I went through and then corrected himself and said "sorry I meant to say mam."


    Hair 2.jpg

    Hair 3.jpg


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  14. My latest Florida Adventure - Just last week I was at a swim meet in FL and when I entered the pool area, with pack on my back and bag in hand one of the regular members of the pool said to me "Mam the women's changing area is around the corner."  during the period of the swim meet I was referred to as mam several times and at one restaurant the door was opened for me as the owner said "welcome in Ladies" for me and my wife.  Also when I was at the meet I was actually able to notice how much bigger my chest appeared compared to some of the women there.  Definitely could see how I was getting mixed up.  (And enjoying it)  Below are photos showing my hair - as long as I have worn it since I was in my teens.  Also. one of my jogging shots (Not wearing a single men's clothing item; but a very feminine running outfit).  Dawn

    Dawn Hair 3.jpg

    Dawn Hair 1.jpg

    Dawn Hair 2.jpg

    run 2.jpg


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  15. May latest trip to Florida resulted in several occasions of me being mistaken for a girl - on three occasions I heard either a sales clerk or a waitress call me mam.  They almost always caught the mistake but the confusion was evident.  The most interesting occurrence and scary was while I was in a tourist store looking at sun visors.  I was wearing fairly short denim shorts, legs and arms were shaved and tan, and had my hair in a pony tail; other than that I was in fairly normal for me boy mode.  I noticed a handsome guy who was looking at me and was kind of following me around the store.  As I was trying to decide what visor was the best one, a pink, purple, white or blue one, he came over really close into my space and put his hand on my shoulder and started to assist me.  I also noticed he appeared to have a ....-on. First I thought he worked for the store.  He told me his choice for me would be the pink one.  As the conservation went along he asked me for some money. No pretext - I could tell he had been drinking.  At this point I became quite nervous and was worried me might try to rob me.  Summoning some courage, I told him I knew he had been drinking, and that I would not give him any money.  He then asked me if I could drive him home; he said I seemed like I would be a "really good girlfriend."  I knew then that he was hitting on me hoping to take me home with him.  He then proceeded to show me some large circular designer earrings that he thought would look good on me.  I was flattered but I had become really nervous at this time and was concerned that I might need help to get away.   He was fairly muscular and tall and I knew I was smaller and puny next to him so I was glad I was in a large store so I could get away from him.  Still after I had put some distance between him and me I did feel a rush.  Wow, he really thought I was a woman.  Dawn


    I am attaching my latest photo - Running as a girl in Florida

    DRun 3.jpg


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  16. Today I was driving to the board of elections for election training.  I was in boy mode and had my hair in a pony tail.  I was not trying to look female at all and never during the entire five minute conservation did I try to disguise my voice. When I went into a parking structure near the meeting location to park and I asked the attendant if he knew if this was the right place to park for the election training.  He called me "mam" and said he was not aware of the class.  He then asked was I trying go to the meeting place for the "league of women voters."  he said he could direct me there.  I could tell now that he thought I was a woman.  He finally directed me to the right location after calling me "Mam" twice more and asked me again if I really was looking for a meeting with the league of woman voters.  When he gave me the directions he was really patronizing to me, asking me twice did I understand the directions.  (After I left I was thinking he thought I was a woman and in his mind did not expect me to be good with directions)



    Lost weight 4.jpg

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  17. I believe my brows are not over done.  Just well shaped.  Maybe you can see them better in the three photos I recently took from a day when I went running in a local park.Thanks for your complements.  Best to you both.  :)





    Full Body 2.jpg

    Full Body 1a.jpg

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