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  1. Living the life I love and loving the life I live :) xo

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    2. UsernameOptional
    3. Ronnie Virga

      Ronnie Virga

      Well, the contentment seems to be in your eyes! :)

    4. MsBeth


      Thanks you guys :)

  2. Happy 2015 everyone... Change can be hard but sometimes it's exactl what we need :)

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    2. UsernameOptional


      Happy New Year, Beth! As usual, a $ short & a day late. I did not see this status comment. Ah well... better late than never, I guess. =)

    3. Gennee


      Happy New Year!

    4. KarenPayne


      Happy New Years MsBeth

  3. Wishing you a very happy birthday. Hope your day is special!

  4. Happy Birthday, Beth... hope you are doing well and that you had a great day. -Michael

  5. Heya Mr. I was on today and didn't wanna leave without saying hi! xo

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      Where you been hiding? I hope all is well. Hope you're staying WARM!! Nice to see you pop in once in a while. Thanks for leaving me a "hello." =) -Michael

    2. UsernameOptional


      And Happy New Year, too... =)

    3. MsBeth


      Thanks :) I'm keeping warm but it's darn cold here some days ... and sure glad we invested in a snow blower this year! Hope 2014 is treating you well thus far! ((Hugs)) :)

  6. Hey Bonnie, visited the forums today and just wanted to say hi :)

  7. Hey Madam, just saying hi :) Hope all is well in your life!

    1. Lori


      Hey Beth! Awesome to see you checking in. Everything is wonderful with me. Lots for us to catch up on sometime. I hope you're doing well also. Hugs! :)

    2. MsBeth


      I am doing awesome as well, thank-you! Christmas was super busy with both my children visiting and now work is picking back up ... and yes we do need to catch up again soon. :) ((Hugs))

  8. Been busy since relocating, decided to stop in whilst overcoming a current artist's block. :)

    1. UsernameOptional


      Don'tchya hate when your creative brain cells just sorta step out to lunch on ya and don't let ya know? And then take their sweet time about clocking back in!

    2. MsBeth


      I really do Michael, I really do! :)

  9. Enjoying a glass of Red :)

  10. I love Red and Black most ... but my wordrobe is fairly endless except for yellow .. ?
  11. Hope you had a Happy Birthday... =) -Mike

    1. MsBeth


      I did Michael :) thank-you!

  12. Hi Aninda, welcome to TGG.

    1. aninda


      hi MsBeth...nice to meet u..

  13. Enjoying a glass of vino, remembering my GRS 2yrs ago this month.

  14. I already commend the Doctors for the advancements for transsexuals of my own time compared to the last ... the next generation will hopefully be as equally blessed. Beth
  15. Sadly, small minded biggots would never get this message.