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  1. karenozark added a comment on a blog entry: Some Days Flat Suck   

    thx for your advice mike...I only have access to this site from my phone and it is difficult to navigate sometimes...but I will definitely take your advice and look into the forums...hope all is welll...sincerely karen
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  2. karenozark added a blog entry in .   

    Beard Shaving
    does anybody have good advice for beard shaving...is it best to use razor and cream or electric razor ...i also use a concealer to hide my beard and its okay but im self conscious...what shaving products are best...thx karen
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  3. karenozark added a comment on a blog entry: Random Notes   

    Thx for your comment....I have a lot of hang ups to conquer
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  4. karenozark added a blog entry in .   

    Random Notes
    I showed a lady at work pics of me as Karen and she was very supportive ....it depresses me so much to walk through Target as a male and want to comfortably shop for female clothes but don't bc im too scared to be seen by someone I know or judged by others I don't. sometimes I feel like crying right there in the store...anybody else go thru this. hope everybody is doing good..
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  5. karenozark added a blog entry in .   

    Speak Up Girl
    I have to give a stronger voice to Karen. No, I don't mean speaking voice. I mean I must make decisions with her best interests at heart. Go for it. Be me. Be Karen. My happiness is at my control. I must do it for her. She is me.
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  6. karenozark added a post in a topic: Dress size???   

    I will be increasing my online purchases as I begin to transition...after and if I get passable and more courage...then I will very much enjoy shopping for clothes in person
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  7. karenozark added a comment on a blog entry: Fraudulent Transgender Centers   

    keep us updated on how this works out
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  8. karenozark added a comment on a blog entry: I Want my HRT   

    hopefully everything will be okay soon
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  9. karenozark added a comment on a blog entry: My First Post   

    congrats on being out and proud
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  10. karenozark added a comment on a blog entry: sex life was a lie   

    hi Myra... thanks for commenting on Alicia's response to my blog ...it makes me happy that we are all engaging in informative talk
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  11. karenozark added a comment on a blog entry: sex life was a lie   

    hi ... I don't know how to access friend requests on my mobile but I see that u sent me one...Thx I would love to be friends ...are u on twitter could follow u easier there,
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  12. karenozark added a comment on a blog entry: This is my story   

    Thx for reading my Blog I enjoyed reading yours too
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  13. karenozark added a blog entry in .   

    sex life was a lie
    im 45 born in 1966. from 1985 to 2009 my sex life was a lie....I had many female partners but the only way I could orgasm during intercourse was to pretend my penis was my vagina rubbing up against theirs. I stopped trying to get female sex partners the past couple years under those false pretenses and for that im happy but I also barely to never haven sex anymore. I love sex with women tho for other reasons related to being trans I guess and I also fantasize about having sex with straight men as a woman.
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  14. karenozark added a blog entry in .   

    Coming Along Well
    Today I feel good...dressed as Karen and just doing stuff around my apartment ....enjoying watching the games too....having some problems posting a comment to my last blog so I say thanks to all who responded...also to michael I say we are fine tuning the worksheet each week to make it most useful to me and soon others. I wish all of u joy and peace (of mind and body). dont forget to follow me on twitter at twitter.com/dannyozark and if u do let me know u found out bout me on tgguide.com
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  15. karenozark added a blog entry in .   

    Trans Worksheet
    I am in the process of devising a really cool worksheet with my therapist to track and grade my efforts in my transformation process ...this is necessary bc left to my own devices I will procrastinate and mess up despite how I feel inside ...the goal is to become the CEO of me becoming Karen and I have to take responsibility and have accountability ... hope you all are doing well ...bye Karen
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