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  1. JustMikey added a comment on a blog entry: Thanks Caitlyn Jenner!   

    I was thinking as I read the end of your post, "I wonder what all the nay-sayers would say to this?"  The program obviously had a positive affect on your mother.  I don't know if the interview did good or bad for the community as a whole, but one thing is sure - it pulled in 17 million viewers because it was [Bruce] Jenner.  And personally, I don't know how much more respectful Diane Sawyer could have been.
    I'm glad that you have your mother back.  And it's good that she has you back... that she has her son.  And just in time for Mother's Day, too.
    And btw... welcome to TGG.
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  2. JustMikey added a post in a topic: Writing posts or replying to them re: Enter key not working   

    maybe the problem is in IE

    IE is a pain in the hip pocket

    sorriest browser ever "developed"

    there does appear to be a glitch...i just experienced the space being erradicated after i high-lighted and deleted wording on the ine above
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