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    Lawyer who died under train lived as a woman

    “A transgender man [sic] who pushed his cross-dressing lawyer friend to her death under a Tube train has been jailed for seven years." -Lucy Buckland, dailymail.co.uk Anyone notice that all references (in the dailymail article) to the attacker were male, and all references to the victim were female - without fail? Despite what seems to be a practice to refer only to post-op women as women, the article referred to the victim as a female even though she was a crossdresser only. Her attacker was actually undergoing "sex-change treatment," and whereas the victim had no desire to transition...the attacker did. Yet she is consistently called a man in the article. Seems the reporter is displaying her obvious bigoted tendancies.
  2. The following article was found by PlagueBubonic - By ADRIENNE LU Published: December 22, 2011 For as long as she can remember, Maribel said, she has felt that she was different. She was born a boy in Mexico, and came to the United States at 16. Two years later, she started taking hormone pills and later underwent some operations to become physically the woman she always believed herself to be. For Transgender Detainees, a Jail Policy Offers Some Security
  3. UsernameOptional

    Ms. LZ

    Cool lady. Thanks, Plague.
  4. I dunno about you all...but considering the tone of the conversation, they don't have any tolerance for gay or TG people - "Hoover asked what the "new name" was, to which Eichner responded: "Really, really gay?"" They don't have a clue...and I don't think they care to. They'll just be more careful not to use such terminology around anyone who might rat them out to the press. And frankly, I'm really getting tired of the excuse that someone didn't know that something was a slur. Like chewing on a fingernail too far, they've worn that excuse right down to the quick. -Michael
  5. Also shows how marginalization drives people to such extremes
  6. UsernameOptional

    Straight Guys, Fierce Allies

    Can't get much tougher than Clint Eastwood. What's this macho man's man (and other straight guys) gotta say about gay marriage? WARNING: Article and some videos contain strong language, and may not be appropriate for all readers/viewers NOTE: For some reason, vids 3 and 4 will not play - they don't have the on-screen "play" arrow. If you clik on the vid thinking it will play, or if you clik the play button in the control bar, you will be thrown into a non-stop reload pattern that causes the vids jump from one to the next. Use the red arrow at the top left of the vid screen to skip videos 3 and 4.
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    Can Anyone Really Help?

    <whipsers to Plague> She's blonde. Don't tell anyone...but I used to be blonde. My hair has darkened over the years, but I was once told if you are born blonde...you will always "be blonde" ... no matter how dark your hair gets. But that's just between you and me Good luck...I hope you can find a support group. -Michael
  8. "Is it really something that needs to be confirmed? Seems to be common sense to me." -Bonnie Not only that, after reading about , didn't the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals rule that discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity is rooted in sexual discrimination? After reading articles about that case, I can't help but wonder now why any place in the U.S. needs a set of laws to protect GLBT people - it's already in place apparently. And considering that...seems to me that any employer, and other entities, would wise up and just start treating people right. -Michael
  9. "“Though the show is not about transgender people, it’s about the notion that men presenting as women is funny,” said Herndon Graddick of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation." -Frazier Moore, suntimes.com To me, that is the sticking point. If people saw this simply as "men dressing as women," but understood that a male-bodied individual who's gender is female, is NOT a "man in a dress," but a woman in appropriate attire...perhaps there would not be all the backlash that the up-coming sit-com has drawn. If, gender stereotyping was as obsolete as white powdered wigs...this show would be just another silly sit-com meant for entertainment... as comedy can be found everywhere. Then, it would be a simple thing as laughing at two guys who aren't used to walking in heels, or how to sit in a skirt, or how much make-up is too much...as such things can be a stumbling block that must be learned to over-come by anyone not used to dealing with such things. -Michael
  10. UsernameOptional

    Middle School Hate Crime Murder

    KTLA News 11:08 a.m. PST, December 19, 2011 LOS ANGELES (KTLA) -- An Oxnard teenager was sentenced to 21 years in state prison Monday for killing a gay classmate three years ago. 17-year-old Brandon McInerney pleaded guilty to second degree murder and voluntary manslaughter with use of weapon in the murder classmate, Larry King. Oxnard Teen Sentenced to 21 Years in Gay Classmate Murder I think it's pretty disgusting that this alleged boy skinhead was sentenced based on only second degree murder, when it appears that he he planned the execution style murder. -Michael
  11. UsernameOptional

    TG Flight Attendants - Thailand

    I try to have patience in the face of acceptance... but it really irritates me when a transwoman is called a "transvestite." If it chaps my rear...I can only imagine how you ladies feel about it. Also...while it's commendable that PC Air has hired these women...I think over-all, the culture just ain't gettin' the whole "transvestites-transsexuals-and-homosexuals-are-all-very-different-animals" thing. -Michael
  12. Well.... this whole thing is nicely blowing up just the way I thought it would if Manning's attorneys took his defense in this direction. I guess it will be too much to hope for an intelligent judge that will shut this crazy train down, and disallow the "mental issues" defense. Will this open the door for other criminals to claim their "gender identity issues" made them do things they wouldn't have otherwise done if the court allows this crap?? And if this begins a trend...what's that gonna mean for us?
  13. The representative and the budding song writter both need to be beat about the head and shoulders with a stupid-stick.
  14. Unfortunately, there are several states that will do no more than make a notation on an original BC, or attach something indicating a change in gender. I agree...what's the sense. I'd be willing to bet in those states, the percentage of transpeople who go for the "amendment" are much fewer than in the states that will issue a brand new BC. Some state (like my own) will even seal the old BC, the law indicating that it is never to be opened again. That is...unless they've changed that law. I hope that these changes in CA can indeed influence other states to follow suit, as the article suggests.
  15. The proverbial male bovine manure continues hitting the fan. Here's another woman's view of the show, which differes from that of Nellie Andreeva's.... You're Fired: Work It Doesn't Work "After seeing the show for myself, the petitions by GLAAD, HRC, and others to get this program pulled make a lot of sense to me....But here's the issue: as usual, LGBT people...are only part of a long list of potentially allied minority groups that should be offended by this show. In fact, I would say that we have to get in line to be offended. Women, single parents, people out of work in this time of economic crisis, people of color, and more should all be cringing right now. As my dad used to say, these folks aren't prejudiced; they make fun of everyone." -Cathy Renna
  16. "What does the Pope have to say about this? I thought he was closest to God?" -Bonnie He's closest to God 'cause, well...that's what was decided the Pope would be...the closest human being to God. Of course we all know it was just another law made by man. No doubt it all started out to suit someone's agenda at the time. I used to chat with a guy who was mormon. Whenever his GID would get the best of him, his parents would take him to the church elders...who would try to convince him that he was not a boy. He hated going, but at the time (he was in his mid teens) believed it was the best thing for him - or so he claimed. I don't know if he was saying that because he thought he should, or if he was trying to convince himself that it really was best. He also wanted to leave the mormon church, but was afraid to because, he said if he did, he would go to hell. He was a cutter, too. Wonder why. The video above sheds even more light on the situation between mormons and tranpeople.
  17. UsernameOptional

    Anti-bullying = Pro-gay?

    Christian groups have voiced concern that a recently proposed anti-bullying bill in Canada could force religious schools to adopt a pro-gay curriculum. Ontario Catholic Schools Worry Anti-Bullying Bill Can Force Pro-Gay Curriculum
  18. Has anyone noticed that some of these very young children, especially the girls...seem much older than their actual years? It's almost as if being TS causes them to grow up faster or something. Their mature, wise characters are comparable to that of a child who's had to live with a terminal disease - they are children, but they know they are going to die, and they can tell you everything about their disease, and how treatments affect not just them but other people too. It's like they gain a knowledge that is way beyond what they should be have to deal with. It makes them different than other children. Like...they are more serious. Seems in some ways, some little transgirls have this same, serious, mature, wise character. Like their childhoods have been taken away from them...
  19. UsernameOptional

    Outed by the health-care system

    "The medical establishment created all this by saying that transgender people are mentally ill." -Gennee I have to agree with this statement. I've always felt that the key to acceptance and understanding lies in the hands of the medical world. We can argue, demonstrate and plead for rights and protections...but as long as the medical world sits on their hands and continues to maintain reasons for leaving GID in the list of mental illnesses, forward progress will come only at the achingly slow pace that it does now. Yes,there have been great improvements, and yet more are on the table. But many of these so-called improvements are simply laws that make it illegal to discriminate. Those laws don't stop people from committing suicide due to the stigma that pervades, and does not make anyone stop despising TG/TS people - just makes them hide their hatred and find other ways to mistreat transpeople. It's human nature that man fears anything it doesn't understand, or that is deemed by some authority as being wrong. As long as people are given something to fear, or told it is wrong, they feel they have a right to demean, dismiss or destroy. In the meantime, some entities make life pretty damn miserable. -Michael
  20. I can't help but come away from this with the idea that Manning's defense team is using his alleged GID as a form of defense, that he was somehow rendered emotionally unstable and not in his right mind, or not guilty by reason of insanity. And if so... this surely can't bode well for transpeople in general. I mean...we're trying to get GID removed from the DSM.
  21. I didn't at first think much of the show...that's why I said there are some who will be able to watch the show and not equate it to real life. That was...until I saw the ad poster in the second article Lori linked, with the two characters at the urinals. That one image made it glaringly clear that the days of "Bosom Buddies" are gone. "While LGBT’s advocates’ point is valid, transgender people do deserve equality, the problem is that Work It does not feature transgender characters. The assumption of protesters is that the images of guys dressed in women’s clothes would evoke associations with transgender people. And while the print ad with the urinals can be accused of being in poor taste, I don’t think the offense rises to transgender discrimination." -Opinion, Nellie Andreeva I was surprised to find that this opinion was written by a woman considering women or more apt to accept someone for being transsexual than are men...and women in general can be a tad more sensative. If nothing else, it seems that some [cis]women would find the depiction of women by the two characters damaging to them also. Anyway...I think what this woman fails to realize is that too many [intolerant] people don't much differentiate between cross-dressers and transsexuals, drag queens and transvestites. As far as such people are concerned...they are all one and the same - perverted men in dresses, except perhaps, in the case of entertainers. So it makes little difference whether or not the program is about transwomen. "But again, the characters in Work It are not transgender, they are out-of-work heterosexual car salesmen posing as women to get jobs as pharmaceutical reps."-Opinion, Nellie Andreeva Is the show implying that a pharmaceutical representative is a woman's job? Why couldn't these out-of-work car salesmen apply for the job as the men they are?
  22. It must be the fact that more than half of them believe that homosexuality is a choice is why they don't want to afford gay and trans people the right to traditional adoption. They think being gay is a choice. I wonder what they think being trans is?
  23. UsernameOptional

    Lawyer who died under train lived as a woman

    "Whenever a transgender person is involved in a crime, either as a victim or perpetrator, the transgender part will become the storyline rather than the crime itself." -Lori It's almost as if being TG becomes the crime...
  24. Ya know...it's funny. Andrej's chest is flat as a board. Yet in the U.S., a magazine that featured the model with his hair in curlers, and unbuttoning or removing a shirt (I've seen pix of both), was sold with an opaque cover jacket as it was deemed that "the bare-chested model was considered to be too feminine." When I first read this, I just assumed that Andrej's been doing a little HRT, and the good ol' prudish U.S. felt it necessary to cover what appeared to be breasts that were just too female looking to go uncovered. It wasn't until I started googling pix of Andrej Pejic, looking for the see-through wedding dress that allegedly caused such a stir, and the cover of the issue of Dossier Journal that featured Andrej. I found pix of both. As for the wedding dress, maybe you had to be sitting along the runway to see what all the fuss was about, as I had been looking at the wedding dress the whole time and didn't realize it. It appears that Andrej might have been stark raving naked under that wedding dress...but in the pic, I couldn't tell if anything "indecent" could be seen or not. As for the Dossier Journal mag cover...well, I think what bothered the censors was the in-your-face contradiction of what's male or female - they couldn't deal with what appeared to be a woman without a top - despite the woman being a man. And one that could almost disappear if he turned sideways.
  25. UsernameOptional

    TG Flight Attendants - Thailand

    I wonder what term will identify this third sex (if it's something other than "katoey"), and why Chan thinks this is necessary. It's pretty obvious that stereotyping is prevalent in Thailand, "PC Air said the qualifications were the same as that required of female flight attendants, which include femininity and attractiveness.” And...do they somehow make a distinction between transsexuals and [men] who have "changed their gender?" It also seems obvious that they believe only male-bodied individuals are TG or TS, as is the uninformed case among many people in both the east and the west. -Michael