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    Anti-bullying = Pro-gay?

    Christian groups have voiced concern that a recently proposed anti-bullying bill in Canada could force religious schools to adopt a pro-gay curriculum. Ontario Catholic Schools Worry Anti-Bullying Bill Can Force Pro-Gay Curriculum
  2. Has anyone noticed that some of these very young children, especially the girls...seem much older than their actual years? It's almost as if being TS causes them to grow up faster or something. Their mature, wise characters are comparable to that of a child who's had to live with a terminal disease - they are children, but they know they are going to die, and they can tell you everything about their disease, and how treatments affect not just them but other people too. It's like they gain a knowledge that is way beyond what they should be have to deal with. It makes them different than other children. Like...they are more serious. Seems in some ways, some little transgirls have this same, serious, mature, wise character. Like their childhoods have been taken away from them...
  3. UsernameOptional

    Outed by the health-care system

    "The medical establishment created all this by saying that transgender people are mentally ill." -Gennee I have to agree with this statement. I've always felt that the key to acceptance and understanding lies in the hands of the medical world. We can argue, demonstrate and plead for rights and protections...but as long as the medical world sits on their hands and continues to maintain reasons for leaving GID in the list of mental illnesses, forward progress will come only at the achingly slow pace that it does now. Yes,there have been great improvements, and yet more are on the table. But many of these so-called improvements are simply laws that make it illegal to discriminate. Those laws don't stop people from committing suicide due to the stigma that pervades, and does not make anyone stop despising TG/TS people - just makes them hide their hatred and find other ways to mistreat transpeople. It's human nature that man fears anything it doesn't understand, or that is deemed by some authority as being wrong. As long as people are given something to fear, or told it is wrong, they feel they have a right to demean, dismiss or destroy. In the meantime, some entities make life pretty damn miserable. -Michael
  4. I can't help but come away from this with the idea that Manning's defense team is using his alleged GID as a form of defense, that he was somehow rendered emotionally unstable and not in his right mind, or not guilty by reason of insanity. And if so... this surely can't bode well for transpeople in general. I mean...we're trying to get GID removed from the DSM.
  5. I didn't at first think much of the show...that's why I said there are some who will be able to watch the show and not equate it to real life. That was...until I saw the ad poster in the second article Lori linked, with the two characters at the urinals. That one image made it glaringly clear that the days of "Bosom Buddies" are gone. "While LGBT’s advocates’ point is valid, transgender people do deserve equality, the problem is that Work It does not feature transgender characters. The assumption of protesters is that the images of guys dressed in women’s clothes would evoke associations with transgender people. And while the print ad with the urinals can be accused of being in poor taste, I don’t think the offense rises to transgender discrimination." -Opinion, Nellie Andreeva I was surprised to find that this opinion was written by a woman considering women or more apt to accept someone for being transsexual than are men...and women in general can be a tad more sensative. If nothing else, it seems that some [cis]women would find the depiction of women by the two characters damaging to them also. Anyway...I think what this woman fails to realize is that too many [intolerant] people don't much differentiate between cross-dressers and transsexuals, drag queens and transvestites. As far as such people are concerned...they are all one and the same - perverted men in dresses, except perhaps, in the case of entertainers. So it makes little difference whether or not the program is about transwomen. "But again, the characters in Work It are not transgender, they are out-of-work heterosexual car salesmen posing as women to get jobs as pharmaceutical reps."-Opinion, Nellie Andreeva Is the show implying that a pharmaceutical representative is a woman's job? Why couldn't these out-of-work car salesmen apply for the job as the men they are?
  6. It must be the fact that more than half of them believe that homosexuality is a choice is why they don't want to afford gay and trans people the right to traditional adoption. They think being gay is a choice. I wonder what they think being trans is?
  7. UsernameOptional

    Lawyer who died under train lived as a woman

    "Whenever a transgender person is involved in a crime, either as a victim or perpetrator, the transgender part will become the storyline rather than the crime itself." -Lori It's almost as if being TG becomes the crime...
  8. Ya know...it's funny. Andrej's chest is flat as a board. Yet in the U.S., a magazine that featured the model with his hair in curlers, and unbuttoning or removing a shirt (I've seen pix of both), was sold with an opaque cover jacket as it was deemed that "the bare-chested model was considered to be too feminine." When I first read this, I just assumed that Andrej's been doing a little HRT, and the good ol' prudish U.S. felt it necessary to cover what appeared to be breasts that were just too female looking to go uncovered. It wasn't until I started googling pix of Andrej Pejic, looking for the see-through wedding dress that allegedly caused such a stir, and the cover of the issue of Dossier Journal that featured Andrej. I found pix of both. As for the wedding dress, maybe you had to be sitting along the runway to see what all the fuss was about, as I had been looking at the wedding dress the whole time and didn't realize it. It appears that Andrej might have been stark raving naked under that wedding dress...but in the pic, I couldn't tell if anything "indecent" could be seen or not. As for the Dossier Journal mag cover...well, I think what bothered the censors was the in-your-face contradiction of what's male or female - they couldn't deal with what appeared to be a woman without a top - despite the woman being a man. And one that could almost disappear if he turned sideways.
  9. UsernameOptional

    TG Flight Attendants - Thailand

    I wonder what term will identify this third sex (if it's something other than "katoey"), and why Chan thinks this is necessary. It's pretty obvious that stereotyping is prevalent in Thailand, "PC Air said the qualifications were the same as that required of female flight attendants, which include femininity and attractiveness.” And...do they somehow make a distinction between transsexuals and [men] who have "changed their gender?" It also seems obvious that they believe only male-bodied individuals are TG or TS, as is the uninformed case among many people in both the east and the west. -Michael
  10. "Every person -- male and female -- is treated equally under current marriage laws. These laws forbid marrying close relatives, people under a certain age or a person of the same gender." -Unknown brochure "Really?! Damn... you mean I can't marry my cousin? Or a 10 year-old? Who would've known? ...And marrying a person of the same gender is in the same category as incest and pedophilia? I didn't know that either." -Lori Wow...amazing how the comparison to pedophilia and incest is innocuously made without using the actual terms. As many times as I've commented about being compared to pedophiles and perverts...and even I missed what was really in this veiled statement. It's like a subliminal message...one that is taken in and takes root, corrupting the innocent and unsuspecting in an attempt to insure another generation of brainwashed people and/or bigots. Talk about indoctrination...
  11. "In 76 countries it remains illegal to engage in same-sex conduct and in at least five countries – Iran, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen – the death penalty prevails." -UN issues first report on human rights of gay and lesbian people, UN News Centre, un.org When I read this paragraph, it made me think of a member we haven't seen in a while - Dee (aka Solo). He is from Saudi Arabia. We always wonder why a person suddenly disappears. Usually, we credit it to a family member finding out about the person's activity on the forums. Sometimes, a person is discovered by friends or even co-workers. Rarely do we consider that someone has come to harm. But when we have a member who lives in a country that reeks with intolerance...well, makes ya wonder if the member is safe. I guess all we can do is hope for the best...
  12. Wow. I did not know about this. I mean...I knew the SA was a religious organization. Hmm. I guess I should have known better....
  13. She's a brave woman. I wouldn't wanna go back to work with the people who fired me, or with those who did not want me around. Of course... maybe Sewell Brumby will quit so he won't have all those perverted thoughts running around in his head.
  14. UsernameOptional

    TG Flight Attendants - Thailand

    "A Thai airline has recruited trolley dollies that can offer that little bit extra than most female hostesses by signing up ladyboys." Yeah...I wondered about that too.
  15. UsernameOptional

    A Fox News Poll

    Yeah...it is interesting. But if it wasn't aired...where'd it come from? How did the person who posted it get a hold of it? Or who ever they got it from? I think it's obvious it didn't come from FOX in the form we see it here...which means someone did some creative editing. Just as the flash cards were created and insterted, so could the "survey results" have been inserted. I'm all for showing up FOX for the bigotted bunch of fools that they are, and debunking the ignorant belief that "allowing" transwomen to use women's restrooms is somehow going to open the door for perverts and pedophiles. But I couldn't find anything on a quick googling other than a report about a [trans]woman who had been arrested last year for using a women's room. The individual who posted that youtube vid says she is a "TS atheist from the Houston TG community," and says, "so yah. Basically your worst nightmare." Think she might have an agenda? -Michael
  16. I think many people were happy when Walmart allegedly became "GLBT-friendly." But either the article or the info in the article is rather old...perhaps five years or more. And in that time...it appears that some (management) in Walmart have forgotten that they are supposed to be "GLBT-friendly." Also...I think as Lori's post suggests, it might also depend on where a Walmart is located. a thread begun by a member (July 2010) a thread begun by a member (March 2010) a news piece brought to us by a moderator (July 2007) Gay Employee forced to wear identifying clothes, 2010. I thought a member had posted on this topic, but a quick search returned nothing. I'm sure it's here...perhaps someone else will have better luck finding it. Female employees file new case (Oct 2011). While this case has to do with parity in pay between males and females, it certainly goes hand-in-hand with any other sort of discrimination, and if a company is capable of discrimination in one corner, it is capable of discrimination in any corner. Walmart was ordered to pay more than $2million to a cashier they fired after discovering she was undergoing SRS. The date on this ABC news piece simply reads "July 19," so I think it's safe to say...the article is from this year. So... maybe Walmart is trying to do the right thing. Perhaps the question is... how hard are they trying? It could be a simple case of the wrong people holding the position of manager in any given store...but until Walmart meets all the requirements of the CEI survey, I would say a person's best bet is to avoid the locations with bad track records. And if you're transitioning while working for one of those better locations, the only other support you might get is that your meds will be available in their pharmacy.
  17. UsernameOptional

    Outed by the health-care system

    You would think that if there was anyplace a transperson would be treated with respect...it would be in a medical setting.
  18. Charles Village, from what I read in another article, sounds like a high-end or up-scale area. My question is... are the people in the area concerned with the rise in prostitution? Or is it specifically because the prostitutes are TG/TS? Perhaps the "johns" want "real" women? "And police said they are keeping a thick binder book on known transgender prostitutes and their clients." -Maj. Sabrina Tapp-Harper Uhhh...so, if a prostitute is cisgender, s/he has nothing to worry about I guess. If it's just the prostitution they don't want in their area...why was it/is it necessary to point out that they are TG/TS? In my opinion...this is just another way to further villify transpeople. Except for the one voice of reason (state delegate aide, Kristen Haubeson), that whole article smacks of a town full of transphobics. -Michael
  19. "Glad to say my computer is a hp! " -Beth "Yes, and I feel inclined to do business with companies that support us." -Lori This made me think about perhaps avoiding the companies who have not responded to CEI's repeated invitations to take the equality surveys. So I put together a little list. This is a *partial listing of Fortune 500 companies that won't, for what ever reason(s), participate. Many of these companies have zero points. Some have 15 or 30 points, those points only for prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. The points come from publicly available information. How many of us shop at Family Dollar, Dollar General or Dollar Tree? Get your television viewing from DISH Network? Fix your vehicle with parts from Advance Auto Parts? Enjoy that stupid duck that hawks "AFLAC?" Use Avery office supplies? How many of you wallow in the scents and smells from Bed Bath & Beyond, or Polo Ralph Lauren? Ever saved a few dollars at Big Lots? How often has Blockbuster supplied your friday night movie? Are you in touch with the world thru Charter Communications? Is Dillards your preferred department store? Fuel your vehicle at Exxon stations? Drive on Goodrich or Goodyear tires? Damn!! I've always wanted a Harley... No more Lowe's lumber. Just lost another parts store - O'Reilly's, but then, I never cared for O'Reilly's. No more Oshkosh for da little ones. I guess I won't go back to smoking if I can't have my Marlboros (Philip Morris Internationl). Pilgrim's Pride...buncha chickens! I never cared much for Radio Shack anyway. Won't miss shopping in Ross'...never been in there. Sure glad Sherwin-Williams doesn't make artist's paints. Oh, no...Sunoco, too? Guess I won't be going back to U.S. Cellular (Telephone & Data Systems Inc). Tyson, too?...where am I gonna get my chicken from? Winn-Dixie? <sigh> I'm gonna starve. I'm sure a lot of us shop at Wally-World. Their rating ain't so good (only 60 points)... but I guess they are better than the companies above since they do participate in the CEI survey. Some of you may already have looked to see what's holding Wal-mart back, but if you haven't...here it is -- Wal-mart apparently does not: --offer partner health/medical insurance, which would get them 15 points --offer TG-inclusive health insurance coverage, which would get them 10 points --have firm-wide organized competency programs, another 10 points --and falls short (getting only half of the available 10 points) as they do not have parity across [all] other "soft" benefits for partners. Fixing these areas would put them in the running with all the other companies with 100%. *I picked the companies I thought most people would be familiar with - there are many, many more in the index that don't participate.
  20. There are some who will be able to watch this show, laugh at it, blow off the comedic steretypical bull crap...and not equate a sit-com to real life. Sadly...those people will probably be few and far between. This show will stick in people's memory just like other outlandish shows. Think about it... people remember the antics on shows like Jerry Springer, and the "was I born a girl or boy" parades on Maury. Does anyone (other than us) really remember the allegedly serious airings of Maury when he had transpeople as guests on his show? Doubtful. Ironically, while this show has provided, and will provide a nice salary to all those involved in it...it's possible that it will make employment for transpeople -and especially transwomen- that much more difficult... 'cause we all know, life imitates art. -Michael
  21. They might have been interested in liability...but I think what some of the cops think of transpeople is clearly indicated by their smirks and grins.
  22. Bonnie took the words right outta me pie hole
  23. UsernameOptional

    Right-clik context menu

    I usually create a post in notepad, then when I think I've got it done up as well as I'm capable of... I copy and paste here in the editor. That means I usually just right-clik on the selected material and clik on "copy" from the menu, then I right-clik here and clik on "paste." But since the forum upgrade... there is no "paste" in the context menu. In fact...the menu contains no "editing" choices at all. It's happening in Firefox 8.0, but not in Firefox 3.5.2. What's even stranger is...the 8.0 is the same version I was using before the forum upgrade. Any other Firefox users notice the wrong context menu upon right-clikking in the post editor? -Michael
  24. "hmmm, I don't see any representation from the bible belt states." -Lori Ehhh... bible belt - southern states. I guess they're one and the same, huh? I am a bit disappointed that my home state of PA is not on that list...but it appears that individual cities and townships are chipping away at the lack of protections.