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About Me

I pattern my life after these words,"remember one thing,manners and behaviour can take you where money can not take you,regardless of what colour you are in america." Bill "Bojangles" Robinson 1999.

I truly believe this with my whole heart

the other statement I put in to practice LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!!

This is my drug of choice LOL Now on to new stuff, I've been on HRT for about 2.5 months now, & OMG!! I feel great!!

I love my friends here at the Guide and think the world of them ...Yes all of you lol

The greatest thing I've learned is to be yourself DON'T hide scence I've been out in the public I found people to be quite friendly ... but I guess it all in the way we respond to them ... really!!

PS I dress as a woman 100% of the time lol skirts and all. I love my black lace gothic skirt and my boots lol I doo get funny looks when I put them on .... I need to post a picture so you all can have a good laugh lol with me.

Peace to you all ... be kind even if others are rude to you & live life to the fullest extent love you all ("")(>^.^<)("")