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  1. Calista

    Pope Rants About Gender

    Sort of thing you would would expect from someone who was in the Nazi youth :(
  2. Wishing you a VERY happy birthday!!

    1. Calista


      Thank you Lori :)

  3. Ellen, that sounds amazing, I would love to read your biography, Hon it would definitely be up there in my must read list
  4. Ellen, that sounds amazing, I would love to read your biography, Hon it would definitely be up there in my must read list
  5. Great post Janet, And a surprisingly informative piece of journalism from the BBC. I must admit I have never known mainstream media to inform their readers of some Trans History e.g 'Transsexualism' in Ancient Greece and Native American Tribes. thou of course they used their own words to define Trans folk. And of course what a pioneer and inspiration the elegant and wonderful Christian Jorgensen :)
  6. META editor Paris Lees speaks to Jonathan Ross about changing public perceptions of transgender people and what this means for comedy Some explicit language http://youtu.be/P10XtpbMwVg
  7. Hey Great Picture Roberta, very cool. Glad your Halloween party was an absolute blast Calista x
  8. I Quit Smoking, Today is my first day tobacco free :)

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    2. UsernameOptional


      Chew gum. LOTS of gum!!

    3. Lori


      Gum definitely. 11 years here. Congrats!

    4. Susane


      Keep going girl. You can make it!

  9. Gave up Smoking, Today is my first day tobacco free :)

  10. Calista

    Barr Loses "Ally" Status

    I just Tweeted Ms Barr, @TheRealRoseanne. Why attack the Transgender community with your crass comments. Your free to have an opinion, but why be so vulgar!?
  11. Calista

    Barr Loses "Ally" Status

    When a Twitter user accused Barr of Transphobia, she tweeted back - Women do not want your penises forced in their faces or in our private bathrooms. Respect that FACT.” -queerty.com She has DEFINITELY got an Attitude problem.
  12. Calista

    We're Not Mad or Sick

    They create the dilemma, not us. It is up to them to fix it, Thou I guess we will need to campaign hard as they will not be doing it by there own volition :angry:
  13. That was a great speech, I have a lot of respect for her speaking out like this. She didn't have to, she could of kept her anonymity and stayed out of the spotlight. Thou she felt as need to speak up for us Trans folk which at the very least is commendable :)
  14. Calista

    Barr Loses "Ally" Status

    She maybe just saying what she thinks people want to hear. Thou I think that was a gross error of judgment. I never really liked her, not because she is unrefined, appears uneducated, chews gum like a cow chewing cud. Just a feeling I had. She did get the pronoun right I'll give her that, but to be demeaning to Trans women in this way shows an ignorance that she would do well to remedy :angry:
  15. Calista

    We're Not Mad or Sick

    Michael, that was an excellent article. As I have said before if we are classified as sick, society will see us as sick. Depathologization would not only a big step in public perception but also for the stigma that hangs around our necks :angry: