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    Enjoy life,gym,yoga,family,outdoors, Gamer , Make up,nail polish, heels dresses and Tattoos.

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  1. TechCherry3g

    Just play around.

    To different photo I found while was looking for wallpaper for my cell phone. So I merge them together.
  2. TechCherry3g

    From Times web site Transgender

    Very Interesting."Another misconception is that the defining part of being transgender is having surgery, as if a trans person isn’t really trans until they’ve gone under the knife and come out the other side fully “transgendered.”" http://time.com/3630965/transgender-transgendered/
  3. TechCherry3g

    Bummed out

    It feel like no one what to hang out with me. And maybe do girly things. When people talk about going out for drink or something. I get very down. I've gotten to be a pro at it not getting to me for that moment. But once I'm alone I sink. O well I guess.
  4. TechCherry3g

    I took a quiz.

    I was on facebook and I saw a posting from Gender Fun. They posted a link called What is Your Gender Identity.I got two -spirit (Third gender).http://www.playbuzz.com/stephanies15/what-is-your-gender-identity
  5. TechCherry3g


    Well I did some shopping today at Sally's. I picked up two nail polish and a nail file. The lady at the store was great to talk to and funny.
  6. TechCherry3g


    I so addictive to pink right now. I love the pink nail polish I'm wearing. I love to find shoes that the colors purple and pink in my size. I want some of Kat Von D lipstick .
  7. TechCherry3g

    Just a photo of me

    Yes I did from an app called Superimpose.
  8. TechCherry3g

    Just a photo of me

    This is me with some makeup on. I think this photo was taking earlier this year. But could be last year photo also.