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  1. TammyJo

    System Update 2015

    My recent profile change seems to be lost. Will any profile changes I made at the start of the upgrade be merged or need I do it again? p.s. I like the new forum layout.
  2. TammyJo

    Coming out letter - first cut

    A very beautyful and heartfelt letter! It sounds perfect.
  3. This is an interesting thread. I agree that trasnsgender and crossdressing is a subject that can not be defined into one definition to fit all individuals. For myself, I would define transgender as my internal condition and that female is what I define myself weather dressed or not dressed.
  4. TammyJo

    A beginning...of sorts

    I took one of those on-line surveys, too, (do not recall the survey name) where the reader is presented with various situations or what if type questions and given 5 answer choices. It was fun and educational, but took it with a grain of salt.
  5. TammyJo

    Very Emotional Time

    I am saddend at the loss of your friend. My thoughts and feelings and with you.
  6. When I'm out, dressed neutral and feeling light and bubbly, I have been addressed as 'mam' on occassion. I have taken note that it happened during times of happy and light hearted conversation, where I am guessing, personality fills in the details.
  7. TammyJo

    Open And Closed Rejection

    I can relate to that
  8. Ok, 5'7" @ 145 - 150 lbs. Depends on treadmill time and bicycling. My current 10 speed has over 1000 miles on the odometer, which I found out from talking to hard core bicyclists is peanuts. I just do it to relax.
  9. TammyJo

    Dating and dysphoria

    If I was to define myself, then I, too, would be a trans-lesbian, having a close friendship that has become important and central to me at this time in my life. And I am happy for every one.
  10. The news article was interesting. It reminded me of when I took a course in Spanish and the difficulty I had in speaking the sentences that we had to learn. And to form the words properly, the stress was on the vowels. But patience prevailed.
  11. For me, cross dressing began as a way of expressing my strong desire to be a girl. As a teenager, when alone, I would try on my mother's skirts and tops and enjoyed feeling like the girl I always wanted to be. These feelings always stayed with me, and now, I cross dress for the enjoyment of feeling like the woman I am inside.
  12. TammyJo

    Victoria Secrets

    I enjoyed on line shopping at Irene's Lingerie Shop. I liked their selection and prices.
  13. I thought all the ladies looked very pretty. I also liked Bonnie's skirt and top.
  14. Hi Monica, thank you for the word of caution. I have always wore a 36A bra and started applying the massage to my breasts last summer using unsented body lotion. Over time, I have noticed that my breasts have filled out to a size 36B bra. I am pleased with my new bust line.
  15. I have found that regular massage with a lubricant seems to work for me. For example, when massaging the right breast, left hand on top of breast with fingers rubbing toward the right and the right hand below the breast, rubbing with the fingers to the left. This creates a circular motion around the breast. Then switch for the left breast. Left hand above and right, below. About 10 minutes each breast.