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    A Fond Farewell

    Unfortunately due to some issues I won't be able to host my content here anymore. I have many reasons. But thank you gentle folk for your love and support. I wish you all the best. If you want to be in contact: Hear me screaming at the clouds on twitter: @charllandsberg or my Twitter Profile Come have a look at my weird and wonderful art on Tumblr Have a look at my cooking and everyday photography on Instagram I'm all over the place. Be good. Take care of yourselves. All my love Charl -o0o-
  2. charllandsberg

    A day in the life of detox and sobriety

    Hey Blair As always, I'm a big fan of your videos and love reading your posts. When I was younger I went through drug addiction / recovery. It's wonderful to see you writing about your journey. And it makes me proud to see trans folk like us being open and showing other folks who went through or who are still going through this difficult stuff that recovery is a long road, but a worthwhile one. I'm 12 years sober. Keep at it. Always love seeing your work. Love Charl
  3. charllandsberg

    Waiting on bad news.

    I'm so sorry things are tough. Went through a very tough time with my dog this year. She's recovered well, which is a relief that I cannot quite express. But I know the pain and heartache when a pet is sick and I wish you all my love and strength <3
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    A poem

    Word of the day: Spoonerism
  5. charllandsberg

    Name change headaches at work

    Liked your post out of solidarity. Went through my own name-change headaches. But when I finally got my ID book, I swear, it was one of the best days of my life. I know it's terrible, but hang in there. Love Charl
  6. charllandsberg

    My story in the New York Times

    Congrats on getting it published though it's awesome
  7. charllandsberg

    Microsoft MVP

  8. charllandsberg

    The Taming of Nurse Conway

    Wow. Your photos really, really are fantastic.
  9. charllandsberg


    Hey Eve. Will be sad to see you go. Pop by often to say hello though Love Charl <3
  10. charllandsberg

    Went to friends family reunion...

    Is it weird that you sharing your pic has bolstered me to be brave and share a pic of my own? Thank you for sharing. It means a lot. Also... definitely twins
  11. charllandsberg


    Also, you don't have to settle for being either a boy or a girl. You are no less transgender, no less human, and no less valid if at times you feel male or female, both or neither, all of these positions are valid and true expressions of transgender identity. And if you feel 100% girl, then that's who you are and that's fine too. Love Charl -o0o-
  12. charllandsberg

    Using my new passport for the first time!

    Congrats with your new passport! When I got my new ID documents I had a mini celebration. Love Charl -o0o-
  13. charllandsberg

    Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

    "The most important thing is how well you pass as a woman." I think what I said in a post I wrote before is important here. Being authentically transgender isn't about reaching a supposed ideal (particularly an ideal founded in patriarchal cisheteronomativity), it is about becoming most authentically ourselves and the best versions of ourselves. The concept of 'passing' is problematic. Being transgender isn't about reaching a particular destination or goal that satisfies the requisite gatekeepers. Being transgender is a life-long journey about self discovery and we reach many destinations along the way that mean a variety of different things to different people. Love Charl -o0o-
  14. charllandsberg

    Female talk

    I think we should challenge binaries like this. Some transgender folk like myself aren't male or female and are excluded in so many binary exclusive spaces. It's led to a lot of stigma about my own sexuality because neither parent was ever comfortable talking to me about sex and gender. Parents, regardless of gender, should speak openly and confidently about sex to their children, regardless of their children's gender.
  15. charllandsberg

    Planning, & Planting for Earth Days to Come

    I love the picture of the mossy mound styled as a woman. That's beautiful.
  16. charllandsberg

    Hello Everyone - My First Entry

    Welcome Art :)