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  1.  last night was one of those night when i just couldn't sleep my mind was racing about all that's has changed in the last year and what next year might bring. i started my transition and HRT just about a year ago everything started slow but i like how it's going now. I have i GF we have been together for 20 years and has supported me all the way and knew what i wanted. But now things are changing in my life and we haven.t done very good in our relationship  do now is disagree on just about every thing and she doesn't seem to like where my life is heading . and forget about sex she wants nothing to do with me now that im transitioning. i have waited to long and been though so much to get where i am today im not going to give up or stopping now. Beside  all that my wants and desires have changed a lot lately i find myself dreaming that someday i would find the right guy that will treat me right and i can trust to explore my new sexual feelings with.Someone that  will be there for me as much as i would be there for him. Well last night i was laying there try to sleep but all i could think about was meeting that  right guy I don't chat much but something made me go on the next thing i knew I was in a IM with a guy we just seemed to hit it off right away. The next thing i knew i had been  chatting with this guy for over 2 hours and by the time we ended our chat it was like this could be the guy i have been dreaming about for years we both agreed we needed to get to know each other a lot better. We are almost the same age and we live fairly close and really seem to like the same things and think a lot a like this just might be the guy I might spend the rest of my new life with.  you don't know till you try