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La Lucha Aeterna ( The eternal struggle)

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Not sure I have the Spanish spelling right. I saw the sign on a vendor's cart in a Mexican market, and it stuck with me. Much effort, and little gain. All of our team seems to like working with me. My district manager's wife has been pretty sick, so I have been helping him out with the training, but I feel like I'm getting spread pretty thin. I am having coffee with him this Saturday. He wants me to succeed so maybe we can sort this out. Otherwise, I'm free floating. Not sure I'm ready for a relationship yet. I'm in no hurry or in any great need at this point. "When the right one comes along..."

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Not that it matters, according to Google Translate it's "La eterna lucha." For fun what we used to exchange with our Mexican colleagues was this: "Mucho trabajo, poco dinero." Also an eternal struggle for most. 

Be careful you don't burn yourself out or get filled with resentments that add complications to making decisions and generally make us feel miserable. Do things for yourself even it's just grabbing a cup of coffee and reading a book or magazine. Take breaks, cook up something unusual or special. Go for a long walk. Write in a journal! Any or all of the above. 

I know what you mean about being unsure about relationships. I recently met a lesbian woman who I feel head over heels with. She likes me a lot too. As much as I'd love to date her she told me that I am too femme for her so we'll stay as close friends. Disappointing but I'm also grateful to have her for a close friend.

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