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Planning ahead

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My life as an AFLAC agent has been a struggle lately. I am still closing accounts, but they are small ones and don't amount to much. So, I have started to look at other employment opportunities.  I don't need to make a lot which is a good thing. I am going to be talking to my District manager soon and see if he has any ideas. I had planned to stay in the house a while longer, but I could always sell it and move into something more affordable--like a trailer. I can't bear the thought of giving up my two poodles so I don't think an apartment would work. I wonder if there are mobile home parks for trans people. I have thought that it would be so cool to have a little community where we could all just be ourselves without society judging us. Maybe I could find a trans woman to share with. Who knows? We'll see what I can do in the coming month. Maybe make some money.

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Dear MichelleLea,

You are wise to think of your future while keeping expenses down.  Not saying to live like a nun, but to make a game out of living within your means.  A friend of mine and I love to shop and eat out, and we amaze ourselves and others how far we can stretch our money using coupons and choosing our stores that we shop in wisely.  We hit the thrift shops and the clearance aisles.

Also, it is becoming standard that people are growing businesses behind their corporate jobs.  Have a friend who has a laundromat when she and her husband work for a big corporation.  Another couple who works for the same corporation owns rental property all over the county, including two private college dormitories.  

Wishing you the best,

Your friend,


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I echo Monica’s comments and also applaud your efforts and experiences selling insurance. That has to be one of the toughest sales jobs there are, and it’s an excellent training ground that potential employers will recognize for you.

Youre also wise to talk to your manager and carefully consider what to do. From what you’ve written before it sounds like you have a good professional relationship with each other.

Unless you’ve lived in a trailer or RV before, make that decision carefully too. I had not and lived in a 23’ Winnebago last year for six months. I had good times, sure, but by the end I was sick of it! 

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