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>100 Miles!



I've been wrestling with myself about posting this today. I don't think I'm one to blow my own horn (much) but yesterday I accomplished something I've been working toward for the last few weeks.  I rode my bicycle over 100 miles, from Redwood City to Cupertino, back and forth, and finally returning home almost 8 hours later.  Total riding time was just over 7 hours and the difference is due to stop lights and a couple of times when I stopped to open up my little pouch to munch on a piece of Clif Bar.  

The last two Saturdays I've tried to reach 100, but each time just could not go farther than about 75 miles.  It was like I hit a wall and if I went further I was afraid I might just pass out.  I do carry four bottles of water (mixed with electrolytes) and a couple of Shot Blok packages, but I got nauseous and had to head home.  Yesterday as I passed 75 miles I was definitely moving slower. I started arguing with myself: go ahead and head home, at least I'd be more than 90 miles this time! But it finally came to me, to achieve more than 90% and then give up for the last 10%?  No way. And, truth be told, I don't want to do this every weekend.  Too many hours.  I have other things to do too, and now, next weekend, I can take a "short 50 mile" ride and feel okay about it!

Why do I write about it here?  I don't often consider myself as having much grit and determination. I am intimidated all the time by stuff that others just don't understand. Stupid things like trying to diagnose why my wife's computer is no longer receiving emails into her business account.  Now, I know how to do this sort of thing.  But I feel an anxiousness when I don't know how it will end up and can't control the outcome.  

So maybe that's where I'm coming from. I certainly didn't know how it would all play out when I told my wife I am transgender two years ago.  At first she was devastated, assuming that our marriage was over, that the one she loved so much had betrayed her trust, and that I was destined to transition. God, that was scary and emotionally wrenching.  It took a lot of work in and out of therapy, more confessions from me, and finally starting to take an SSRI that seems to be really working, for once.  

All my life I've had emotional issues, and have spent countless hours with a variety of therapists for the last 35 years. I kept expecting that he/she/me would discover the "one thing" that was going on for me, we'd address it, and... problem solved! It sure didn't turn out that way. Part of my problem was that I was unable to disclose my transgender feelings to them or myself. But even when I started to do so with my present therapist, three years ago, the improvement in my well-being has been so subtle and gradual, at times unnoticeable.  But as I contemplate how things are going these days it's undeniable that I have made progress.  

I don't know what "done" is, nor do I expect it.  I still have my anxieties.  I did yesterday morning as I considered getting up and, once again, trying to make it to 100 miles.  But I did it! You can too.

Love and hugs,




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Hiya " Sweet " Emma Sweet. Honey, Congratulations on Your Cycle of over 100 Miles. Because of Osteo-Arthritis, I Am no longer able to cycle, or walk for any type of distance. But, when A Friend, such as You Emma, achieves a Great Distance like over 100 Miles, It makes Me feel Very Proud of You. Emma, Well Done. Now, You need to rest a bit. Emma, Take Care, And My Very Best Wishes, Big Hugs, Love Stephanie. xxxxxxxx 

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Dear Stephanie,

I'm sorry to hear about your arthritis.  It's such a debilitating disease.  Yes, I have rested today, took a nap. But really, I'm fine. 

Thank you so much for your kind words both here and to everyone else on TGGuide.  You always have such nice things to say and you're very appreciated.  

Thank you, Stephanie.


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Congrats on the milestone! I'm trying to conceptualize 100 miles, but can't! I guess it's like going from here to the Jersey Shore, that's very impressive!



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Thanks to you Veronica, Chantel, Chrissy, everyone, for your support and encouragement. Yes, it was a milestone but it wasn't so long ago that I was feeling so amazed that I could ride 10 miles across the Dumbarton Bridge and back. 

I still feel like a whimp that I'm not out more as Emma, at least in public. But that's cool. I love you all, really. 



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Dear Emma,

Congratulations on your endurance ride!

Loved bicycling, but the most I rode was 2 miles each way to school and work.

Your friend,


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