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Post Operation Thrills



Good Evening


Operation day was 7 March 2017.


Well, no more Estrogen and no more Testosterone development for me, as no more testicles or ovaries for me.


Which was brought on 11 months prior when I developed, make that discovered growth, got admitted to hospital for chemotherapy which made me so sick that I lost 12kgs (+-26Lbs), and the 7 months ago removing the growths as the original doctor decided to be a hostile transphobic fool, and the younger surgeon with a newer practice was trans-friendly.  Because I know the likelihood of growths return every few years.


Well, today I am feeling better then what I felt in the first week where I developed a hematoma, and the 2nd Saturday I woke up early and thought I needed the bathroom, but when I got there it was to find that I was bleeding.

Preemptively I bought sanitary towels for the bleeding.  And it saved me from having bloody underwear, clothes or bedding.  I just had that Saturday where the bleeding overflowed the pads.  And with the first overflow I uttered profanity and a friend that slept over jumped up and ran to me to check on me.  Told him, everything is fine, and seeing that it was 02:00am as I got back into bed told him that I'm bleeding excessively, but not enough for me to warrant me to go to hospital.  For the rest of that day I was cursing as the blood kept on overflowing and smudging and staining my underwear with blood.


I was so drugged on pain medication most of the first 2 weeks that I the 2 nights I went to bed unprepared with a lack of pain meds in my system I woke up crying in pain, and that was all duing the first week.  I learnt that my hot water bottle was my best friend as it helped subdue the pain as it was mostly abdominal pain.


Currently I'm doing better and had a doctors appointment on Thursday where I was told the hematoma looks like it will take another 2 months to recover and I requested a medical letter putting me on light duties when returning to work the duration the hematoma for recovery.


The statement made at the last doctors appointment for the checkup.  Michele you know you can't have any biological children anymore, the procedure was irreversible.  I looked at him asking.  What would you have done.  A growth once means I'll be plagued with growth every few years, and I dont want to go through that again. And the Testosterone blocker Spiranolactine that I was using and at the dosage required by my body to stop the development of Testosterone in my body would put my kidneys and liver at risk of failure in the next year to three, by which time I would love to have done te GRS but in the unlikely event that I will struggle to get the GRS done then I safe myself the heartache of my organs failing.  He looked at me saying, you one of the few patients a doctor gets that know the pros and the cons of the procedures done.  And I wsh you all the luck.  We ended our discussion and I gave him te statistics of the quality of medical expertise versus the cost in South Africa versus Thailand.  3 to 5 times less experience and the quality but the expenses are 3 almost 4 times more expensive.


So have the best intentions of doctors that I personally selected. I like their service with a smile and knowing that each patient is an individual.


Love life.  Respect all.


Hugs.  Kisses





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Hey Michele,

I'm honored and happy to be the first here to congratulate you! You go, girl, stay the course. And keep us up to date on all that's going on for you. It sounds wonderful.

Warm hugs,


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Dear Michele,

You were wise to bring many sanitary napkins with you to the hospital.  Also recommend women bring their own Chux pads to protect them from overflow onto their bedding.

Am looking forward to the time when transwomen can adopt.  Cisgender Lesbians and Gaymales have an excellent record when it comes to having children.  Not many cisgender Straight males have had children, but the few who do, have an excellent track record.  Looking forward to when transwomen can adopt children.  Am sure transmen will also have an excellent track record when adopting or having children.  There are so many children waiting to be adopted!  Please don't give up hope.

Hoping you continue healing.  Am a cancer survivor of 17 years myself (uterine cancer).

Sending love and prayers your way.

Yours truly,




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Hi there Emma and Monica


I'm definitely not just looks, but I'm more brains.  Luckily not the nerd, just smart enough to make a nerd wonder if I'm one of them or not.


I would definitely recommend that for surgery you get enough sanitary pads for a month in advance, as you likely not to be moving around that much in that timeframe.  After the second week are supposed to have control of your pain, bit if you are super sensitive to pain it might last longer.


In the last 3 weeks I gained 2 pounds, but from my normal 145Lbs I moved down to 140Lbs.


Discussed the weight loss with my endocrinologist yesterday at my visit to her after she wanted to see me directly after the operation, so had an appointment date for 3 weeks afterwards.  She was dumbstruck that I started eating less, and I wrote it down to losing Testosterone.  Afterwards she said, has to be, because a guy normally eats more then females and burns more calories so that can explain why I'm sticking to a healthy body weight with half the amount of food I normally consumed.  Another thing that was good was that my Testosterone levels have dropped to almost zero after the operation.


What she didn't expect me to do was drop the meds levels on my own.  I informed her that I dropped it by a third and then took only a quarter of the other next level, and I gave my body a week chance to adjust to the new levels before starting on no Testosterone blocker for basically a week before taking the blood test, that should show if there is any form of Testosterone levels left in my body.  We both happy with the levels.  And in doing so, dropped the dose of my estrogen as well to a lowish level where I feel comfortable with the levels in my body.  She commended me for thinking of the changes in a medical method, as not to shock my body from the start and suffering withdrawal symptoms.


She finally gave me a new letter for the gender maker changes as per section 49 of 2003 Alteration of Sex Description and Sex Status Act.  Yes South Africa has a whole act with a big mouth full to describe the act.  So another letter and I'm set to go for the changes, after more then 5 years on HRT.


Thanks with the congratulations as well ladies.  And I'm certain to look after myself.


Loving Hugs



PS.  Super excited that I can finally have my ID and drivers finally be changed to the female I represent.

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Hiya Michele. How Are You Darling Girl ? Okay Honey, I Hope !  Michele, Congratulations, on Your Orchiectomy Darling. I hope that You are healing up Okay, Sweetheart. Michele, I Am Very Proud of You Young Lady. I have told You before, and I Will tell You Again, that You ARE a Very Pretty; Beautiful; Gorgeous; Young Lady ! Michele, I Really hope that Life is Good for You Babes. Look After Yourself Sweetheart, and I hope to hear from You soon Love. Take Care Honey, And My Very Best Wishes, Love Stephanie. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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