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A couple of months ago while driving north in Oregon I thought of a custom license plate for me: "EMMAGINE." Unfortunately the DMV only accepts 7 characters or fewer so I dropped an M. I love it!


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Thank you! I think it's too cool for school. This may sound silly but for me it's like another step in coming out and being authentically me, fun (I hope) and a little creative. 

No, I'm not from New York. I've only visited a handful of times. I'm a native Californian who moved to Seattle last summer. Washington is so amazing. Of course I hate the traffic but that encourages me to walk or use the light rail. On Saturday I drove less than an hour from my home to visit my niece and her young family who live on a small lake in a beautiful woodsy area. In California that drive would be a lot longer to get away from the urban areas. Another thing from Saturday: now I'm known as Aunt Emma! I'm very proud of that. 

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