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Happy Birthday Monica!!!



I learned just a few minutes ago that Monica's birthday was last Friday, 1/19. Birthdays are a big deal, especially for those of us who're contending with being trans, lesbian, disabled, ... And heck, we keep getting OLDER. I'll not advertise Monica's age, will leave that up to her to divulge. That said this year is a milestone for her.

Monica was the first to great me, with warmth and sincerity, when I joined TGG about 3 1/2 years ago. That was such a difficult time for me. It seemed clear that I was trans but I didn't really know enough to be 100% positive. I'd come out to my wife who was devastated. I was in a bad way, somehow found TG Guide, and Monica was there for me. 

I greatly appreciate Monica's steadfast support and friendship. Please join in and wish her a Happy New Year and wonderful Birthday!

Love to all,


P.S. For fun, more photos of my BFF, Miss Peanut:



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Monica, you are a WONDERFUL person! I'm grateful for your participation here at TGGuide.  I hope you had a very happy birthday. :) 

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Dear Emma, Lori and Briannah,

Thank you for your birthday wishes.  Am proudly age 60.

Emma, I love the pictures of your cat.

Will be writing about this milestone soon.

Yours truly,




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