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Big Boy/Girl

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I have enjoyed reading everyone's experiences in acknowledging their gender roles--some good, some awkward given the culture we live in. As I have written before, I am content now to be able to wear feminine clothing on my own and feel comfortable doing it. I have to thank the girls at TG Guide for being supportive and empathetic. I believe that if we do nothing else in life, we need to be there for each other. We're all we have, and we're all in this together. I love you all.

On another note, I opened my first business account all by myself today, and do I feel smart. It was a small beauty salon, and fortunately, the owner was a lovely lady who was very patient with me. I go back this Sunday after everyone is out of church to complete the enrollments.  This makes three barber shops and now one salon that I have opened. Maybe, I have found my niche. I am going to the speed networking event at the Chamber of Commerce on Monday evening. That should be an experience for sure. More to come on that later.

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I’m so glad for you, Michelle! Yes, maybe you’ve found a niche. More likely, you’ve found that you can do it. Now’s the time to really push yourself to locate and open new opportunities. Ride the success wave! There’s nothing like it. 

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Dear MichelleLea,

You'll find you will get out of the Chamber of Commerce what you put into it. Joining the Chamber of Commerce is one of the greatest investments you can make in your business career. They also offer programs such as SCORE, which are retired business owners and executives who offer free advice. Also they offer free or inexpensive classes on how to run a business. There are free pamphlets about various aspects on running a business. Best of all, they have a program pairing up women business owners (also people of color and disabled). 

Love hearing about your progress!

Yours truly,


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I agree completely with Monica. I worked with SCORE in San Jose some years back, did some consulting myself on business planning. It's excellent!

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Thanks as usual for your comments and encouraging words. I plan on getting more involved with Chamber activities and projects as I am able. So far, so good.

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