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Confused but not uncertain



Good evening all


As the title says I'm confused...


The confusion comes in when people try to assimilate being transgender or intersex into a WTF area and make those people feel like they nothing and don't deserve to breath the same air as them.


Well, let me see.  I'm intersex identifying as transgender, but more specifically identifying as female and always have.  Trying to nullify my existence only gets the dragons fire breathe that much hotter, as I clearly look like a 10 (boasting some what cause I can in a transgender and cisgender world).


Okay, I also understand the hatred I'm getting from the cisgender females.  But, "Baby I'm sorry, I'm not sorry!!!"  Yes, I got looks with a package of personality too, and I'm not a fake ass person.  As the song also say, "If you talk that talk baby.  Better walk that walk baby."  I do it, not because I talk the talk, but I talk the talk because I walk the blooming walk.  And I can't help that you trying to make me feel like I'm nothing.  Cause I'll never be nothing.  I'm proud, strong, sexy, vivacious, older then you think cause I look younger then your wannabe all I am in all my stunning personality, and not to mention unstoppable force of nature.


The confusion is how people want to be you, but dont want to go through the struggles you faced, that made you the strong, independent woman you are.  What they think that, perfection just happened by mistake, it took year to polish the attitude, well the looks were there I guess, just enhanced now.  This is probably the only time I'll comment with a picture from my past.  But these were taken a few hours ago.


Well, the message that I'm trying to convey is...  The only time people will notice you is, when you have the confidence to take life by the balls of the proverbial bull, because taking him on by the horns well girl, you know he going to fight you so much harder as he thinks you'll just go down easier, but grabbing his ball and twisting your vices grips that but harder each time he tries to squirm or fight you to attack you that much harder.  Life will learn, no matter how petite its opponent is, don't underestimate the capabilities of them, because even the smallest person can have a big heart that will cause them to win where you thought it was impossible.


Now ladies, lets take life by the bulls balls, and twist just that little bit harder each time life tries to sucker punch us to the ground, trying to make us uncertain about ourselves.  We are only human and also need to be loved, respected, and adored by onlookers, just like anybody else.


I hope, you all are well and will not let life knock you down for too long, as the fight for equality has only begun.


Love, hugs and respect










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This twin of mine died so I could live and was last seen 2008/9.  You decide, that look like me a decade younger or not.  The first and last I'll ever compare tit with tat.





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You look terrific now! Then? You look like you have a little chip on your shoulder, a bit of swagger perhaps covering up for your deeper self. It’s also interesting how your earlier photo is in monochrome and current one is in color. Very apt!

I wonder why cis women are threatened or unhappy with you. Maybe they’re just unfamiliar with trans people and need time and experience to warm up? I know that some women feel so downtrodden by men that they might think that a trans woman is a bit privileged to have it both ways as male and female. I know that’s nuts but maybe? 

I hope you’re well and safe. I could never do your work and I appreciate those who do. 



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Hi Monica


Thank you for the compliment.  If only my twin could've survived this ordeal.  But hey, there can only be one.  And sister dearest is the victor.




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Hiya Michele. You Look So Much Better Now Sweetheart. You Really have turned into such A Very Pretty; Beautiful; and Gorgeous; Young Lady. Please Honey, do Not let Anyone, tell You Any Different. Michele, I Am glad that We are getting and expanding Our Friendship, especially via Messenger Honey. You ARE A Really Terrific Girl. Take Care Honey, And My Very Best Wishes, And Lots of Love, Stephanie. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

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