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  1. JudyCDNJ

    Changing Screen Name

    Hello there, I have signed in and my screen name is still JudyCDNJ, I am no longer in NJ. Please update my screen name to JudyCDTV
  2. Finally after my mother has left the house a week ago, Judy now has the house to herself and she really enjoying being Judy, with the freedom to dress up and come on downstairs and walk around the house in high heels all dressed up and in makeup with lipstick on. What a joy. Just I have girlfriends to enjoy it with. Well now today, the movers are coming to pack up the remains of living here. It is totally sad and I am crying just all day. Leaving this house will just about kill me. Plus I am just about to go into bankruptcy for I have been out of work for five years. Now I have to go into my savings and my Fidelity funds to cover my expenses across the country.
  3. JudyCDNJ

    Changing Screen Name

    Anytime soon thanks again for your help.
  4. JudyCDNJ

    Changing Screen Name

    Hello there Michael, I would like to change my username from JudyCDNJ to JudyCDTV for I am moving from NJ to CO in the summer time.
  5. ​Definitely a pantyhose girl here,
  6. JudyCDNJ

    Makeup Kits

    Thanks so much for your great advice and instructions on those topics and tips``
  7. JudyCDNJ

    Makeup Kits

    Thanks for your input, today I bought some makeup LA Colors very cheap and I am going to try them out tonight.
  8. JudyCDNJ

    Makeup Kits

    Thanks for your advice however now I have another question, what goes into doing your makeup like foundation, blush, eye shadow, mascara and lipstick, anything else?
  9. JudyCDNJ

    Makeup Kits

    Thanks for great advice I will just that
  10. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good makeup kit and bag has everything needed and what brands are good?
  11. JudyCDNJ

    Forum subject

    Where would someone put a topic like " Meeting NJ Girlfriends"?
  12. JudyCDNJ

    Judy's Transformaton

    Well hello there Briannah, whereabouts ? Thanks for stopping by.
  13. JudyCDNJ

    Judy's Transformaton

    Thanks so much for your support. I am looking for girlfriends in NJ. If you know of anyone please let them know of me.
  14. JudyCDNJ

    Judy's Transformaton

    This is the story of my transformation and my life as a crossdresser and how I was and who I was a girl or woman.It all started with a fight with a school bully who challenge to a fight at the park near my house and I lost the fight for he was on top on me and had me to being a sissy. I didn’t know what that meant at that time so I look it up and found it what it meant. That began my quest to find out what it felt like to be the opposite sex/gender. I started with my mother’s panties and then I got my own and then on out I started to get my own wardrobe. I have purged quite a few times and the third time being the last time and I got rid of my entire wardrobe in all. But I had all the right stuff, panties, bras and pantyhose and skirts and blouses and high heels and pocketbook and lipstick and makeup. I have wondered it felt to be a woman or the opposite sex gender and got into fantasy and Mistresses and got to services and have called phone sex services quite a few times during my time as Judy. Even written a script for the ladies on the phone out. I have to gone to Lady Ellen’s Transformation Service to do my pictures two times. Back in the early 2000’s and it was all together I had a few girlfriends and have met a couple times with one or two of them. But have been able to connect with any of them as being mates or partners. Everyone since I have posted my pictures online has told me how good I have looked. Yes it comes quite naturally to me.Why do I crossdress? Well, it began like I said in a effort to understand the opposite sex/gender, Then I started to feel good about my feminine self aka Judy, which then lead to aspire to be like a good secretary. I prefer blouses and skirts and heels and slips (full) under dresses and heels to anything else. Judy likes to dress up a secretary or a business woman. Even getting out of male clothing is somewhat relaxing to me. Judy is nothing like my male mode of Jay. Judy is my second self and she likes to relax with a blouse and skirt and heels and lipstick and makeup on. That is about it.
  15. http://www.wsj.com/articles/the-new-miniskirt-suit-fashions-tribute-to-ally-mcbeal-1471893715 What do you think about this?