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  1. Bonnie added a post in a topic: Nylon stockings or pantyhose   

    Hi Chantelle!  Welcome to TG Guide!
    I do understand the need for pantyhose especially when your skirt or shorts are short or for officewear.
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  2. Bonnie added a post in a topic: I hate shoes!   

    We have Long Tall Sally here in Ottawa, Canada and I have been.  Very nice store.  They sell clothing too.
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  3. Bonnie added a post in a topic: The Gay Turtle   

    It is very sad that people care so much about what your orientation is and they are not even looking for a partner since they have one already.  I think people fear that their children or grandchildren will be LGBT and so they will not provide them with natural children.  If we can make it socially unacceptable to be LGBT then the next generation will live hetero lives whether they want to or not.  This really means that we don't give a damn about you and we care about ourselves more and what people think about me.  You being LGBT will cause me to be embarrassed among friends and family.  And I really don't want to think about how you have sex!!!  OMG!!! 
    In the situation the video examines I don't see anyone planning on buying two turtles or saying they need a female or male one because the one they have at home is male or female.  They are buying just one turtle so what difference would it make?
    Briannah, since the people were acting it is difficult to say how many people actually come into the shop to buy a turtle.
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  4. Bonnie added a post in a topic: Virginia Ties   

    Thank you Erica.  My comment was simply to complicate things in a humourous manner.  You are correct and I feel the same way, transgenderism should not be a complicated thing to understand.  Love, no matter the gender, should not be a complicated thing but for some reason it is.  This site is here to support and to educate.  We support each other and we educate each other.  Once we understand ourselves both as an individual and as a group we can go out and support and educate others.  I have been doing that much more in this past year and plan to do more this coming year.
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  5. Bonnie added a post in a topic: Southern Comfort Transgender Conference Has Been Discontinued As Of December 10, 2016   

    I just found some additional info;
    Dear SCTC family,

    It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that 2016 was the last The Southern Comfort Transgender Conference (SCTC) as you have known it for the past 26 years.

    What most of you don’t know is that we, the Southern Comfort Board of Directors (both current and a couple of past members), have been involved in a five year lawsuit that only recently concluded. Please don’t ask. As part of the settlement, we cannot discuss it at all.

    Suffice it to say that it was a five year nightmare that completely handcuffed the BOD. Some have wondered why there were no new people brought onto the board. Now you know. Anyone that would have joined the BOD would have become unnecessarily involved in the litigation.

    Fortunately, we did have liability insurance and that covered the legal fees of the case. However, as a result of being in a five year lawsuit, we were dropped by our insurance company (though they were obligated to continue until the lawsuit was resolved, which they did). Subsequently, SCTC had to find a new insurance policy. Only two companies would even offer a policy to us. Our premium went from $1300.00/year with no deductible to $11,000.00/year with a $25,000.00 deductible.

    We just can’t afford this and, this lawsuit proved that we (the current BOD) simply cannot afford to run the conference without insurance. Had we not had the insurance policy, we would have been personally liable.

    There is talk amongst a couple of the BOD to try to reorganize SCTC into something very new. Please continue your Facebook and Yahoo group presence to stay informed; any future updates on any plans will be posted to keep you informed. Otherwise, any money that is left in our account, which is being held in escrow by our attorney, will be donated to a worthy trans organization.

    We’re sorry to bring you this sad news right before the holidays, but you deserve to know what’s going on.

    It has been our extreme honor to serve you all throughout the years and we wish you all the best!

    With love,
    Your SCC/SCTC Board of Directors:
    Shanti Keshavi devi dasi (Stefanie Schumacher)
    Alexis Dee
    Christy Anderson
    Phyllis McCall
    ​BOD I am assuming means Board of Directors
    Of course without knowing what they were sued for and why they lost makes it very difficult for other conferences to guard themselves against the very same thing don't you think?
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  6. Bonnie added a post in a topic: Southern Comfort Transgender Conference Has Been Discontinued As Of December 10, 2016   

    I wonder what they were sued for and from the sounds of it they must have lost a large sum.
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  7. Bonnie added a post in a topic: Virginia Ties   

    Hi Monica!  I am older than you.  ​  I know the expression quite well I just like to put in comments to throw people off kilter a bit.  As far as my age goes I do my best not to act it.  I am 64 and act like a 25 yo.  I wished I looked like one I quite often dress like one but that depends on where I am going or what my dates like to see me in.  Anyway, thank you my dear for the explanation.
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  8. Bonnie added a post in a topic: Virginia Ties   

    Apples and oranges are different? 
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  9. Bonnie added a post in a topic: What are you wearing right now?   

    Right now I am in my comfy clothes.  A blue and gray wide striped sweater dress and floral satiny panties.  Nothing else.
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  10. Bonnie added a post in a topic: Miniskirts are making a comeback   

    Bri, if you are going to wear a mini skirt you don't wear your turtle panties you wear something sexier. 
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  11. Bonnie added a post in a topic: Miniskirts are making a comeback   

    I like wearing mini skirts and I have quite a few, however, I don't wear them out very often because I am trying not to draw attention to myself.  My age is an issue too.
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  12. Bonnie added a post in a topic: One Love - opening at the Valentine 12-1 Richmond Va .   

    Wonderful, Ellen, simply wonderful!
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  13. Bonnie added a post in a topic: First Event 2017   

    I need to win a lottery so I could travel to all these very good events.
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  14. Bonnie added a post in a topic: Fantasia Fair   

    That would be great to attend.
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  15. Bonnie added a post in a topic: Name change question   

    I will tell you how I chose mine.  My full name is Bonnie Dawn Ryba - BDR.  My male name initials are also BDR.  My male first name is Scottish and so is Bonnie.  Bonnie was the first girl I liked as a friend when I was about 5 or 6.  She was the sister of one of the boys who I knew or one of my younger brothers knew.  I liked being with her.  It was on a military base in Germany so we weren't there for long (3 years).  When we moved back to Canada I never did see her again but I always remembered her and so I use her name.  I chose Dawn because it is the beginning of a new day.  Ryba was chosen from a list of names that came up after I entered Bonnie as a first name on the virtual reality site called Second Life.  Ryba began with R like my real name and it had 4 letters like my real name.  I found out later that it means 'fish' in Polish and that didn't bother me at all.
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