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  1. PrettinPink added a post in a topic: How many cross dressers in long RUN thought of breast surgery?   

    Well put Veronica and cross2play. It is something I have gone back and forth with too. Years ago I was going to join a friend in going to Mexico for breast surgery but chickened out at the last minute. Maybe if I was 20 I would reconsidered but now I am very passable and comfortable in my silicone breast and can change between a b cup and a dd depending on my mood. I would also reconsider if I had a partner that would pay for it and wanted me to do it but never been asked. So why upset the applecart at this stage. Keep it simple and be happy
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  2. PrettinPink added a comment on a blog entry: 2 month update   

    yes Nicky you certainly look great and congrats on being so brave sis
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  3. PrettinPink added a post in a topic: How To Pick The Right Size Bra   

    Thank you all for the advice and is very helpful. I have had bra fittings but find this better advice. Now I need to try on something new next time shopping.
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  4. PrettinPink added a post in a topic: How to Look Hot in Swimwear (5 Tips for Crossdressers and Transgender Women)   

    very good advice indeed marish. I love sun tanning in a bikini just to get the tanlines.
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  5. PrettinPink added a post in a topic: Shoes   

    payless girl here since I am 11 womans size and they have a good selection of mules wedgies flats and strappy heels
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  6. PrettinPink added a comment on a blog entry: Shopping and Setting Goals   

    I am a size 11 in shoes too and have found payless has a great selection at low prices. Never had any problems with sales clerks and find them very helpful there. Only scarey in the beginning but now very comfy in target and big dept stores during the days.
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  7. PrettinPink added a post in a topic: Exercise regime?   

    In the end the only muscle that counts is seeing a flat stomach. That is most noticed by all ppl. so says my workout buddy
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  8. PrettinPink added a post in a topic: Petition   

    So I suffer from fetishism. Least of my problems now. signed it
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  9. PrettinPink added a post in a topic: Femme vs male persona   

    Oh yes femininity really takes over me when dancing and being led by an older man on the dance floor. All kinds of submissive and amorous feelings come to the forefront and love the attention.  Never was really into sports since I am so petite but when out now en femme mode I enjoy pllaying golf with my bf and probably enjoy it cause I dont have to compete and can just enjoy the outing as a playful girl
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  10. PrettinPink added a post in a topic: The Importance of Body Language in Passing   

    I first started learning to walk but wearing 3 inch heels and a sack skirt for shorter strides. A girl has to be confident who she is taking shorter steps and using your hips for movement. I see now where men balance from the shoulders and arms move a lot so keeping the arms in , chest out , and shoulders back is a good start. Hands to your side or clutching your purse so that arent swinging like guys. I find myself doing this now even when out and not en femme. Certainly feels more elegant and graceful too
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  11. PrettinPink added a post in a topic: Going out and Bathroom Use   

    First choice is the disabled bathroom but suck it up and walk into the womens room which would be safer if anyone is going to get upset I dont want it to be some redneck. Having said that I just walk in and close the door to the stall like everyone else and any socializing that takes place is at the mirror and sink so if I feel uncomfortable I might just walk out. Had only one time been called out on it by an older lady. Of course dont walk in if youre dressed like a hooker now lol.
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  12. PrettinPink added a post in a topic: Some ideas about passing   

    so well said Kathryn. So many girls try stepping out in public with too much makeup or overdressed and wonder why ppl stare. I enjoy going out with my friends and sometimes they are so over the top I am forced to say something but not hurtful. Its all in the confidence and attitude and just being natural will allow all of us  wonderful experience
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  13. PrettinPink added a post in a topic: Nylon stockings or pantyhose   

    Wear tights in winter and when cold. They also look great in short dresses and long blouses. Like most of you I also prefer stockings to pantyhose and love them seemed or fishnet when really dressing up
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  14. PrettinPink added a post in a topic: A few too many margaritas...   

    Love all the outfits and look great on you Kaisa and I may do some shopping after a few margaritas after seeing what you got
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  15. PrettinPink added a post in a topic: Why Do I Crossdress?   

    I just got the inclination one day at home alone to try on my sisters clothes. I did enjoy the sensation and was a bit sexual at first but as time progressed I began to feel the emotional support of being debbie was who I was most comfy with. I am now pretty out and dressed in evenings and weekends. Only time I am in male mode is during work and that is a drag. I enjoy both sides of me but my feminine side is so much more desireable  and the friends I have allow me to live it out.
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