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  1. Dawn13 added a post in a topic clothing/shopping experiences   

    Repeated Item from my Blog.
    Wow! Today. I was at Dicks Sporting Goods looking for some tennis panties and a superman shirt. I started looking first for the Under Armor, pink for best cancer superman shirts and a male sales representative said "Mam can I help you." Because I was really trying to look male today, I corrected him. Then he told me he saw my "long blond hair," under my ball cap and thought I was a girl. I explained to him that I was retired and felt free to wear my hair long. He then helped me find the right size. Ended up being a boys XL. Then I went over to the women's section looking for a short that would work well under my NIKE tennis dress. Looking at the clearance rack I also found a couple of unisex looking sport T's. I was just a bit concerned that I was now being read as a male. But the store was quite large and I had really only talked with a couple of the dozen or so sales reps that were there. As I was shopping the female store manager who was doing some restocking, asked me if I needed help. I said no, but after I had made my selections I asked her if she could help me into a dressing room. (Apparently my male voice did not turn the tide as she read me as female) Without batting an eye she took me directly to the woman's dressing room. This time I did not correct her and I went right in. This is when I had a really pleasant surprise. The room was full of women's sportswear right there for me to try on. (Capris and winter outerwear.) Whoever was in the room before me must have been close to my size as almost everything fit. I actually bought two of these outfits and I may post photos of me wearing them. I am sure after I left they sales staff may be having a chuckle as I expect they will trade notes and figure out I was a guy. Still this was a truly interesting adventure for me today. Dawn :)
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  2. Dawn13 added a comment on a blog entry How many times have you been mistaken as a girl   

    Thanks Karen,

    You are doing something I really have wished I could do. I did take estrogen a few years ago but stopped when I realized I would have to explain my breast growth at my next military physical. And yes I still have a bit of man boobs as a result. Now that am now longer working a government job my interest to transition has abated some. Still I like to feel feminine and when I am coded as a woman without really trying I find this fairly satisfying.

    Appreciate your comments - Dawn :)
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  3. Dawn13 added a post in a topic The Importance of Body Language in Passing   

    Thanks for this insight. I think I patterned my after after my mom. (There is quite a stoy behind this) I do most of these and I don't even think about it. So when I cross my legs or cross my ankles I am doing something unusual? I am also a talker and love to smile. I am not sure about my walk but I have been told on multiple occasions I do have a natural side to side hip motion. (Not normal to a male) The only gentleman things I really do are when I am in a unpleasent discussion or a location, where I am concerned how I may be perceved, I dont speak much. Also, I have always tried to give a firm handshake. I guess once patterened it can be very difficult to change. But really learning some of these sounds a bit like brainwashing and maybe couner produtive to a person bcoming the real person they were meant to be. Dawn
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  4. Dawn13 added a comment on a blog entry hair today and tomorrow!   

    Wow! really gutsy. I don't know how I would do in a lounge, I am not much of a lounger - but I do like company. Well good for you. Dawn
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  5. Dawn13 added a comment on a blog entry My Story (Part 1)   

    Hello Dawn, I too love women most and to a small extent men. I also like to see what beautiful women wear or look like and try to match them. Dawn
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  6. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Dreams - We are talking to ourselves   

    Thanks Karen - good dream - possible sole mate
    I think there is somethng to possible past life experiences. I have had one dream that recurred several times. (Dream was before 2009) I was in a village and I felt like I recalled/dreamed a past life where I had been a girl. I was in a village setting and I recalled wearing a very long white dress with blue accents and had long brown hair. I was always minding my own business doing some village chore. A passing knight/soldier would come up an after some discussions about how I was pretty would violate me. I always felt theres was a struggle going on in my mind in this respect. How much of our dreams are windows to our real selves. Here is another dream from my diary.
    2011 Diary -18 June – Was with a couple of other guys and got into a fight or struggle with a large group of girls and the girls held down my arms and stripped me and the other guys of our clothes. (Stripped off our shoes, pants, etc.) Then they put our underwear (brightly colored bikini style pantys and tank tops) on hangers – when displayed together they looked like some kind of a woman’s bathing suit – maybe these were trophies. We were naked and the girls were admiring our clothes on the hangers. END of DREAM.
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  7. Dawn13 added a post in a topic I need help with makeup how to`s   

    Less can be more - basic base makeup matched to your skin is good. There is a men's (stage) makeup & concealer called Menaji - really works well. I have also used cover girl liquid but this make up is harder to use without looking a bit fakey. Always use mascara and a light blush product. Really don't need much blush. Unless you have a major brow issue just a fine line of dark brow pencil and then brush it in. It is easy to go overboard with eye lining and shadow. I actually love to play with colorful combinations but this is where mistakes are usually made. Better to brush some light brown around the eyes and call it a day. (Again less is more.) Lips can also be over done. Line lips = OK. More lip plumping and less lip coating. Do use a lip gloss top coat. I love lip gloss. Dawn
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  8. Dawn13 added a comment on a blog entry Why did I ever cut my hair...   

    Dexxy, I definately understand hair, as I Iove to have longer hair today, after having to cut it short, and keep it short, for my over 30 years in an office environment. I remember when I was 18 enoying the freedom that my long hair gave me and yes I looked female, but I did not care. Then I went into the militay and my hair was gone. This was hard for me to deal with at first. For a job I sacrficed my freedom. Now I have long hair again and I am happy about it. Many of my friends have told me they see me as free spirit. Yes, I can fly. Dawn
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  9. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Upside and Downside of Ear Piercing.   

    Thanks - I had heard that the gun can cause problems. Appreciate all of the comments. Dawn
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  10. Dawn13 added a comment on a blog entry How many times have you been mistaken as a girl   

    Today was another day of bending as I was called mam twice in Kroger. One time was to ask me if I was in a line and a second was to thank me for responding and clearing the path for this other lady. I decided not to correct the women who aparenty read me as female. (I actually found my appearace to a bit satisfying as not trying and being read female was not as stressful as times I had purpously gone to a place in fem wondering if I could be read) I had on womens levis and running shoes. And today my blond sholder length hair, under my runners ball hat, was really showing lots of curls. Still I was in boy mode. Today, I was not trying to go out of my way to look feminine.
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  11. Dawn13 added a comment on a blog entry Going to start Transition @61 MTF I have always been a Girl   

    We are much alike.As a child, I too was beaten by my father when I wore girls clothes, however my mom actually gave me girls clothes to wear and play in. I did not even think about what I was wearing that much, for me I have always felt that looking like a girl was kind of natural for me. Anyway, now I seem to have the same desire you have -but likely will never make the full change because of the good family ties I currently have. Still I understand your desire to be whole. I do wish you the best in your journey. Dawn
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  12. Dawn13 added a comment on a blog entry I am a newbie, not to just this site but any site.   

    Hello RachelDense, Glad you have joined us - I enjoyed learning more about you. As a person who also has a German heriatage I too understand the strict nature you have lived with. Here we learn from each other and often share things we cannot share with others who can never fully understand us. Dawn
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    I used to have a book called interpreting dreams. It was useful. I have also found that sometimes a dream has a face value. I really do like to try to figure my dreams out. Thanks for your comment - I will look the newer documents on dreams as you suggested. Dawn
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    Dreams - We are talking to ourselves
    I was actually dreaming when I first thought about this topic. I have found that when I dream I believe that I am being very honest with myself. I have dreamed I was a woman experiencing womanhood. Even having a baby in my dreams. When we dream we are beyond male and female. We can fly in ways beyond imagination.

    Please share with me your thoughts and dreams. I will be looking back over my dream diary and sharing some of my real dreams with you.

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  15. Dawn13 added a topic in Prosthetics & Other Body Enhancements   

    Upside and Downside of Ear Piercing.
    I posted a question last week about finding the best place to go to to get my ears pierced and now Iam thinking there is really a lot of things to consider. Please provide me your thoughts and best advise. Would also like to hear your experinces and what earings work best? Dawn
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  16. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Upside and Downside of Ear Piercing.   

    My origional first post on this subject. Help question - Getting ready to get my ears pierced. A bit nervous about this. Want it done right. Was thinking about going to a medical center that does this but there is none in my area. Any good ideas? Dawn
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  17. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Breast forms?   

    I got my forms through e-bay. Actually was good selection and only spent about $60 for $200 prescription quality forms. Found that a size B was the best for me and my slight body type. (i also do have a small amount of breast development already from using estrogen several years ago ) Before I had breast forms i used rice packed inside of an old pair of hose. I also used a button and large coin combined to simulate the tit. Except for the weight this was a very realistic looking breast form, fitting in my bra. Dawn
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  18. Dawn13 added a comment on a blog entry Just wrote another song :)   

    I would love to hear - your words.
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  19. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Research on Clothing Needs for Crossdressers   

    I just purchased a padded bra and panty set from Hommemystery and I really like it. This is actually a set think l will wear in public. It is called China Doll. I was thinking that if it wasn't deigned as women's wear it might not be as attractive or desirable but the fit is great. Dawn
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  20. Dawn13 added a comment on a blog entry How many times have you been mistaken as a girl   

    Yesterday, at a marathon I was in I had to go to the medical tent because of a bee sting. The med tech taking my BP thought I was a woman, called me mam. I did explain to her "it might be my long hair and I told her I did not intend to cut it," as I like how it makes me feel free to be myself. These experiences are like an adventure. Hard to believe - for me gender is really burred Dawn
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    Just yesterday I was at another running expo and was looking in one of the women's section and a big boned lady bumped into me and said sorry did I hurt you "hon." Then I talked with a sales clerk who was ready to sell me a running skirt. She was quite confused as I was sure she readme as female. Even when she recognized I was male near the end of the conversation she was still trying to show me a skirt that I might like. I do think most everyone was reading me female. (I am very tan, long haired, small boned, almost no beard shadow and fit) Not everyone saw me as a girl as I always used my non disguised male voice to greet them. But I could tell my voice alone did not always convenience everyone. To top it off as I Ieft one of the greeters said "Hope you enjoyed the expo Mam, be safe going home."
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  22. Dawn13 added a post in a topic christian man using transgender as topic of hate   

    I consider myself a Christian - but I would have to hate myself if I agreed to the crazyness of what others believe to be right in Gods eyes. I know I am saved - just not perfect. The feelings I have came from God. My desire to be a woman and that I have the atributes, my shape, a physical body that looks more like a womans than a mans was not my chosing. I used to hate my own thoughts - now when someone calles me a woman - I think this is who I am. No need to correct them - just move on and enjoy living.
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  23. Dawn13 added a comment on a blog entry The Woman I AM This Is ME!   

    Tried to leave a message but could not ---Thinking about you and your life. Was just thinking about you and your journey, I know we used to talk a lot. I would be joining you in the change if I did not have so much family baggage and also their support, Have been going to counseling and the current goal is to pretty much remain the same in my body. Still I do have occasional excursions into cross dressing - but have found many see me as a woman first, even when I have on male clothing, and I have to correct them, if I want to. I would love to transition, but still this might not be the best for me. I wish you the best - I have enjoyed your rewritten life story and I know that God does care for you and also for the least for us. Dawn
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  24. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Post your favorite dress/clothes pictures here   

    I have a new photo showing my lost weight. Will publish shortly. Dawn
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  25. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Bikinis as favorite swimwear   

    Will soon post a newer shot - Down to 138 - Bikini fits even better.
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