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  1. Annah added a post in a topic: JC Penney Tall and Large Sizes   

    And I work there part time while I go to school.

    It's a nice place to buy clothing. Their dresses are very cute!
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  2. Annah added a post in a topic: Member Recommended Resource List   

    Yeah I meant Hz! LOL

    please check out Michelle Phan. That girl is talented.

    And yea, my makeup is not expensive at all. I spend VERY little per month on makeup (maybe 15 dollars....max). My eyeliner is like 5 bucks and masscara is 6 bucks. I bought a set of brushes at Target for 9 bucks.

    I don't buy the 30 dollar MAC make up brushes or anything like that. For me, at least, I find my make up to be nice without having to spend hundreds of dollars.

    To give you an idea (i wear makeup every day):

    I have about 50 dollars in eye shadows. Thats 8 "kits" (each kit has 4 colors to apply at the same time)and all 8 kits has lasted me well over a year now...and I wear eyeshadow every blessed day.

    I buy a 5 dollar liquid eyeliner once every 3 months.

    I buy a 6 dollar Masscara (Maybelline) once every 3 months

    My foundation and powder is 7 dollars each and lasts 2 months

    I have a lot of lipgloss. Each one is 5 dollars from Hardcandy. Cute as hell colors too. Ive had them for 8 months now and i only replaced two.

    So contrary to popular transgender belief, one does not need to spend a lot of money on makeup. I saw a 80 dollar transgender makeup starter kit from another website and almost cringed. The web owner probably spent 20 dollars max on the whole thing.
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  3. Annah added a post in a topic: Member Recommended Resource List   

    Online Sizing Guides
    Voice Training
    Binders and Undergarments
    Breast Prostheses
    Transgender Counseling
    Physicians and Medical Services
    Facial Reconstruction

    This is a really good thread.

    I can share, based on my experiences, some good places but remember everyone is different so what may really work for me may not work for others.


    When it comes to shoes, I find that the "Shoe Dept", "Sears", and even "Payless" to be wonderful resources for footwear. I usually stay away from very expensive shoe places because I can get a similiar pair of shoes at Sears for 80% cheaper and they lasts twice as long.


    I never had any personal experiences with wigs but I have some good friends who highly recommend The prices are affordable and the wigs are increadibly life like. I've seen some girls wear wigs that really looks like a costume wig but at i really cannot tell when the girl wears it unless she tells me.

    When you wear a wig make sure you get one that works well with your face. Many of these sites will also have a list of perferred face shapes for that specific wig.


    I just go to the mall for that and get things that are on sell!

    Online Sizing Guide

    Admin provided a good link in the other thread


    I've seen girls spend a small fortune on make up from transgender websites. I find this to be unnecessary. I buy my make up at Pharmacy stores like Rite Aid and also WalMart. My foundation and powder are Maybelline, my Mascara is Maybelline too. My eyeliner is liquid and it's from Hard Candy. My eye shadow is Maybelline, Revlon and Hard Candy, my glitter is Hard Candy, and my lip gloss is Hard Candy. My makeup isn't really expensive at all and I use just average brushes and sponges.

    I'm sure more expensive makeup is nice but I get just as good results from less expensive brands.

    Also, I use when I first started to transition for make up tutorials. I often used Cis Gendered girls videos for the make up tips. I have nothing against transgender make up video tutorials at all but from the ones I have seen those videos were not that great and the make up results weren't the best.

    Youtube Michelle Phan. She has 153 videos and this girl is TALENTED. She does makeup tutorials for literally every occasion. For example, one video of hers has over 5 million views. Not too shabby for "how to do your eye shadow for clubbing" and she nails it!

    Voice Training

    This is one of those things where "Your Mileage May Vary" is all too true. I tried Andrea James "Develop your feminine voice" and it didn't do anything for me at all. However, I know of some girls where it really worked for them.

    This is what I did:

    1. Download a Spectogram. It's free and there's a lot of them if you have a PC. If you own a Mac, its very hard to find a free one. A Spectogram measures your voice in frequencies. A male voice is 70-150 mhz or so and a female is usually 175 to 256 mhz. My first step was to get the pitch that high and your program will help you get it there.

    2. Buy a digital recorder. I got mine at Target for 15 dollars. By using a digital recorder, you can practice by hearing your voice and then making adjustments.

    3. Practice your intonation and resonance. This is one of the most important steps for me because this is what gives your voice a feminine quality to it. This takes practice...well your whole voice will take practice. The best thing is to practice practice practice.

    4. Avoid Falsetto. It's not good to sound like Mickey Mouse plus it damages your vocal cords.

    When I did voice training, I used CandiFLA on youtube. She had some really good tutorials on her youtube and they really worked for she is free.

    If you have money, then I would recommend Kathe Perez. She is a voice coach in Kansas City, MO and she can do personal face to face lessons or through the internet like skype. She is wonderful and you will get results. But she charges.

    This is me talking and just one year ago my voice was as deep as a man can get and I had a southern accent to boot!

    Binders and Undergarments

    I can't tell you much on the Binder arena

    Regarding panties and bras, I just go to target and buy packages of 6 for like 10 bucks. Concerning the sizing, this is by trial and error for me. The first time I bought a pair of panties, I really messed up the size and they looked like boxers lol.

    I wear a size 8 which is on the bigger side.

    Bras are the same way. You just got to try em on. Make sure you get some that fits you too! Even cis gendered females even mess up their sizes because of denial lol. They'll stretch their bands out so tight that when they are properly fitted, the fitter will tell them their sizes are actually 2 sizes larger than what they are wearing now.

    About cup size. Unless you have Breast Augmentation, Breast development through HRT or inserts, your cup size wont be important.

    Transgender Counseling

    When I first started to transition, I lived in an area that had ZERO gender therapists in a 75 mile radius. So I resorted to a therapist in Florida who counseled over the phone.

    She is wonderful and she is a licensed Psychiatrist with years of solid experience. She also charges very fairly. Her name is Dr Carol Clark and if you google her, she should be the first link. Give her a try.

    Physicians or Medical Services

    For endocrinologists, that is usually someone in your area who will do it. For SRS surgeons, you want one who is well known. Talk with other girls who had their surgeries and ask who their doctors were. Here is a list of docs I recommend (in order of excellance opinion):
    1. Dr. Suporn
    2. Dr Brassard
    3. Dr. McGinn
    4. Dr. Kunaporn
    5. Dr. Meltzer
    6. Dr. Bowers
    7. Dr. Reed

    There are tons more but these are from my experiences.

    Facial Reconstruction

    I haven't had any of that so I can't give any sound personal advice but I can tell you that Dr. O and Dr Spiegal are both really good surgeons.
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  4. Annah added a post in a topic: Transgender Clothing Size Chart   

    That is a wonderful chart for clothing. For me, when it comes to shoes, i just find it better to go into a store and try them on because shoes, depending on the manufacturer can be radically different. For example, I bought some heals that were a size 9 but my converse low tops (for women) were a size 8. And there are a pair of flats that are 9.5 lol. So shoes are pretty much everywhere.

    But the best rule of thumb from my experiences is that women shoes run about a size to a size and a half (or maybe two sizes) from a man shoe size. But yeah, the sizes can be everywhere. I learned the hard way ordering a pair of shoes online. Never had a good experience with that way!
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  5. Annah added a post in a topic: Female Vocabulary   

    I do it way too much. I need to find other phrases lol
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  6. Annah added a post in a topic: Female Vocabulary   

    Hmm thats a good question.

    Personally, I never use "terms of endearments" on anyone but my boyfriend and then it's only "sweetie." I never really gave it much thought.

    However, I have picked up on that a lot of TG girls use the word "hun" a lot when talking to least in chat rooms and forums. I've sorta noticed the "hun" with transgender girls wayyyy back in AOL chatroom days. I once has a cisgender girlfriend who could always tell when a guy was pretending to be a girl (not a trans but just a guy poking his nose in a lesbian chat room) by their voncular usage of "hun."

    Actually, the only cisgender girls I ever seen use the word "hun" in real life are diner waitresses or maybe in terms of endearment. But in actual conversation (both in chat or in real life), Ive only seen that word attributed to the transgender community. Usually in the Male2Female arena.

    Other than that word, I can't think of anything else that we as a transgender community has copyrighted lol.

    I do know in reallife I use the word "like" wayyyy to much. And I also use "oh my gawd" a lot too lol.

    I guess we have our own quirks.

    Oh...and another transgender phrase i have noticed which has been picking up steam is "oh, YAY"
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  7. Annah added a post in a topic: Shoes   

    You can get some really nice shoes at Sears too. Real leather and very cute shoes and i dont spend more that 30 dollars on em.

    I wear those shoes at school and at work (retail in the mall) so i use them all the time and they've held out pretty well for almost a year now. They have cute heels too for about 30 dollars but you would only see me in heels at a funeral. I hate those shoes lol.
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  8. Annah added a post in a topic: French Politician Comments on Gay Marriage   

    wow that is crazIness!
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  9. Annah added a post in a topic: Becoming Chaz   

    Your talking about Chaz Bono right? Wasn't 100% sure cuz you said "she."

    If you did I haven't purchased his book but ive met him a few times. He's a pretty awesome guy. Very humble and down to earth. Ill see if the documentary is being aired here in the US
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  10. Annah added a post in a topic: Questionable Question   

    lol, and here I was thinking, it wasn't gay enough!
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  11. Annah added a post in a topic: DMACC - Article targets transsexual students and location of the bathroom they use.   

    Stephani, you really should see both halfs.

    I know a transgender girl who used to go to that community college. With her permission, I can give you her email and you can discuss those issues with her to confirm what I have to say.

    The college is very diverse when it comes to LGBT studies and the transgender girl felt very welcomed when it came to the administration of the college but had ran into a student who picked on her. The most important thing out of this is constant education to the people about who we are. With education, comes tolerance and with tolerance comes acceptance. The gay and lesbian communities have paved much of this road for us and fought really hard and now we must do our part to educate the people who we, as a transgender community, are. The last thing we need to be doing is sending threatening emails to the President who already supports so many diverse issues of the LGBT community because that is wholefully ineffective. The emails need to be sent to the editor of the college newspaper for letting this article get through. The president of a college job is not to edit every article from a newspaper; that is the job of the general editor of the newspaper. The emails should be directed at the editor of the newspaper.

    When people send angry emails at the President who formed the Diversity Commission on campus then those people are only preaching to the choir because the President already knows the issues at hand. Our job is to educate others about our humanitarian rights and as I said earlier, if emails are to be written, it is to be written to the General Editor of the Newspaper and in a way that can open a future dialogue between the two papers. Sending angry emails will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. They will get defensive and ball up the letter and throw it away. Approach them as you would want them to approach you, then any doors can be opened. I've seen it work.
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  12. Annah added a post in a topic: DMACC - Article targets transsexual students and location of the bathroom they use.   

    Dana, I'm happy for you but my point is they need to hear both sides of the story before encouraging them to send out angry emails to a person they don't even know.

    I got both sides of the story. While it is sad what happened to the person you know on that campus, the President of a community college cannot be held morally responsible for the actions of a person. Also, while the guy who said things about her is a bigoted, the President could not do anything because of freedom of speech. Police cannot do anything either unless the person specifically threatened her with harm in a specific way. And that's a fine line of what can be enforced and what cannot.

    If you want to send angry emails, send them to the student making fun of the TG girl; not the President of the college.
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  13. Annah added a post in a topic: DMACC - Article targets transsexual students and location of the bathroom they use.   

    You all should really look at both sides of the issue regarding this incident. I saw it on another site and I looked into the article and then got both sides of the story.

    You cannot put blame on a President of a college based on the actions of a student.

    I read both sides of this issue and while it is tragic you can not put the blame on a president based on the actions of this. My professor said something to my class who is a wonderful activist and I should share it with you all here:

    "We had a discussion at my seminary earlier this week in one of my classes regarding fundamentalism and the various perspectives of fundamentalism.

    If you aren't familiar with the term fundamentalism, it basically has roots in a theological meaning where someone takes a certain religious book word by word as if it actually occured. In terms of a social situation, this ties into many other agendas when fundamentalism is adhered to it (such as same sex marriage, homosexuality, etc etc).

    However, the term fundamentalism has evolved into other areas when describing an action or a motive in which you take way beyond the level of effectiveness and start to stamp black and white requirements on an issue versus having it in blends on grays. It also boils down to "you are wrong and I am right" without any mediation in between.

    My Seminary is very big on social justice. I mean, it has to be considering we are one of very few Seminaries who openly embrace LGBT people, perform same sex unions, participates in race against racism and other events. However, we had a discussion on when Social Justice activities simply goes to far.

    When we fight for our rights as human beings and to have people recognize our diversity as a valuable standard in which we are human beings that is a wonderful thing to fight for. However, you can take it too far.

    Writing letters, calling up people, and threatening them with their jobs because something "appears" to be out of place when you do not investigate both sides of the story is not social justice.

    One has to be very careful not to "give them hell" on every single possible issue that arises because that can be worked against us. While it is very true, we need our rights we also need to be compassionate enough to know when it is a time to fight and a time to realize the situation isn't as bad as it sounds.

    I've seen some people become so obsessed about "giving people what for" that their angry letters become easily dismissed. It's easy to whine and complain. It actually takes virtue to meet on a neutral setting and discuss the issues appropriately.

    If we are task with educating people about who we are as a people and as part of a human race, it is better to approach people who do not agree with respect and to let them know who were are. There is a time and a place to fight, but wanting people to mail letters to every Tom, Dick, and Harry when we only know one side of the issue is not only ineffective but it does not put us in a good light when there are others trying to educate them about who we are in a delicate but firm manner.

    Our professor coined it ""born again fundamental social justicist."

    Please be careful in picking your battles. Sending too many letters like this will not resound well for us. Instead we will look like complainers.

    Our Seminary saw this article and many of the TG community had written a letter of understanding and apology to this president. He wasn't to blame for this.


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  14. Annah added a post in a topic: Use a restroom, get banned for life!!   

    I really think it is an individual case be case basis when it comes to transgender discrimination. All I can do is share from my perspectives and hopefully give a little bit more of a counter balance to this issue.

    I am a transgender female and I go to a Christian Seminary. I am also a Wiccan and I go to a Christian Seminary. As part of my educational field intern, I will be the assistant Chaplain at a Methodist College where I will be teaching two classes and assisting the spiritual development of the campus. The school administration knows I am transgender.

    I also work in a popular department store in my local mall where my HR director knows I am transgender.

    This July, I am the facilitator between transgender people and Seminaries to promote and to encourage the continuing acceptance of transgender and lesbian/gays within a graduate religious institution. The conference will be in Philadelphia.

    Last February, I was invited by the Human Rights Campaign to a private "Don't Tell Don't Ask Repeal celebration." I was the only transgender person there and shared martinis with a few well known US Senators as well as a Christian Singer, Jennifer Knapp who came out as being a Lesbian a couple years ago. I shared with the those my story and about transgender awareness and it went very well.

    I am scheduled to lecture a Human Sexuality Class at my Bachelor's Degree Alma Matar. This college once was very condemning of anyone who is not straight. It is an extreme Christian Fundamentalist college.

    I am not tooting my own horn with all of this but I wanted to let you know that there isn't only bad things going down against transgender people. Many good things are happening too.

    The good news out of all of this is the fact that we as transgender people are being accepted at a much faster rate than the gay and lesbian population has had during the decades. With the education of homosexual and non straight lifestyles, it is getting better.
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  15. Annah added a comment on a blog entry: make up tips   


    There are different options for hair removal and ill discuss two and the pros and cons of each. Then Ill tell you how to get rid of the shadow in the meantime.

    1. Electrolysis.

    What is is: Electrolysis is a method in which a needle is inserted into each pore to attach the hair at the root. Doing this will cause the hair to dye and fall out. There are three forms of electrolysis. Galvenic, Thermo, Blend.

    Most girls do the blend method. Galvenic is really dead on but can take forever as the needle has to sit longer in the pore. Thermo is fast but the kill rate isnt as effective. Blend is the mixture of the two.

    You also have three dormant stages of hair growth so youll need a full clearing of a face three times.

    Pros: FDA has stated this is the only permanent method of hair removal. Once it is done, it is done. you wont need to worry about it again.
    Cons: Electrolysis can cost anywhere from 60-120 dollars an hour. A typical face when fully completed can take anywhere from 300-500 hours to fully clear all three times. A permanent clearing can EASILY cost 36,000 dollars.

    There is also the risk of pitting. If the electrolyst pulls the hair out too fast, it can leave a small crater in the pore. Ive seen girls end up looking like the lead singer from SEAL because of bad electrolyst technicians. Make sure you do your research when choosing the right one.

    Then you have laser.

    Laser has come a long way in the last 20 years. Or even 10 years. Laser is the method in which direct beams of light and energy is focused onto the root of the hair follicle killing it. There are many different types of lasers. My favorite is SheerLight.

    Pros: Laser is much cheaper. Much cheaper. I paid 990 dollars for 9 sessions. That is 9 sessions for 99 dollars a piece. Each session, my face was fully cleared. A full session of electrolysis clears maybe 3 inches be 2 inches of one given spot on the face. It isn't as painful as electrolysis and the session usually goes smoothly.

    Cons: FDA has not stated this is a permanent method of hair removal. It is possible for the hair to grow back. With that said, I had laser. My hair has never grown back Its been months. Some girls can go 4 years with a smooth face. If hairs start to comeback, one only needs to go in for just one clearing and you are good to go.

    Laser does not work on dark skinned people or people with light or white hair. Laser only targets dark hair. If the skin is dark to, the chances for burn is very high. Laser is very ineffective with blond or white hairs.

    You need to be very careful with skin care. Exposure to the sun for long periods of time after a laser session is a bad idea. You're face is already been put through the ringer with rays. No need to have more.

    An experienced laser technician can mess up your face bigtime. Do research and call around for recommendations before doing it.
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