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  1. Happy Birthday Warren.

    " I'd bake you a cake, but I already know your better than me at that ! :)"

    :lol:  Smart move... I don't think I'd wanna go head-to-head with him either... and I consider myself a pretty good cook.

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  3. *Like*

  4. You can safely assume that you've created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do. -- Anne Lamott

    LOL...I love these quotes that have been popping up! :D

  5. hi :)

    Hiya kasandra...welcome

  6. "When you think of how few people have killed and destroyed in the name of the devil; and how many have done so in the name of God; it makes you think." - Janet (Mrs.) Asimov

    LOL. I never looked at it like that. Yeah. DOES make ya think! I believe I need to add that to the list of stuff on my profile... :D

  7. Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right. -- Isaac Asimov

    No...but when I saw it, the first thing that came to mind was how conservatives are beating their morality drums (homosexuality is a sin, they can't support SSM), keeping them from doing what's right - allowing all people to have the same rights.

  8. Is it Friday yet

    I know the feeling. -- Anyone else besides me NOT got their taxes done yet? <sigh>

  9. Is it Friday yet

    A week that hasn't even really gotten started yet, has got to be AWFULLY bad when you're already wishing it was friday!

  10. So, for today, Lemon Grilled Chicken Salad and Ice Cream for afters! Heading for the kitchen now ! ;)

    Mmmmmmm... sounds good. Can I come over?

  11. Hey wuz up? Just give me a message I'll hit you back up!

    I've sent him a PM - I'm confused b/c if he lost his PW, I can't figure out how he could be signed in to tell anyone that

  12. Ohio leaders aim to capitalize on criticism of Indiana religious freedom law

    Dunno if you can edit status comments or not... but to get around that, copy the address, then past in your browser's address bar. The address is good... not sure why it's not clickable.

  13. Goog piece by Tammy Bruce on why we can make this the good fight and NOT go all "occupy stupid".

    To boycott is one thing. But the death threats are wrong and definitely uncalled for.

  14. Ohio leaders aim to capitalize on criticism of Indiana religious freedom law

    LOL... I heard that, too. Almost sounds like he's saying, if it weren't for all the bad press, their bill could have been quietly signed and no one would have been the wiser. (>.<)

  15. Child it's time, to break the shell, life's gonna be hurt but it's meant to be felt.

    I'm screwed then... me and pain do NOT see eye-to-eye!

  16. I did my homework tonight. Three little dots and some silent drive by's from a slow motion horse ! ;)


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  18. And the conference has officially started: All the ladies are off to dinner and I'm here in the hotel eating a bacon double cheeseburger with mushrooms.

    Can never get enough bacon and cheese!

  19. ...


    Hint: X = S

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    ... _ _ .. ._.. .

    _... .

    .... ._ ._ _. ._ _. _._ _

  21. Added on stress: Moving in May, I have a presentation at Princeton University in April, On a panel in at Rutgers on the 31st and Presentation at a gender conference in 2 weeks. Oh boy :x

    GEEZ! Do they make appointment books that big??

  22. @_@ Well I'm Back. Yay?

    Welcome back =D

  23. Someone save me from history homework.

    LOL... didn't know ya had so many mothers, did ya, dude? That'll teach ya! :D

  24. Living the life I love and loving the life I live xo

    <waves at Beth> =)

  25. Got my permanent Driver license today, Karen, Female (got a happy face ear to ear)

    WTG, Karen. =)