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  1. Call me a bitch like thats a bad thing ROFL!!

    1. Lori


      Haha! it's a term of endearment ;)

    2. tbirdgal


      Hell, I 'll call ya overt for dinner if you would post more hon ..........

    3. PlagueBubonic


      thnx ladys for the love :P

  2. Looking good girl! Happy birthday my friend. (((HUGS!)))

  3. Plague!... is that you? Gorgeous is right!! :)

  4. OMG, look at you - gorgeous! :)

  5. It's good to beeeeeeee Home!! XD

    1. tbirdgal


      OK SPILL da BEANS, Whar did ya go

  6. Awesome to see you here! Looks like things are going your way. :)

  7. I was just thinking ...... Girls just wanta have fun!!

    1. Susane


      This girl always wants to have fun!

    2. Lori


      Always wanna have fun!

  8. PlagueBubonic

    1st visit with a new Doctor.

    Ms. Beth YOU have always Been my heroine!!! Thnx .... Love Ya!! :wub:
  9. I've got baned cuz I have a play-boy mouth... that I can't keep shut >.

    1. Susane


      That's why we love you!

    2. MsBeth


      Sometimes it's fun to be the bad girl :) we just have to weigh the consequences ;)

  10. I hate being silly

    1. tbirdgal


      Plauge , part of my sanity is my sarcasm, welcome to the world !

  11. just popping in to say hi! I hope you are doing great! I have missed ya!

    1. PlagueBubonic


      sweetie I miss you too !!

      I tried to Email you so we could talk

      and skype too.

      say hey to everyone hope all is well love ya

  12. It's been a while Plague, hope you're doing ok :)

  13. All there is MISERY in my life right now....... However I know thingz will get betta....I hope soon =(

    1. Calista


      Hi plauge, I hope any dark clouds that may of gathered will soon disappear! Wishing you lots of love Sister :)

    2. Lori


      I just saw this status update. Sending you hugs and hope that things will get better real soon.