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  1. PlagueBubonic added a post in a topic: 1st visit with a new Doctor.   

    Ms. Beth YOU have always Been my heroine!!!
    Thnx .... Love Ya!! :wub:
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  2. PlagueBubonic added a post in a topic: Makeup Assistance/Introduction   

    Mr. Brian you seem very cool thanx for your nice words dear. Having a helpful sprit is always a big plus. I wish you all succes.
    Peace Out ('")(>^.^<)('")
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  3. PlagueBubonic added a post in a topic: Pantyhose or stockings   

    LOL my turn I love both ... like why not lol ..... Oh! ya! Michael ROFL!!! you and painty hose & stockings OMG you really wanted to sell these door to door ... your so crazy ... I love that!! ^_^
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  4. PlagueBubonic added a post in a topic: Confidence is everything   

    Hawkman BRAVO!!! I think your very brave and wise ...thanks for share'n your story ... and It really does not matter what others think... you are the only one that it does matter to. Keep on thriving my dear .. With the confidence you posses your going to be just fine! Ps the only thing that matters is how we treat others for if we give respect we will get it back somehow.
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  5. PlagueBubonic added a post in a topic: He Once a She, Offers Own View of Science Spat   

    Dear UNO, I have to differ with this part of your comment .... Quote "males are raised to believe they can do whatever they want to do, and taught to do it with confidence. On the other hand, females are groomed for attracting a male, getting married and having children, and taught that only men do this or that."
    I have seen a change in this way of thinking in my life time.
    True the it's still not equal for a female as a male but it is a little betta than it was when I was younger....I wish it were though; equal.
    Everything else you wrote about in your quote I totally agree with. ;)
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  6. PlagueBubonic added a post in a topic: Widow Challenges DOMA   

    All I can say about this story is..... What A JOKE IRS Canadian Style :angry:
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  7. PlagueBubonic added a post in a topic: India: 'Suicides among transgenders under-reported'   

    You know Ms. Lori this is a sad fact of our community. It hurts me deeply to know even in death we do not get the respest we all so richly deserve.
    the article mentioned this "These deaths do not attract enough attention as the transgender community is marginalised, she adds."
    why do think that is???
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  8. PlagueBubonic added a post in a topic: Guess how to change a male body shape to Female one   

    Feelsup your too cool, thanx for being concerned about yours truly LOL sweetie I have no secrets; it's just I feel that it maybe a little inappropriate for our fourm thats why I'd like to ask Ms. Lori, or Michael first thanx ..... Yes! it does hurt, and I wouldnot recommend doing this, but you did ask if anybody knew anything to shrink the size of their ...... and I know first hand, because mine has shrank down to being a inny. :P
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  9. PlagueBubonic added a post in a topic: Guess how to change a male body shape to Female one   

    feelsup, I don't know how to shrink one's genital, and I have heard of some poeple doing extreme things; which I DONOT recommend at all. I do know that my genital has shrank because, I have a medical condition, in which I have to do a procedure I don't like doing. I'll only say what it is if Ms. Lori say's its' ok to write about it, till then sweetie I guess you'll have to do what you been doing, or you could do the duck, tuck, yuck!! thing Sorry for that ... little joke :lol:
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  10. PlagueBubonic added a post in a topic: Transgender Rights Are Still Unclear   

    ~It's illegal to fire employees because of their sex. But switching genders can still cost people their jobs.~
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  11. PlagueBubonic added a post in a topic: Transgender immigrant detainees face isolation in detention   

    Quote:"The issue of prison rape is often belittled by standup comedians, but it’s really no laughing matter – especially if you’re a transgender woman locked up in an all-male facility."
    These kinda stories make feel sick...
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  12. PlagueBubonic added a post in a topic: HOW to love a ftM transsexual   

    Well time for my two cents for what it is worth Welcome to the guide prlover
    I'll try to stay on point, first sound like your the one seeking help not him. Now than you need to have a heart to heart with him, and tell him how you feel (please make sure your timing is right to do this.) Also, if a person is not seeking help theres nothing one says, or does that will get through to that person ie. <they have to want help.>
    I want to commend you for heaching out, however I think Michael had a bit of great advice to offer you. Which was to try the LGBTQ Center near you ... they help people on a sliding scale bases. Meaning if you all cannot afford to pay for therapy it's no problem. Maybe you all can join a couples group, and get the help you need in your relationship.
    P.S. When I first went to the LGBTQ Center I was apprehensive at first, but how I grown it my transition! I've only been attending the group for about 4 months now. The group I in has help me tremendously!! Peace Out .... I'll pray all goes well for you both ^_^
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  13. PlagueBubonic added a post in a topic: Health Insurance ?   

    Your awesome UNO!!! .... really and thanx ... lol I guess :rolleyes:
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  14. PlagueBubonic added a post in a topic: ‘Cake Boss’ Bullies Transgender Woman   

    Check out this story Cool stuff!!
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  15. PlagueBubonic added a post in a topic: Health Insurance ?   

    We live in Los Angeles California, and we have put in many call to Kaiser ... However, if I want this gender change; thats what their going to do list us as two females living together..... I just find it a little funny <as in odd>
    Thank you UNO for answering my thought ;)
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