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  1. PlagueBubonic

    Victoria Secrets

    Today I ask the store manager at the mall, if "Victoria Secrets is Transgender friendly?" She said, " yes of course it is." This is the one in my area; however, she<the manager> added it depends on the store, and the area. I guess the Secrets out now! lol ;)
  2. PlagueBubonic

    Dress size???

    I give a hypothetical experience: let's say I have this friend, and she want to buy a dress for her self. First she knows, because she is a TG girl she not going to get in to a ladies dress room ...not yet. she also, thinks it will look odd if she goes in to the mens changing room with a dress, and because the store is kinda far from her home; she does not want to buy the thing just to return it; if it doesn't fit right .... So, what does she do in that instance???. ...Seriously, I have no clue?? PS this is not about me ...I don't not like dresses...My legs are just tooooooo big for a dress, but they are pretty. All advice will much appereciated! :D
  3. PlagueBubonic

    I hate shoes!

    I do!! Because, everytime I go to shop for shoes they never have my size...GRRRRRR!! What is a woman to do??....no help on line either. I get so frustrated as well as, feeling bad. I always end up buying mens shoes .... I love to know what it feels like to try on a pair of pretty heels, or boots. < yep I'm whining> OK I'll dry my tears...and ask; Please, does anybody have a idea for a girl who has size 13 eee foot. Thank you<I its know hopeless> :unsure:
  4. Thats right it take a little time and effort but it can be done.... do you think you all know how?? Ponder over it a little and then I'll tell all ...LOL PS it's not HRT it's all naturally done; I'm living proof! But guess first...don't rack your brains to much. Peace Out!! Have fun :D
  5. PlagueBubonic

    How to cover the beard

    Hey gang If you have a problems like me ......with the.........BEARD! Please check out this woman's advice it is spot on ......meaning it worked for me! Give it a try please share what your results are.....I like to know. Thanx http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwEKLWQbWLQ
  6. PlagueBubonic

    How To Pick The Right Size Bra

    I saw this video, and thought wow! this lady really help you to understand, how to pick your size in a bra the first time. She also, explains size of the bra very well and what to look for when choosing a bra...... Cool stuff!
  7. PlagueBubonic

    Ms. Janet's

    I found her to kind and very helpful.O yes, her prices our reasonable as well. Janet's Closet
  8. Call me a bitch like thats a bad thing ROFL!!

    1. Lori


      Haha! it's a term of endearment ;)

    2. tbirdgal


      Hell, I 'll call ya overt for dinner if you would post more hon ..........

    3. PlagueBubonic


      thnx ladys for the love :P

  9. It's good to beeeeeeee Home!! XD

    1. tbirdgal


      OK SPILL da BEANS, Whar did ya go

  10. I was just thinking ...... Girls just wanta have fun!!

    1. Susane


      This girl always wants to have fun!

    2. Lori


      Always wanna have fun!

  11. I really feel for this person.....Poor thing, But hay she did it!! You go girl!! Has anybody eles ever felt like this?? NOTE: Vid contains language that may not be appropriate for all viewers
  12. PlagueBubonic

    1st visit with a new Doctor.

    Ms. Beth YOU have always Been my heroine!!! Thnx .... Love Ya!! :wub:
  13. I've got baned cuz I have a play-boy mouth... that I can't keep shut >.

    1. Susane


      That's why we love you!

    2. MsBeth


      Sometimes it's fun to be the bad girl :) we just have to weigh the consequences ;)

  14. I hate being silly

    1. tbirdgal


      Plauge , part of my sanity is my sarcasm, welcome to the world !

  15. PlagueBubonic

    Voice Training Video

    This lady really help one to understand how the voice is trained. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P22OZNjUdvQ&feature=related
  16. PlagueBubonic

    Find Your Face Shape Measurements

    I think this quite important for us who want to pass in public ..By knowing you shape of your face; one can pick the hair style & glasses ..If you ware glasses..lol...like me! The first video how to measure your face. How to pick the right hair style, or wig for one's face shape. I'll post the video for glasses on the next face measurement post.
  17. All there is MISERY in my life right now....... However I know thingz will get betta....I hope soon =(

    1. Calista


      Hi plauge, I hope any dark clouds that may of gathered will soon disappear! Wishing you lots of love Sister :)

    2. Lori


      I just saw this status update. Sending you hugs and hope that things will get better real soon.

  18. PlagueBubonic

    Makeup Assistance/Introduction

    Mr. Brian you seem very cool thanx for your nice words dear. Having a helpful sprit is always a big plus. I wish you all succes. Peace Out ('")(>^.^<)('")
  19. PlagueBubonic

    5th Grader Delivers Speech to City Council

    I only have one thing to say ..... We need more people like Mr.Kameron Slade in this world. What an amazing young man! BRAVO lil dude !! ^_^
  20. LOL my turn I love both ... like why not lol ..... Oh! ya! Michael ROFL!!! you and painty hose & stockings OMG you really wanted to sell these door to door ... your so crazy ... I love that!! ^_^
  21. PlagueBubonic

    Confidence is everything

    Hawkman BRAVO!!! I think your very brave and wise ...thanks for share'n your story ... and It really does not matter what others think... you are the only one that it does matter to. Keep on thriving my dear .. With the confidence you posses your going to be just fine! Ps the only thing that matters is how we treat others for if we give respect we will get it back somehow.
  22. Dear UNO, I have to differ with this part of your comment .... Quote "males are raised to believe they can do whatever they want to do, and taught to do it with confidence. On the other hand, females are groomed for attracting a male, getting married and having children, and taught that only men do this or that." I have seen a change in this way of thinking in my life time. True the it's still not equal for a female as a male but it is a little betta than it was when I was younger....I wish it were though; equal. Everything else you wrote about in your quote I totally agree with. ;)