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  1. shewear best thing is hrt and grow your real breasts i am about 36 c cup just from the hormones but i am also post op so nothing to get in the way of my now female body. commitment is key in my mind.

  2. Good...ish news! I used the LMX4 cream on my upper lip, and it was very productive. I trimmed the hair to a few millimeters, then I applied the first coat to half my upper lip, and after 15mins applied a second coat. I then left it on for 30-45 mins, before starting epilation. It was not exactly a pleasant experience, but the good news is that it was bearable - and i am someone with an extremely low pain threshold! My epilator removed most of the hair, but there were a few stagglers which i had to pluck individually. There was a tiny amount of bleeding, but no more than shaving with a razor - and i found that acceptable. The next day there was no discomfort, nor any sign of skin damage; and certainly no adverse effect from the numbing cream. A week late, my face hair has regrown about 5mm, but in the area of epilation there is a marked bald area. I guess about 75% of the hair has completely gone. The other 25% are full length, but i'm pretty sure a second session should take care of them. The only problem now is that the cream is now used up, and i am struggling to find another source. Apparently there is another cream called Emla, which can be obtained from chemists without prescription (in the uk) I'm not sure whether it is as effective as the LMX, but there's one way to find out. Josie x >'.'<
  3. Hi Lisa, I'm on a similar track re. Anaesthetic creams. Im currently trying a cream called LMX4, which i bought from amazon. I tried it today for the first time. I spread about 5cm of cream on one cheek and under the chin. I left it on for about 50 mins, then wiped off with a baby wipe. The good news is that my cheek became very numb. The bad news is that epilating was still quite painful, and I could only tolerate a few minutes worth! Which removed only about half the hairs. My cheek hair is quite sparse, and probably the least painful area - i suspect chin and upper lip will be a lot more painful. Im going to try again - I'll probably apply the cream twice to see if the numbness is increased. This usually works at the dentist, so i'm hoping it will help using the LMX cream. I'll let you know my progress. Good luck Josie.x >'.'<
  4. OUCH!!!! I've just made my first attempt at depilating my facial hair! I bought a Braun 2 speed wet or dry, so one of the best brands. I showered and exfoliated. i shaved down to 5mm and used plenty of germolene which has analgesic. it was actually borderline bearable, but only on my sparse cheek hair. It was also fairly effective, with only a tiny amount of bleeding (unlike when I use a shaver!) BUT...the prospect of moving on to my chin and upper lip was far too much to handle! Some advice please - have any of you ladies successfully epilated your facial hair? How did you manage the pain? Can you recommend a more effective topical analgesic? Josie Kat x
  5. Hi Davi, i bought my PB garments from amazon.co.uk. I got them sent to a pick-up location (a local convenience store) and I luckily chose good sizes. im a skinny 6'2" with 36" chest and really long arms - I struggle to find womens clothes with suitable arm length - but PB are perfect. Give them a try. Jk.x
  6. Hi Stephanie, so sorry I have not responded to your kind offer of friendly support! I really do want to connect with you - but not sure the best way to go about it! I'm OK about sharing Josiekat with you, but I feel this is massive for me, and I don't want to burden you with my self-obsession! I'm sure I'm being silly - as usual - and if you can suffer a little self obsession on my part, I will do my best to give and take! Therefore - gulp - what's the next step. X
  7. Ahhhh, thanks everyone! Kind responses all! Sorry, I can't reply to each in person but I really appreciate your time! - How do I message kittennikki? - Incidentally, Ive just realised that I have purged in other areas of my life in the past. Usually, when I've moved on or to another from/to a new direction in life. I ditched possessions that seemed like excess baggage for the new journey - not out of shame but out of a sense of taking control of my life! So I guess, male-self is faced with that to-be or not to-be choice of keeping Josiekat in the closet, or ditching her and taking a new direction... Perhaps it's time for Josiekat II - a new improved version, who works WITH male-self instead of against..? Jk >'.'< x
  8. Wow - I wasnt expecting such understanding, supportive and inciteful responses!!! I totally agree to being kind to others, and especially to ones self (which is sometimes the harder of the two) I suppose the worse part of being a cross dresser is to have this dicotemy of self's (a deliberate misspell) and have to keep one part secret! But I suppose that applies to a lot of areas of life - after all when I worked in an office, I displaid a different persona than when I was intimate with my partner - and I was happy to keep my personal life private. I think what I experienced on Friday was Josiekat asserting herself, followed by male-self of keeping her firmly in line. Perhaps, emotional/sensitive/gentle vs rational/responsible/authorative! My conclusion so far, is that Josiekat needs more of an outlet - and not just the sexual side of her! Jk >'.'< x
  9. OMG! I always struggle to find feminine women's clothes to fit my xxtall skinny build - but I have just discovered Patty Boutik. They have a range of tops which are really cute, and sleeve lengths which actually ARE full length! They have a few high neck items too, which are great for covering Adams apple, and makes you neck more slender. Just take care with size - I'm 38d and size 16 was a little large, but still fit OK, just that a 14 would have been more figure hugging! Available from Amazon - in uk
  10. Hi Girls! Sorry, this is going to be a long one! But as I am an infrequent poster - please be patient. x Wow, I almost left you for good! Last Friday I almost "purged" my lovely Josiekat! I threw away my breast forms and hip pads; and then resolved to stop cross dressing forever. Of course - the next day Josiekat was back full force, and I was forcefully reminded that Josiekat IS me and always will be - throwing away her clothes and accouterments will just leave her with nothing to wear, and no feminine figure to wear them on! It was interesting to observe my internal dialogue over the weekend. The drive to purge, came from my sense of Josiekat increasingly dominating my attention, and getting in the way of my other interests and responsibilities. However, I realised that this is mostly due to the sexual aspect of crossdressing - and once I have (please forgive my crudeness) relieved myself my male self feels ashamed (unbelievable - get over your male-self!) Unfortunately, I only really have sexual feelings when I am Josie, and its very difficult to separate the drive to express my femininity from those feelings. I'm sure many of you will tell me to "come out of the closet" and stop lying to the people around me! Which I do understand - I generally think dishonesty is a bad thing - but I am just not ready for that yet. I have barely come to terms with my feminine persona myself, and I'm far from taking that step (my bad!) Ladies - I'm not really asking for advice/solutions (although feel free if you want to) rather I'm just processing the issues my near-purge has raised for me; and am curious about your own relationship with you femme selves. Love you girls! Jk >'.'< x
  11. Wow - thanks Steph for your advice. Ive only ever been a window shopper (online) of LTS (and also tallgirls.co.uk) it would be fun/scary to actually visit en-femme! we have at least 1 thing in common - our shoe size! I guess that means you are also tall? I'm 6'2" in flats and define rely would benefit from buying from specialist tall shops
  12. OMG!!! I absolutely love http://www.stravers-shoes.com!!!! They sell cute, everyday shoes and boots in proper sizes. I have UK 12 eu 46 feet and they have a reasonable range for me to choose from. I particularly love their ankle boots and bought a pair for 160 euros, and only 20 euro postage to the uk.OK that's not cheap, but they have a lot of discounts and the range is regularly updated. Us UK ladies are very limited with buying options for larger footwear, and I think this is probably the best seller accessible to us! I've attached a PDF of the current range - let me know what you think!Love Josie Kat >'.'< i tmp_3720-large-women-shoes.html1277656088.pdf
  13. Shewear

    Not sure if this is alright, But hello...

    Hi A! Welcome to our community - and sincere respect for "coming out" as you put it. Here is one place you can explore the "A" side of you - and give the B side a rest for a little bit!
  14. Thanks Monica, how do I find phoebes 2 links?
  15. Hi Nickyw - thanks for you suggestions! Tape is OK, but it just doesn't stay put! I guess the problem comes down to perspiration releasing the adhesive - perhaps that can't be overcome :-( Josie x