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  1. Happy Birthday, Susane. Hope you have a great day. We miss you around here. -Mike

  2. I came out to my estranged wife last Saturday. She was incredibly supportive and and understanding. She said I should be proud of myself.

    1. UsernameOptional


      Congrats, Susane. I'm glad sharing with your wife went well.

    2. tbirdgal


      How many times have I said being Trans is something to be proud of ?

  3. Susane


    When they dropped Gender Identity Disorder from the list they replaced it with Transvestite Fetishism (i think it's called) for no other reason than to have some trans* people under psychiatric supervision. In other words if you are cross dressed and ever become sexually aroused at the same time ( it does happen) you are suddenly a fetishist. Strange how hung up American Psychiatrists are. More than any others they see their role as making people fit into society rather than making people happy with the way they are.
  4. I'm coming out on Saturday. I can't sleep with the excitement. I can't wait. I'm sure there will be tears, mine and hers, and happiness I hope.

    1. UsernameOptional


      Good Luck, Susane, but I'm sure you'll do fine.

    2. Lori


      Best of luck to you Susane. :)

  5. Hi it's been a few weeks since I had the chance to sign in. I've had a lot of exciting things going on. I'm nearly full time now and I signed up to the transition support service. God I am so happy.

    1. UsernameOptional


      Congrats, Susane...and nice to see you around again. =)

    2. Lori


      Wonderful news. Glad to see you here. :)

    3. LynneaUrania


      Living as you truly are in a truly beautiful country like yours is heavenly. Blessings

  6. Just one thing Micheal. Julie hates people who DO come from money or have a college education. If you aren't self made then you are over privileged.
  7. I've followed Julie's career all my adult life, we are the same age. She used to be a really good social commentator. I didn't always agree with what she had to say but I never thought she was hateful. Somewhere along the way she went 'wrong', and became bit like a 'shock jock'. I spent most of yesterday writing to the editors, along with thousands of other people. I think this will mark a turning point in the battle against transphobia. A lot of fair minded, cis gender, people are honestly appalled. The Guardian/Observer is supposed to be a liberal paper famed for it's campaigning stance on human rights issues and it has stooped to publishing this! I used to buy it regularly but never will again while they employ Julie Birchill.
  8. I came out to my landlord today. He was totaly cool about it and told me his sonin New Jersey has a transgender FTM partner.

    1. Lori


      Wow, that's great!

    2. MsBeth


      Awesome Susane :)

  9. The doctor isn't being investigated. The complaints are being investigated. Their is a difference. Hopefully the complaints will prove groundless. The rumour in the UK is that rival doctors are trying to discredit him for some strange reason. Oddly enough the day before this story broke I was at a meeting of my trans-woman support group and one of the other women was saying what a good and understanding doctor Richard Curtis is and recommended that I give him a call.
  10. Susane

    Another call to Mom.

    I'm glad that you wont be going back to that well. Help given grudgingly is worse than no help at all.
  11. Susane

    Transgender Teacher Will Be Transitioning

    I listened to a radio phone in show and there were a lot of supportive comments from more open minded parents, saying that all that matters is that she is a good teacher!
  12. I telephoned the Gender Identity Clinic today. Now I just have to wait for my appointment! I am so excited!

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    2. minyteTX


      Good luck Susane, I have my apt next month. I'm so looking forward to it.

    3. Susane


      It will take a while to come through. But I will keep pestering them.

    4. tbirdgal


      Damn Susane , I BET YA ARE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Today I went out with a trans friend to the National Museum in Edinburgh, Scotland. We met for coffee and a chat and chose the museum because it is about halfway between our two homes. I was delighted and relieved to find that some of the toilets are gender neutral, which as we all know makes avoiding conflict with the cis population so much easier. So if you are ever visiting Edinburgh and need to relieve yourself I can recommend the museum in Chambers Street. It's a good museum by the way and worth a visit anyway, and it's free to get in and the coffee's not bad either!
  14. I guess you should do exercise that doesn't involve your arms too much, like cycling. I suppose buying a Jane Fonda workout DVD (do they still sell those) or something similar might be the best thing. Or ask for an assessment at your gym, Tell them what you want.