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    Anime, writing, music, RP, IMVU, tattooes, body art, kawasaki, fender, LindenLabs, Astrology, Mythology, Vampire Lore, Dragons, sketching, photography, the ocean. My trans/pan friendly youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8FWRfZBHaU46LzyhAJoL7A

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About Me

I love being able to blog on here without worrying about who's reading it. ^_^

I'm an FTM transgender in the final stages of my crazy and emotionally trying transition. I am intersex and Pansexual and a natural born trouble maker, with a talent for being clumsy.

Oh yeah, about me. WELL, I write books, I draw, I read a lot, LOVE anime and manga, basically all types of music, and blogging about whatever's on my mind.....basically everything in my interests down there XD



;)Warning: If you send me a friend request, but your page consists of basically nothing but a join date, I probably wont add you.