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  1. Ace


    Thanks guys, you have been very helpful.! Wish me luck! Ace
  2. Ace


    Hello, what about stuff for FTMs passing? This site seems geared toward only MTFs. Please help. Ace
  3. Ace

    My Life

    Hey Michele, I could use some help. And friends. I do workout. Grrr. Did you find any pics? Ace
  4. Ace


    Michele, you amaze me. I wish I could be 1/10 of who you are. Where do you live? I am never close to people I really like. Keep on truckin Ace
  5. Ace

    There goes another friend

    Michele, So so sorry to hear about your losses. God bless. Ace
  6. Ace

    Animosity or Acceptance

    I am so sorry that happened and know how brave you are to discuss it. I am not as strong as you. If you want to talk I would be honored. I am Ace, an FTM from Rochester, NY> Ace
  7. Ace

    So the past few weeks sucked

    I;m very sorry about your cat. It is horrible. I have throuh it many times. Feel better. Ace
  8. Ace

    First professional make over

    Amazing! Great job!
  9. Ace

    My Life

    Thanks Christie!
  10. Ace

    My Life

    Thanks Monica. I have met some friends online and in personI tried a group but only once ... Thanks for the advice. Greatly appreciated, Ace
  11. Ace

    My Life

    Thanks Monica. Thanks for the info. Ace
  12. Ace

    My Life

    Thanks Veronica! I'm still getting used to this site.
  13. Ace

    My Life

    Hi this is Ace. I am looking for FTM or MTF friends in Rochester NY. Many of my friends have dumped me or moved west (the dumping due to my FTM status. I need friends in Rochester NY who will understand me and be good friends. I am alone alot although I am married long story). Please check me out. Thanks Ace