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  1. Shannon added a post in a topic: Funeral for Transgender Teen Leelah Alcorn Moved Because of 'Threats'   

    "The funeral for an Ohio transgender teen whose death and suicide note struck a chord across the country was moved Friday and held privately after threats against the family. Leelah Alcorn, 17, died Sunday after writing in an online diary that her parents didn't accept that she identified as female.
    Tim Tripp, the family minister at Northeast Church of Christ in Cincinnati, told NBC News the funeral had been moved to a private location because "the times and dates had been publicized, and the family's received threats." Tripp wouldn't specify what threats surrounded the funeral, other than to say the family had heard there would be "disruptions." Mourners arriving at the church Friday found a sign on the door announcing the service's postponement. Jeff Hartmann, of Hodapp Funeral Home, said the private service was held there Friday morning. He said Alcorn's body was to be cremated..."

    More: http://www.nbcnews.c...threats-n278541
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  2. Shannon added a post in a topic: Gender-bending fairy doll sparks outrage in Argentina   

    A fairy doll that has a female body with male genitalia has sparked outrage in Argentina.
    The toy came to note after a mother shared pictures of it on Facebook, after her three-year-old was playing with it.
    In addition to having long hair, a dress, make-up and fairy wings, peeking under its clothes reveals a bulge in the shape of male genitalia.
    It is not known whether the extra feature of the doll – which was made in China and sold in a discount shop – was intentional, or whether it is a manufacturing defect...

    Read more:
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  3. Shannon added a post in a topic: New York's Transgender Residents Will Now Be Able To Change Birth Certificate Sex Designation Without Surgery   

    "Members of New York's transgender community and advocates are praising the city council's vote to pass legislation making it easier for residents to correct the sex designation on their birth certificates.
    The bill, which passed passed 39-4 with three abstentions, will allow transgender New Yorkers to change the birth certificate designation without proof they have had gender confirmation surgery, officials from the Empire State Pride Agenda confirmed to The Huffington Post in an email statement..."

    Read More: http://www.huffingto..._n_6290590.html
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  4. Shannon added a post in a topic: Right-Wingers Want Constitutional Amendment Banning Trans People   

    "Members of the Family Research Council have called for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would forbid the federal government to legal recognizing anyone's gender if it was not consistent with what the person was assigned at birth..."

    Read more:
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  5. Shannon added a post in a topic: wearing heels to go to the supermarket   

    Then again, back in the day... :)
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  6. Shannon added a post in a topic: California Becomes First State to Ban Gay, Trans 'Panic' Defenses   

    "In a groundbreaking move, the state takes a stand against defendants being able to use a victim's sexual orientation or gender identity as justification for murder.

    With the stroke of Governor Jerry Brown's pen, California has become the first state in the U.S. to officially ban the use of "trans panic" and "gay panic" defenses in court..."
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  7. Shannon added a post in a topic: Upside and Downside of Ear Piercing.   

    As I understand it, the problem with piercing guns is that they use the stud itself as the piercing needle. This method creates a puncture wound, which basically equates to localized trauma of the tissue (i.e., a micro-bullet wound).
    Such puncture wounds can easily heal improperly, which, in turn can lead to infections, sensitivity and other problems down the road.

    The better alternative is to use a hollow needle, like a hypodermic needle, which simply punches out a small core and tends to heal faster and cleaner. This is even more important in regards to cartilage piercings.

    I think most places that do tattooing and body piercings use hollow needle method. Just make sure the place is clean , reputable and properly licensed.

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  8. Shannon added a post in a topic: Gene Therapy a Possible Alternative Future Transition Route?   

    "On the surface, it looks as if our identity as male or female is determined in the womb. The decision seems final – a genetic switch flicks towards either setting, and locks into place for the rest of our lives.

    This tidy image is wrong. Two recent studies in mice have shown that the switch isn’t locked – it’s held under constant tension by two rival genes – DMRT1 and FOXL2. It’s a tug-of-war fought over sexual fate, which goes on throughout our lives. Take away either contestant, and its adversary pulls the switch to the opposite setting. Ovaries can transform into testes and vice versa, even in adults..." read more
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  9. Shannon added a post in a topic: TG m2f partners support on here is there one?   

    One forum that I know of for those with trans partners can be found here:
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  10. Shannon added a post in a topic: christian man using transgender as topic of hate   

    Looks like this person has some transgender issues of their own, and they have been convinced by some church charlatans that being trans is somehow a sin.
    To be honest, I have neither the stomach nor the patience to watch all of his videos, but from what I did see, as much as he is externalizing his religiously-driven transphobia by posting these videos, it also seems pretty obvious that he has very heavily internalized it as well. While he definitely seems like an ignorant tool, I can't help but feel a bit sorry for this person. The cognitive dissonance is strong in this one.
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  11. Shannon added a post in a topic: DMV asks SC teen boy to remove makeup for driver's license photo   

    Sadly, this isn't the first time I've seen reports of transgender individuals being harassed or discriminated against by DMV employees. What I'm wondering is when, exactly, did the Department of Motor Vehicles become the Department of Gender Enforcement? <_<
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  12. Shannon added a post in a topic: In NYPD Custody, Trans People Get Chained to Fences and Poles   

    "A trans woman says that when she was arrested for a minor subway violation, NYPD officers belittled her, called her names, asked about her genitals — and kept her chained to a fence for 28 hours. Now she's suing. And it turns out she's far from alone..."

    Read the article:
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  13. Shannon added a post in a topic: New Gender Selections at TGGuide Forums   

    Thank you Lori! I really like that you've added this feature - and I think a lot of other people will like it too! :)
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  14. Shannon added a post in a topic: 'Trans-parency' in the workplace   

    Study finds that transsexuals who are open about their gender identity have greater job satisfaction and commitment

    Transsexual individuals who identify themselves as such in the workplace are more likely to have greater satisfaction and commitment to their job than transsexuals who do not, according to a new study from Rice University and Pennsylvania State University.

    "Trans-parency in the Workplace: How the Experiences of Transsexual Employees Can Be Improved" will appear in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Vocational Behavior. For the study, researchers surveyed 88 transsexuals across the nation about their workplace experiences to determine what factors impact their job satisfaction and organizational commitment.

    "The workplace is becoming a much more diverse place," said Michelle Hebl, study co-author and professor of psychology at Rice. "The demographic makeup of employees is shifting due to a host of factors, such as flexible work hours, increased telecommuting, greater accessibility and protective organizational policies. Almost no empirical research has been done on transsexuals' experiences whatsoever. Our research sheds light on this severely understudied population's common workplace experiences and how such experiences can be improved."

    The study's main finding revealed that transsexuals who are open with others about their gender identity in the workplace are happier and more productive workers than those who are not open. In addition, individuals who were more open with their family and friends about their lifestyle and who identified strongly as transsexuals were more likely to disclose their gender identity in the workplace than transsexuals who were less open and did not identify as transsexuals as strongly.

    Co-author and Rice graduate student Larry Martinez said the study demonstrates the importance of a strong support system, both in and out of the workplace...
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  15. Shannon added a post in a topic: Indonesia's transgender couples surrounded by fear and persecution   

    Kate Hodal reports on the dangers of defying taboos in the world's most populous Muslim country

    It was anything but a normal wedding. The identity cards were forged, the groom's parents refused to attend, and only a handful of friends were invited. The event was so taboo it could have end with the bride and groom in jail.

    "That day I felt like a freedom fighter, like liberty itself," says 28-year-old Noah of his Indonesian wedding, with the photograph album of last year's ceremony spread open across his knees. "But the truth is, we have no choice but to keep it a secret."

    "It" is the fact that Noah, a small-boned man with teenage acne, a gelled-back crew cut and wispy moustache, is not yet – in the eyes of his government – a man.

    One of a growing number of Indonesia's transgender people, Noah – who was born female, but is now pre-op female to male – is defying considerable sociocultural taboos in the world's most populous Muslim country to become who he feels he is: "A man who just wants to be with the person I love."

    "There's no shortcut for this," he says, quietly, of his transgender life. "You have to plan everything – how to fit into society, how to act like a man, how to behave 'normally'. If you don't, you face discrimination – and physical, sexual and verbal abuse."

    There are no official figures for the number of transgender people currently living in Indonesia. "She-males" – or waria – are some of the most socially visible, with the most famous among them, talkshow host Dorce Gamalama, considered the Indonesian Oprah.

    But the transgender life is not easy in Indonesia. While legally allowed to marry, they can do so only after successfully completing realignment surgery, a prohibitively expensive process which costs 200m rupiah (£14,300). They must also wait for a government-issued identity card declaring their new gender.

    In a nation where the average annual income is 20m rupiah, (£1,430) many transgenders and their partners are forced instead to lead what are, technically, same-sex relationships.

    "This is a grey area in Indonesian law," says Yuli Rustinawati of the Jakarta-based lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) charity Arus Pelangi (Rainbow Stream). "The national government recognises sex but not gender, or – in other words – the result of realignment surgery, but not the process."

    While neither LGBT persons nor same-sex relations are prohibited by the Indonesian state of 240 million, 80% of whom are Muslim, local governments vary in how they handle it.

    Many states, such as south Sumatra, use anti-prostitution laws to restrict the rights of LGBT people, where "prostitution" is widely defined to include homosexual sex and lesbianism, as well as pornography and sexual abuse. In the sharia state of Aceh, gay sex is punishable by jail, while waria, once nationally deemed cacat, or mentally ill, are now categorised along with the homeless as a "social welfare problem".

    According to Sardjono Sigit, of Gaya Nusantara, an LGBT rights group based in Surabaya, east Java, such laws simply prove that "LGBT people in Indonesia are still regarded as freaks who are part of some 'special community'."

    "As an 'entertainer', an LGBT person can be free to express their sexuality as part of their 'performance'," he says. "But in daily life, they're still expected to behave as heterosexuals..."
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