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  1. UsernameOptional » Shannon

    I see you.... where you been hidin'??

    1. Shannon

      Hi Mike, just stopped by to see what's happening. How ya been?

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    2. UsernameOptional

      I've been okay... hope you have too. Funny that last night I ran across some old emails - one of which was from you... and here you are today. How are the "bead people" doing?? LOL

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  2. UsernameOptional » Shannon

    Happy B-day, Shannon =) -Michael

  3. Lori » Shannon

    Happy Birthday Shannon :)

  4. Lori » Shannon

    Happy Birthday Shannon, hope you can drop in sometime. Hugs ~ Lori

  5. Shannon » Bonnie

    Happy birthday, Bonnie!!! :)

  6. Shannon » Georgia

    Hi Georgia! Welcome to TGGuide!

  7. Bonnie » Shannon

    Happy Birthday, Shannon!

    Have a great day!

  8. stephani » Shannon

    Happy Happy Birthday To You Sweet Shannon , I hope Your Day brings your tears of joy and laughter of happiness . Take care Hun Stephani

  9. Lori » Shannon

    Happy Birthday 2011!!

  10. Shannon » SophieTaylor

    Hi Sophie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  11. Lori » Shannon

    Happy Birthday Shannon!

  12. Bonnie » Shannon

    Happy Birthday, Shannon!!!

    Have a great day.

  13. Dawn13 » Shannon


    Thanks for the information - I went out today and tried on women's jeans. I have concluded that I am a size 10 (Snug fit) or 12 (Loose fit) depending on the cut. I actually bought a pair of Levis and wore them to a movie. I wonder if there is a best jean out there. Form fitting as well as stylish; that most of our friends prefer.

  14. Bonnie » Shannon

    HUGS Shannon

  15. Lori » Shannon

    Hi Shannon!