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  1. Gennee added a post in a topic: Prison is horrifying. For transgender people, it's hell.   

    I read some of the article. This is horrible. I will read more of the article later. 
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  2. Gennee added a post in a topic: Everyone Transgender Is a Gay Man   

    ​All the federal agencies are corrupt anyway.
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  3. Gennee added a post in a topic: St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay LGBT resource center   

    The LGBT center here in New York is good. Will be in Philadelphia in June and will visit the William Way center there.

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  4. Gennee added a post in a topic: International Transgender Day of Visibility: I transitioned at 63   

    I'm one of the late bloomers. Don't regret what I did. 
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  5. Gennee added a post in a topic: Trans Day of Visibility   

    I will be out and about. Was last year and made presence felt. 

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  6. Gennee added a post in a topic: Six feet plus blues!   

    Here in New York, there are a lot of tall women. You would fit in just fine.

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  7. Gennee added a post in a topic: Every 36 hours a trans person is reported murdered   

    As a member of an indigenous group, I know this all too well.
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  8. Gennee added a post in a topic: Pastor's Lament   

    Christian Pastor: Transgender people should be allowed to use the restrooms of their choice
    Pastor John Pavlovitz says he is ‘tired of Christians tripping over themselves to be outraged by stuff that simply isn’t real’
    FacebookCanadian trans activist Brae Carnes took photos of herself in men’s bathrooms last year to highlight the ‘ridiculous’ reality of of bathroom bans13 March 2016by John Pavlovitz  Some days you read the news and you wonder how we’ve managed to survive as a civilization for millions of years without blowing it all up.
    I felt that way when reading recent reports on Charlotte City Council (North Carolina), who voted 7 to 4 to approve new legislation protecting the LGBTQ community.
    These measures would allow these folks to shop and use public transportation and go out to dinner without being discriminated against. You know, like real human beings.
    Similar legislation is pending in many other  
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  9. Gennee added a post in a topic: God is my Strength   

    Hi Hawkman. I'm happy to hear that your father is doing better.
    Yes, God does wonderful things and makes the crooked roads straight. 

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  10. Gennee added a post in a topic: Cyndi Lauper and LGBT youth   

    This is not far from where I live.

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  11. Gennee added a post in a topic: A Plea for Awareness, not Segregation (the public restroom debate)   

    That's very true, Ellen. Unfortunately many people don't consider this.
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  12. Gennee added a post in a topic: S.Dakota Trans Bathroom Bill - Proposed, Vetoed   

    I read about it yesterday. A real shame. This may put transgender students in a precarious situation and open to bullying.

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  13. Gennee added a post in a topic: Xtall women's clothing   

    I like both tops. Different styles and two colors I like. 

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  14. Gennee added a post in a topic: Femme vs male persona   

    I have danced in femme mode many times. Thrown a couple of.moves I never knew I had. Getting better with age, I guess.

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  15. Gennee added a post in a topic: Liberated   

    Hi Kaylee and thank you for sharing. I remember my first time out-scary. Then the time came that I threw caution to the wind and I haven't looked back. I'm so proud that you broke down the barrier and live as you choose. Congratulations. 
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