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  1. Gennee added a post in a topic: TDOR Richmond Virginia   

    TDOR at Sage was very good. There was words, poems, the reading of each person who died this year (I read one of the names) , and song. A couple of folks shared remembrances of people they lost in past years. Many in attendance were surprised at how young many of the people were. Candles were lit in memory of them. It lasted an hour but it was moving.

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  2. Gennee added a post in a topic: TDOR South Florida   

    Tas, honor the folks who did come.

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  3. Gennee added a post in a topic: Petition Says, "Drop the T"   

    I read the petition several days ago and did not sign it. There are some who feel that we should separate from LGB because our issues are different and we are ignored (vilified in some cases) by the LGB communities. I'm against the T being dropped because it would erase our history in the participation of movement such as Stonewall and the Dewey Lunch Counter Sit-in. People of color would be greatly affected by the T being dropped because they were at the forefront of some of the battles and are often the most victimized by violence. 
    I was appalled when someone suggests that transgender hurt the movement for LGBT rights. I would remind this person that transgender people stood side by side with gays and lesbians at Stonewall back in 1969. The Dewey Lunch Counter Sit-In in 1965 in Philadelphia was a predominantly African American transgender and queer event. The Compton Cafeteria Riots a year later in San Francisco was transgender and drag queens standing up against police harassment.  
    I'm bold enough to say that if transgender people had been involved in the problem solving of many LGBT organizations from the get go, we would be much further along. That a bold statement coming from me but I believe it. I defy anyone to tell me that trans people are hurting the movement for further LGBT rights. Heck, we were there from the beginning.

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  4. Gennee added a post in a topic: Everyone Transgender Is a Gay Man   

    I wonder if the FDA knows what they want or what they are talking about. Seems they're clueless about transgender people and revel in their ignorance.
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  5. Gennee added a post in a topic: GLADD Spirt day   

    Very nice to hear.

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  6. Gennee added a post in a topic: TDOR Richmond Virginia   

    I will be attending TDOR at the Sage Center on November 20th. It's a first time event at the center seeing that more programs for transgender people have been implemented.    
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  7. Gennee added a post in a topic: Showdown in Houston over LGBT nondiscrimination ordinance   

    Ellen, ignorant masses is right. Most of those people, if queried, couldn't tell tell you anything about transgender people, much less know one. Amazing how gullible people are.

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  8. Gennee added a post in a topic: Exporing the life of a Senior transmom.   

    Trust that all will go well. 

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  9. Gennee added a post in a topic: Westboro Baptist Church Run Out of Town   

    They haven't come up here yet. If they ever do, we'll be ready.
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  10. Gennee added a post in a topic: Thought I was shopping for tops but nay, my affection for boots got me   

    I need to purchase a couple of more pair of boots.
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  11. Gennee added a post in a topic: Exporing the life of a Senior transmom.   

    I've done a few videos in the past. I can understand about your reluctance to do TV. I can turn into a disaster the way TV works these days. A couple of my friends had didn't like way the print media wrote about them. I've turned down a couple of opportunities.
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  12. Gennee added a post in a topic: Man Recounts Year Pretending to Be Gay   

    Thanks for sharing. I'm sure Mr. Kurek's life and understanding about gay people has been enlightened.

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  13. Gennee added a post in a topic: A Bad Idea   

    Time to take the 'T' out of LGBT: Nicola Jane Chase, transgendered woman
    Guest columnist Nicola Jane Chase is the author of "Tea and Transition," a story of love, the human spirit, and how one man became one woman. You can find her online at

    It hasNicola Jane Chase is an author and transgendered woman. 
    taken time, but now the public has more appreciation for what the T in LGBT stands for. They may still have some way to go in understanding what it actually means to be transgender, however considerable progress has been made. We can partly thank Caitlyn Jenner for expanding that conversation and allowing the T to be equally relevant in the line up of letters. Yet I would argue that the T doesn't belong there at all. 

    The L, G and B are about sexual identity; the T is about gender. Lumping the four initials together only enhances the misperception that they are interchangeable terms. They are not. -Nicola Jane Chase
    After reading this, in my mind this is a bad idea. I'm aware of the difference between sexuality and gender identity. I also aware that people lump the T with LGB and see them as the same. This is where Ms. Chase could earn her stripes by educating the public about that difference, something which I have done. I would also remind her that transgender people can be straight, gay, lesbian, or bisexual.
    My greater concern is the erasure of the transgender contributions especially women of color to the gay liberation front. It was a black transgender woman who sparked the Stonewall Rebellion of New York City in 1969.  I would remind Ms. Chase that I am heterosexual and transgender. I cannot separate the two nor am I going to. this is me!
    There are those who would love to see transgender contributions erased and presented as a totally gay phenomena. This is NOT true at all and the record bears that out. Many people of color participated in Stonewall and other movements and I'm NOT going let the T be taken out. This is why what Ms. Chase suggests is harmful to our history. She needs to be reminded that it was people like Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera  and Miss Major who fired the first salvo to where she can transition without much of the garbage that her predecessors had to put up with and yet moved forward. 
    I believe Ms. Chase needs to read up on transgender history and see what her idea would do to the trans community as a whole. 
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  14. Gennee added a post in a topic: Ministry To Transgender People   

    Inside Sister Monica’s Secret Ministry To Transgender People
    (RNS) Sister Monica lives alone in a small house at the edge of a Roman Catholic college run by a community of nuns.
    She doesn’t want to reveal the name of the town where she lives, the name of her Catholic order or her real name.
    Sister Monica lives in hiding, so that others may live in plain sight.
    Now in her early 70s and semiretired because of health problems, she remains committed to her singular calling for the past 16 years: ministering to transgender people and helping them come out of the shadows.-Renee Gadoua
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  15. Gennee added a post in a topic: Demise of Michigan Womyn's Music Festival-Self-Inflicted   

    The final Michigan Womyn's Music Festival began on August 2nd and concludes o Sunday August 9th. From all accounts it was a successful venture. Unfortunately, it will always be remembered for the exclusion of transgender women. It's a shame because leadership had a chance to show the world that they are an inclusion and affirming venue for all TGLBQ folks.

    I have always maintained that when an organization is struggling or going down the tubes you have to point to those running the organization. Lisa Vogel and her clan still lived the 1970s and refused to evolve. They consider trans women to be men which, in my ind is an insult to these women. If trans women did go to the festival they couldn't tell anyone that were trans. This point alone would have kept me from ever attending because I absolutely refuse to go in the closet for anyone. 

    As the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival winds down those who will blame trans women for ending this 40 year event are barking up the wrong tree. Look at Lisa Vogel and your cronies who still think this is 1978. They refused to evolve. As a result the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival will become a footnote in history. It's a shame because it could have turned out different.
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