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    I Have to say I am flattered BY your glances But I hold nothing within other than a Little Knowledge , if this is what you seek then by all means , lets walk for a whille .

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About Me

First Off, I am Engaged To a Very Beautiful Woman her name is April Rose, she inspires me every day and to hold her in my arms completes me, I need not look any further then my arms length to know that she is my one and only love. any others need not apply nor message me in any attempts to change this fact. About Me well now that is a good one now isn't it ... Who is Stephani , well she is a MtF transwoman , I am a Woman period end of story, so don't go thinking I have any other thoughts about being some play thing for a man. I am A Lesbian and am Happily Engaged and Deeply in Love. I have been full time for about Five years , I have been on HRT for almost three years ( i couldn't afford them for about five months but that is no longer the case ) , I am active in a lot of various places and love to help others through the tough time of transition , I will not play it easy on you and caudle you , Life is a bitch and so can I be , While I have been on this board I have learned so much from the great individuals that call TG Guide Home, life teaches us a lot and so do the out comes of friends and family during transition , I hope that those who come and go have gained some incite into what to expect from the transition process I know after living full time for five years I certainly have.


I will help you if your willing to listen , I will tell you nothing but the truth , I will be there if you need a shoulder to cry on just PM me or Email me . If I think I can truelly help you I will step up in your favor .


I have gone through it so dont be affraid to ask anything .


with all my love and respect for my fellow brothers and sister .