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  1. Help - just got the stangest message/error note on my home computer. Said my account was suspended and to contact the billing office. Can anyone tell me what is occurring? I am using my phone to send this message. - Dawn
  2. It works from Chrome - Hurrah! Dawn My spring dress is now on the photo page.
  3. Could it be the amount of ram in my computer - sometimes I notice a ram error for other photo artwork I am doing. Dawn
  4. Mike - I was able to load a photo to the Gallery from my phone. So it must be something with my home computer. Will try your idea when I get back from a trip I am on. Thanks. Dawn
  5. Still cannot load a photo to my Gallery. Stops every time I try to submit an image. (Up loader) However, I can load a photo here. Dawn
  6. Still cannot post a photo to the Gallery.  Up-loader does not appear to work for my computer at the Gallery doorway.  But I can load one here.  Just last week I took this photo.


  7. Dawn13

    Makeup problems

    Hello Monica and Merideth and all, Here is a link to there R&F main site = https://www.rodanandfields.com/ Let me know if you have questions. I use eight of the products in the line of products designed for me. Dawn
  8. Dawn13

    Makeup problems

    Monica and all, Yes, Rodan & Fields skincare. I use almost all of the product line and I have gotten many complements on my face/skin. I get a facial twice monthly and my stylist wanted to know my secret as she said my skin was beautiful. She really like the Lash Boost results, said my laches looked like I was wearing mascara, as my eyelashes have really sprouted. I am sure there are several other good products out there but I do love R&F. Photo from last week attached (And I am 67) Dawn
  9. Dawn13

    Makeup problems

    Simple and minimal is best - Over the years I have been in many plays and ballets. This allowed me to be on stage wearing full make-up. Lot's of chances to do make-up and practice getting it right was allowed me. The most important thing is actually skin care. I like the R&F system. With well kept skin the make-up applies better. Really light minimal makeup actually goes a long way. Most of the time when I go out I go out as gender neutral, I wear no make-up except a touch of lipstick and some lip gloss. I am almost always coded as female. ("Lady, Mam"). Some of the on-line sites have really good step-by-step instructions. Give them a try - then practice of course. Be careful not to overdue as it is so easy to look like a drag queen. Putting on make-up is fun - enjoy it!
  10. Was described as a "beautiful ... lady" last week by a waitress at a restaurant I was at in Florida.  I did not even have any makeup on.  Here is a recent photo of me with my own hair, near the time of this neat encounter.


    1. Jessicatoyou


      Very, very keen eye in that waitress!😍

    2. Dawn13


      I was not wearing this blouse at the time, just women's sportswear and I always wear a bra now as my breasts are now size B+.  Have some great photos from the trip I will post soon.


  11. Thanks Monica,. I am fairly good with computers but this one does baffel me Seems like anytime we have an update my photo files cannot be loaded. Happened before during a receint mod and I was able to reduce the file size and get the photo to load. Only affects the album loader. Thanks for the comment - actually feel like I am a bit overweight - getting ready to do a Coolwrap procedure. More soon. Your Friend - Dawn
  12. Hello everyone - still trying to load photos and cannot. Is there a format that seems to be working best? I have tried to slim down the file size but still no luck in posting. Dawn This is the photo I have been trying to load here. But cannot load it into my Albums. Dawn
  13. Dawn13

    Uploading Images

    Here is the photo I have been trying to add. It will load from this location but not into my gallery.
  14. Dawn13

    Uploading Images

    I have lost my ability to post photos again. (Have not checked in a week since my last attempt) Also my Blogs show up but the content is not showing (Front door) . I can get into the Blog content by going to an old link to a submittal(Back door). Maybe I need a new OS as I seem to be having more issues lately (Currently Windows 7). Please help. Dawn