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  1. Dawn13 added a comment on a blog entry Just wrote another song :)   

    I would love to hear - your words.
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  2. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Research on Clothing Needs for Crossdressers   

    I just purchased a padded bra and panty set from Hommemystery and I really like it. This is actually a set think l will wear in public. It is called China Doll. I was thinking that if it wasn't deigned as women's wear it might not be as attractive or desirable but the fit is great. Dawn
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  3. Dawn13 added a comment on a blog entry How many times have you been mistaken as a girl   

    Yesterday, at a marathon I was in I had to go to the medical tent because of a bee sting. The med tech taking my BP thought I was a woman, called me mam. I did explain to her "it might be my long hair and I told her I did not intend to cut it," as I like how it makes me feel free to be myself. These experiences are like an adventure. Hard to believe - for me gender is really burred Dawn
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  4. Dawn13 added a comment on a blog entry How many times have you been mistaken as a girl   

    Just yesterday I was at another running expo and was looking in one of the women's section and a big boned lady bumped into me and said sorry did I hurt you "hon." Then I talked with a sales clerk who was ready to sell me a running skirt. She was quite confused as I was sure she readme as female. Even when she recognized I was male near the end of the conversation she was still trying to show me a skirt that I might like. I do think most everyone was reading me female. (I am very tan, long haired, small boned, almost no beard shadow and fit) Not everyone saw me as a girl as I always used my non disguised male voice to greet them. But I could tell my voice alone did not always convenience everyone. To top it off as I Ieft one of the greeters said "Hope you enjoyed the expo Mam, be safe going home."
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  5. Dawn13 added a post in a topic christian man using transgender as topic of hate   

    I consider myself a Christian - but I would have to hate myself if I agreed to the crazyness of what others believe to be right in Gods eyes. I know I am saved - just not perfect. The feelings I have came from God. My desire to be a woman and that I have the atributes, my shape, a physical body that looks more like a womans than a mans was not my chosing. I used to hate my own thoughts - now when someone calles me a woman - I think this is who I am. No need to correct them - just move on and enjoy living.
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  6. Dawn13 added a comment on a blog entry The Woman I AM This Is ME!   

    Tried to leave a message but could not ---Thinking about you and your life. Was just thinking about you and your journey, I know we used to talk a lot. I would be joining you in the change if I did not have so much family baggage and also their support, Have been going to counseling and the current goal is to pretty much remain the same in my body. Still I do have occasional excursions into cross dressing - but have found many see me as a woman first, even when I have on male clothing, and I have to correct them, if I want to. I would love to transition, but still this might not be the best for me. I wish you the best - I have enjoyed your rewritten life story and I know that God does care for you and also for the least for us. Dawn
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  7. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Post your favorite dress/clothes pictures here   

    I have a new photo showing my lost weight. Will publish shortly. Dawn
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  8. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Bikinis as favorite swimwear   

    Will soon post a newer shot - Down to 138 - Bikini fits even better.
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  9. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Marriage equality   

    This is a subject I have done a lot of thinking on . I do believe that the terminology "marriage" is a sticking point and I believe that there does need to be a specific term for a union of man and woman directly resulting or potentially resulting in a family with children. For as long as remembered this term has been marriage and I support it remaining this way. I also understand the need for some kind of "civil or legal union" mostly for the tax and financial affairs of a same sex couple; that goes beyond friendship . (Equality under the law ) Maybe a new term should be developed for this unique relationship , but I am not sure what it would be.

    Also, as far as transexuals I believe they are legally women, so in my mind marriage would apply - this is my opinion.

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  10. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Going Public in the Daylight   

    Hello Amie ,

    In many ways you are a bit of a hero to me. As I have become more accepting of my own feelings I have been out in public in the last few weeks doing nothing out of the ordinary most of the time wearing mens or unisex clothing . (Sometimes I do wear womens jeans and beach t's and sometimes panties - really a lot of what I have is mens/unisex / small size items or boys wear). Anyway, three times in one day before I said a word I was called ma'am and a lady . I was not trying to hide anything as I was wearing a ski jacket and a running cap and as soon as I spoke I corrected the person . This did give me a chance to ask them why I was first coded as a woman . The first person, gatekeeper , told me it was my profile and hair . The second person, store clerk , said from when she saw me from behind it was my jacket, hair and jeans. The third person , waitress , said it was my glasses, hair and face and she said she almost never mis-IDs. Even when I told her I was a man she almost acted like she could not see it. Amazing ! Now when I go out unless I want to be coded a woman I make sure I use my male voice before they say ma'am to me.

    There have been several occasions when I have purposely gone out dressed as a woman - running and hiking and driving through a drive through or convenient store - I actually think I am a natural because I seem to blend in better as a woman if I don't try to do anything special but if I think about dressing I start to feel ackward - I am most nervous about saying anything as my male voice is my weakness

    I hope you continue to do well and maybe at some point in the future we can meet as I have been in the USA travelling quite a bit as of late.

    Best wishes - Dawn
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  11. Dawn13 added a post in a topic True or Not - You’re Favorite Story   

    Hello Koreen,

    I enjoyed your story. I too also have shopped for women's clothing under no pertense that the item was not for me. However, I have never shopped for a bra and matching panties/garter belt so I know how much courage this must have took. Some of what I have done. I have purchased seveal womens leotards over the years with the sales lady helping me to find the right size and fit. Several times my wife (Helps me when my wife is with me) and I have asked the sales lady to help us find matching outfits, such as pants and blouses, and we have even tried them on in the same dressing room. So I am with you.
    Again. great story - if you think of more please add them. Best wishes - Dawn13
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  12. Dawn13 added a post in a topic True or Not - You’re Favorite Story   

    Hello Koreen,

    Thanks for adding your story - I assume the part about the apartment or the walk in the park might not have happened - But if it happened in your mind then in a way it did happen. In many ways our dreams are reality. Best wishes. Dawn13
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  13. Dawn13 added a post in a topic True or Not - You’re Favorite Story   

    Hello Takingbackashlee,

    Well written. From what you wrote I can feel some of your excitement and also your pain. Even when all seems perfect in a relationship anything can go wrong. Several years ago putting myself into his shoes I think I might have thought the same way. Now because I have relaxed a bit to who I really am I tend to see things more clearly. However, it is difficult to change the boxes we have been put in and then when we do we can pay dearly. Thanks for sharing.
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  14. Dawn13 added a post in a topic True or Not - You’re Favorite Story   

    Anyone have a story to add? It has been a while since anyone has posted.
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  15. Dawn13 added a post in a topic First Ballet Lesson in 20 years   

    I will get my mailbox freed up. More on dancing soon.

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  16. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Using a Gaff   

    Hello Amie,

    Sounds like a good idea, will give it a try. Hope all is well.

    Anyone else have any new thoughts?

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  17. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Nylon stockings or pantyhose   

    Crazy but I believe I wear some kind of nylon leg cover almost every day. For me these are my running tights and capri running tights. I remember when fitness wear only consisted of heavy sweats or running pants - but today almost everyone wears the tights. Most of the ones I wear are considered unisex but I have several that are women's styles.

    Also, when I go to ballet classes I wear various color nylon tights - blue, gray and black. These I have worn with women's tops and leotards

    Most of the nylons I wear with dresses are sheer to waist. I do not get to wear my dresses much, but the nylons really highten my sensativity and of course they enhance my legs - I have been told my legs are my best assets. (Both when I am dressed Male as well as Female)

    This winter I wore nylon hose under my jeans on several ocasions for added warmth. I also have a pair of nylon support hose I often wear, under my pants, on long overseas flights - just makes good since as it helps leg circulation

    The below photo shows me in my favorite sheer dress - This time I have on a support hose that I am showing off.


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  18. Dawn13 added a post in a topic nightgowns   

    Hello MorgannaLefey,
    I do wear one pair of loose fitting nylon women's wear shorties however I have found that I like a form of men's lingerine better. I often wear a pair of oversized Poly Spandix, Stafford, night shirt and matching boxer style nylon shorts - truely a men's cut lingerine. I find it hard to sleep with womens nylon underware. Just way too silky. I love women's wear - but in order to sleep I usually wear basic cotton shorties. (Not the basic men's cut when I can find them) Dawn13

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  19. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Using a Gaff   

    Hello everone,

    My latest on Gaff use. I have tried various (Three different ones) Gaff products and have decided that most of them still do not work as I would like them to. I have two main criteria - One - hiding and blending and two - confort. What I have discovered is when I have used two gaffs at the same time I have been able to meet criteria one fairly well and have had only minor disconfort. So for now it is the "ultimate Genital gaff" as a top layer over the top of the "Hide Away Gaff " (Photo attached) I am eager to hear if anyone has found any luck with any other product. So the verdict is still out. Best wishes to all. Dawn13

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  20. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Gender Puzzle Documentary (VIDEO)   

    I viewed two of the videos. Very interesting - I would love to hear more about the brain and how gender is assigned within brain functions. I believe I have issues with my own thinking, brain function, as I tend to be more female in the way I think. I will try to look at more of the links/videos. Thanks for finding this series. Best wishes. Dawn13 My previous post on this subject.

    Does anyone know if some of the series goes into the brain issues and other aspectes of being intersexed? I will watch more of the series as I have time. I really appreciate having this kind of resource to review. Dawn13
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  21. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Post your favorite dress/clothes pictures here   


    I see you are interested in the Jeans subject. I too am looking for the best jeans fit and look. Check out the "Picture of Me in Jeans" subject in this Forum group. Best Wishes. Dawn13
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  22. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Using a Gaff   

    I have two different new Gaffs I have tried - Tomorrow I hope to document my latest Gaff adventure. More later as it is vey late here in Germany. Dawn13
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  23. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Post your favorite dress/clothes pictures here   

    Thanks so much for the encouragement. I wish you the very best. Dawn13
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  24. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Post your favorite dress/clothes pictures here   

    Here are my latest favorite Two Dresses. Tell me what you think. Dresses are from the 1980's - But I believe they are still quite sexy. Dawn13

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  25. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Pictures of me in jeans   

    Hello Susanna,

    Dawn 13, here. Great on the jeans. It does appear your hips are fairly wide so the pair of jeans you have seems to be a good fit. What did you say the brand was? (Did you mention this in one of your other posts?) Personally I am not as crazy about heals with jeans - I am more of a sandals kind of person - but if your heals are real comfortable as you said they are then I am sure they are nice. I have been looking at jeans again and found the Levi Stretch Jeans to be my latest favorite. I was just shopping today at a German mall and asked about the seasonal form fitting Capri jeans. I was told they will be in the stores for spring in the next two weeks. Maybe I will have something to share soon about these jean fashions soon. Keep showing off those great legs. Well more later. Cheers! Dawn13

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