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  1. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Bikinis as favorite swimwear   

    Two to Go!
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  2. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Bikinis as favorite swimwear   

    Three Days - Counting Down.

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  3. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Weed killer 'castrates' male frogs   

    Something about having to become a frog or could this happen to me if I were a frog scares me. Very interesting article.

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  4. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Bikinis as favorite swimwear   

    Thanks BobbieJo for the encouragement. Now only four days.

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  5. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Bikinis as favorite swimwear   

    5 Days to Go!
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  6. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Bikinis as favorite swimwear   

    Weekly Update - Last week of Feb 2010 - One week to go until Bikini Time! Todays weigh-in - I am now offically 148.0 pounds. One more pound and I will have lost 20 pounds - I still have some tummy but almost managable. Look for my bikini look next week.

    Best wishes to all Dawn13
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  7. Dawn13 added a post in a topic True or Not - You’re Favorite Story   

    Looking for your favorite stories. Any story - Fact or fiction. I will post a new chapter story this weekend. I would love to hear your story/ies. Dawn13
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  8. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Using a Gaff   

    The Ultimate Gaff arrived and I am not to convinced it is as good as the other gaff I have. (Uncomfortable and does not really cover well). I am ordering another product called the Hide Away Gaff. Maybe I will score better with this one. Reviews on this product coming later. Best to all. Dawn13

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  9. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Bikinis as favorite swimwear   

    Hello everyone,

    Today's weigh-in - I lost over two pounds - I am now 149.8 pounds. Yesterday after my jog, unofficial weight, I weighted 148. I have not seen this weight at any time, on me, in over 5 years. (Yes, I have lost 17 pounds since December). My wife has really been impressed - I plan to post a teaser photo of my bikini top later today. Two weeks until I show all. Best wishes. Dawn13

    I added my bikini top - More in two weeks.

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  10. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Bikinis as favorite swimwear   

    Thanks for the encouragement Bobbie Jo

    I think you look great in your latest photo - If I can just look half as good.

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  11. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Bikinis as favorite swimwear   

    Only lost 4 ounces - still have 5+ pounds to go. I think what is happening is I am gaining muscle again. My jeans are falling off my waist - I am now probably a 29" in men's Levis. (Note: I believe the men's jeans are off by an inch for marketing purposes) I am easily fitting my size 10 jeans now. Two weeks and counting. Dawn13
    I expect you all will be really surprised - Just because I can!

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  12. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Using a Gaff   

    Thanks both Stephani and Jeanhervey,

    I found the ultimate Gaff I was inquiring about and ordered it - There are three shops that carried it - took a little bit of surfing to reconnect with many of the company links that I lost when my computer crashed. Of course I guess we should not mention shop names but I think knowing what works best is a reasonable way to look at this topic. I am definitely looking for a good/effective smooth looking tuck yet not something that hurts. I recently, saw a gaff from an unmentioned e-bay store, that appeared to have a three tie system. Anyway, thanks Stephani for you insight and watching out for us - When I get the new gaff, I just purchased, and I will give a review of this product.

    Keep the information flowing and best wishes to you all.

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  13. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Bikinis as favorite swimwear   

    My Second Life Bikini. Visit the Second Life Forum topic for a complete run-down. It is definitely fun to be there and meet all the people. Dawn13

    About 4.5 pounds to go.

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  14. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Bikinis as favorite swimwear   

    Down an other pound. Still 5.5 to go. (I hope to be under 150 by my next weigt-in.) I plan to have my bikini photos done the first week in March. So look out world!
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  15. Dawn13 added a topic in Male to Female (MtF) Crossdressers Discussion   

    Using a Gaff
    Hello Group. I was looking to find information about the best gaff, (used to conceal the genitals); I know there are several types of gaffs but I did not find a subject in our topics that really covered this item of clothing.

    TOPIC BACKGROUND - I currently have one gaff but it is far from an optimum product. What I would like to find is the best gaff product/s out there; fit, price and comfort. Because I run as a woman I need a gaff designed for sports. Also where are the best places to find the gaff's we are looking for? So far I know of two shops that you can buy a gaff from, but I know there must be more. Also, before my computer crashed several weeks ago, I had a link to a shop that had the "ultimate gaff." Does anyone have knowledge of this shop?

    Hopefully, this topic will be of help to all of us. Dawn13

    Two places I know of so far – I do not endorse either of these.



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  16. Dawn13 added a post in a topic herbal hormones   

    What are some good over the counter herbal products out there that can soften the skin and help with minor breast development? This might have already been covered somewhere else - but I could not find it.
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  17. Dawn13 added a comment on a blog entry DIY Photo experience   

    Hello Amie,

    You must have read my/our minds. When I found out you were a photographer I was going to ask you about photo shoots. This would be really stepping out for me - but I think I am fairly good material - also about my photos that I have posed for; I have cropped them and reformatted them to jpegs. About framing and centering of my photos I do have an art background and understand basic composition - however, I still don't really know many of the things that make a top notch photo. So what you have posted to help us is great!

    Any suggestions for my bikini shots coming up in a couple of weeks? I am mostly wondering what poses would be best. I expect most of my tummy will be gone by then. (Hopefully)

    Appreciate your contributions to the group.

    Best wishes - Dawn13

    A old photo from the late 1970's of me in one of my fiancés swim suits. Kind of where I am starting from.
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  18. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Cross Dressing Guide   

    Hello Lori,

    Jamie got back with me and I now have the books - Thanks for your assistance - I am happy again.
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  19. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Bikinis as favorite swimwear   

    Bonnie, Do you want to start a second life discussion? Sounds like you may have more experience than I do. To me second Life is more of a game, but I see many things as a game - As I am mostly an Otter.

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  20. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Bikinis as favorite swimwear   

    Hello Amie,

    I did not know you were a photographer until now; however, it is quite evident in the photos you posted. They were great. We have to try to meet in second life. I have an avatar but have not used it in a while. I wonder what we look like in the game. About losing weight it is actually good to be thin to a point. According to National Health weight standards. Based on their charts almost everyone from the USA would be overweight. – Three weeks until bikini time.

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  21. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Bonnie's Absence   

    Bonnie, for some reason I missed that you were in Second Life - I too have an avatar - but have not done too much with it as of late. I have often felt I was a female in my life before this one. I hope things are starting to smooth out for you. I care.

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  22. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Bikinis as favorite swimwear   

    Today's weigh-in - Down 1.5 pounds - still 7.5 to go.
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  23. Dawn13 added a post in a topic Bonnie's Absence   


    I think I know some of what you are going through. I know when I am away from my wife, even for a few weeks, I tend to get dressed-up more and let my feminine side show more.

    My wife means a lot to me and she is the main reason I have not headed toward transition. Also, I think I swing more toward a lesbian relationship and see having sex in some form or fashion with another man is not something I would hardly think about unless they were similar to me, having women’s characteristics.

    Even among those of us who wish to be women aren't we all still different. I will keep you in my thoughts, cries, prayers and meditations.

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  24. Dawn13 added a comment on a blog entry Breast Pump & Feeling Fem   


    How do you do this? Is it just caused by a regular massaging and pinching process or is there an actual routine of some kind?

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  25. Dawn13 added a post in a topic True or Not - You’re Favorite Story   

    This story is about 80% true with some embellishments. This is one of my biggest fanaticizes tied with a true life experience. Why I have dreamed of this happening so much I do not know why, but I have dreamed it and to some extent lived it. The names for this story have also been changed. In all of the stories in his series I am underweight and small for my age which was always true, thus this made it easier for me to fill a role as a girl.

    Chapter 3 – Childhood Memories - Deb does weight training

    A few weeks later in the spring after we had done the skit Deb and I were discussing something about school ending and she out-of-the-blue said to me that she thought I was very pretty when they had dressed me up, so feminine. At the time she was wearing a yellow sun suit with her swim suit under it and I was wearing normal boy's clothes, shorts and a t shirt, so I said to her that she was the one that looked very feminine. She was a bit of a tomboy, so with this she took the whole thing as a dare and she started to wrestle with me to prove who was more dominant and less feminine. I gave it all I had and even with the fact she was slightly taller and heaver I ruled the day as I finally pinned her. After I finally held her down she appeared very angry said she would get me back in the future. A few weeks later the school year ended and she came over and told me she would be gone for three months and to expect a few changes when she returned. I knew she would likely come back tanned and maybe grow some from her summer vacation with her brother's family on a farm.

    During the summer I grew a bit finally reaching 4' and adding 4 more pounds to my skinny frame. Now I was all of 51 pounds. But what happened to Deb was scary. When I next time saw her she her body had really changed It was now was very darkly tanned and to show off her tan she was light colored boy styled shorts and a white T shirt. She had also apparently gone to a barber during the summer to get her dream haircut that let her true tomboy feelings out. She told me when she first went to the farm she had gotten a boys haircut to set the stage for all of the farm work that she planned to do during the summer. Her hair was just now growing out for school but it was still very short. In contrast my hair had continued to grow during the summer with only one trim. But these were not the biggest changes. When I stood next to her she was huge compared to me. While she was gone she had started to work out one hour daily with weights with her older brother training her and do hard work on the farm. She also told me she had gone on a healthy diet, eating double portions, to rapidly gain weight. This combined an incredible growth sprit had grown 3 inches and had gained 15 pounds of new solid muscle. Most of this seemed to be in her arms. So now she was 4'5" and 71 pounds of ominous girl power. Her arm muscles had grown incredibly from her daily work outs and farm chores. They were solid and very hard. She wanted to show off her muscles as she went over to our jungle gym and proceeded to do 10 chin ups. She asked me to try and do one. I could not do one. She then said try again. As I started to struggle she grabbed my waist and assisted me, by lifting me up allowing me to do one push up. The she said, Davy you are so weak. Davy you know my biceps are almost 11 inches and I bet I am now twice as strong as you. She said, I have been thinking about this all summer long that I knew I would get you back. Then she said I have a surprise for you. Remember the last time we wrestled well the sun suit I wore doesn't fit me anymore but I think it will fit you. Let wrestle and if I win you have to wear it for an afternoon. I could not give up a challenge. But with her new muscles it was hardly a struggle then down I went. Then to further humiliate me as I could only struggle she held my wrists as I had done her months ago. I was completely played out and she was hardly breathing. Davy now you need to put on the sun suit. Humiliated I put it on. She said to me now who is the feminine one. Her revenge was now complete. We then played some more and as I was just getting used to wearing the sun suit a lady walked up the side walk and said to Deb "What a cutiepie of a sister you have. Referring to me.

    Later that month Deb started to workout with my younger sister and after about a month she asked my sister to wrestle with me. Initially she said no but again a challenge. She had also gained some weight and I lost again. After it was over both Deb and my sister flexed their biceps at me and said "Girl Power."

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