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    Breast forms?

    I got my forms through e-bay. Actually was good selection and only spent about $60 for $200 prescription quality forms. Found that a size B was the best for me and my slight body type. (i also do have a small amount of breast development already from using estrogen several years ago ) Before I had breast forms i used rice packed inside of an old pair of hose. I also used a button and large coin combined to simulate the tit. Except for the weight this was a very realistic looking breast form, fitting in my bra. Dawn
  2. Dawn13

    Just wrote another song :)

    I would love to hear - your words.
  3. I just purchased a padded bra and panty set from Hommemystery and I really like it. This is actually a set think l will wear in public. It is called China Doll. I was thinking that if it wasn't deigned as women's wear it might not be as attractive or desirable but the fit is great. Dawn
  4. Dawn13

    How many times have you been mistaken as a girl

    Yesterday, at a marathon I was in I had to go to the medical tent because of a bee sting. The med tech taking my BP thought I was a woman, called me mam. I did explain to her "it might be my long hair and I told her I did not intend to cut it," as I like how it makes me feel free to be myself. These experiences are like an adventure. Hard to believe - for me gender is really burred Dawn
  5. Dawn13

    How many times have you been mistaken as a girl

    Just yesterday I was at another running expo and was looking in one of the women's section and a big boned lady bumped into me and said sorry did I hurt you "hon." Then I talked with a sales clerk who was ready to sell me a running skirt. She was quite confused as I was sure she readme as female. Even when she recognized I was male near the end of the conversation she was still trying to show me a skirt that I might like. I do think most everyone was reading me female. (I am very tan, long haired, small boned, almost no beard shadow and fit) Not everyone saw me as a girl as I always used my non disguised male voice to greet them. But I could tell my voice alone did not always convenience everyone. To top it off as I Ieft one of the greeters said "Hope you enjoyed the expo Mam, be safe going home."
  6. I consider myself a Christian - but I would have to hate myself if I agreed to the crazyness of what others believe to be right in Gods eyes. I know I am saved - just not perfect. The feelings I have came from God. My desire to be a woman and that I have the atributes, my shape, a physical body that looks more like a womans than a mans was not my chosing. I used to hate my own thoughts - now when someone calles me a woman - I think this is who I am. No need to correct them - just move on and enjoy living.
  7. Dawn13

    The Woman I AM This Is ME!

    Tried to leave a message but could not ---Thinking about you and your life. Was just thinking about you and your journey, I know we used to talk a lot. I would be joining you in the change if I did not have so much family baggage and also their support, Have been going to counseling and the current goal is to pretty much remain the same in my body. Still I do have occasional excursions into cross dressing - but have found many see me as a woman first, even when I have on male clothing, and I have to correct them, if I want to. I would love to transition, but still this might not be the best for me. I wish you the best - I have enjoyed your rewritten life story and I know that God does care for you and also for the least for us. Dawn
  8. Was with a girls running group the other day and I had a person come over to me and call me Lana twice. Still not trying to dress as a girl - but believed to be one.

  9. Called a lady at a running expo - I think both my hair and body contributed to the comment as I was wearing normal male clothing.

  10. I have a new photo showing my lost weight. Will publish shortly. Dawn
  11. Will soon post a newer shot - Down to 138 - Bikini fits even better.
  12. Dawn13

    Marriage equality

    This is a subject I have done a lot of thinking on . I do believe that the terminology "marriage" is a sticking point and I believe that there does need to be a specific term for a union of man and woman directly resulting or potentially resulting in a family with children. For as long as remembered this term has been marriage and I support it remaining this way. I also understand the need for some kind of "civil or legal union" mostly for the tax and financial affairs of a same sex couple; that goes beyond friendship . (Equality under the law ) Maybe a new term should be developed for this unique relationship , but I am not sure what it would be. Also, as far as transexuals I believe they are legally women, so in my mind marriage would apply - this is my opinion. Dawn
  13. Dawn13

    Going Public in the Daylight

    Hello Amie , In many ways you are a bit of a hero to me. As I have become more accepting of my own feelings I have been out in public in the last few weeks doing nothing out of the ordinary most of the time wearing mens or unisex clothing . (Sometimes I do wear womens jeans and beach t's and sometimes panties - really a lot of what I have is mens/unisex / small size items or boys wear). Anyway, three times in one day before I said a word I was called ma'am and a lady . I was not trying to hide anything as I was wearing a ski jacket and a running cap and as soon as I spoke I corrected the person . This did give me a chance to ask them why I was first coded as a woman . The first person, gatekeeper , told me it was my profile and hair . The second person, store clerk , said from when she saw me from behind it was my jacket, hair and jeans. The third person , waitress , said it was my glasses, hair and face and she said she almost never mis-IDs. Even when I told her I was a man she almost acted like she could not see it. Amazing ! Now when I go out unless I want to be coded a woman I make sure I use my male voice before they say ma'am to me. There have been several occasions when I have purposely gone out dressed as a woman - running and hiking and driving through a drive through or convenient store - I actually think I am a natural because I seem to blend in better as a woman if I don't try to do anything special but if I think about dressing I start to feel ackward - I am most nervous about saying anything as my male voice is my weakness I hope you continue to do well and maybe at some point in the future we can meet as I have been in the USA travelling quite a bit as of late. Best wishes - Dawn
  14. Dawn13

    I Gave Up Trying to Be a Boy

    He has made an inpact for the most part just being who he he really is. Not driven by social norms . I like the openness he expresses and that there is some positive acceptiveness . I believe this can help all of us .
  15. Made it to 138.8 pounds. My wife thinks I can go for 135. Big news was I was called ma'am twice and lady once in the same day. Also, men have been opening doors for me. All of this while I have been wearing my guys clothes. My wife said she thinks both my smaller body and my longer hair is making me look even more feminine. She said to me as long as I don't say anything (voice) I could likely shop in the womens area of a store and no one would notice me as a guy. I plan to post...

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      KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK , young lady !

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      clean out yer P- M box.

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      Done - thanks.

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  16. Got to 140 last week - Only a couple pounds to go. Losing weight seems to take forever.

  17. Thinking about the election.

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      So am I , been tryin to get people to sign a petition to "Draft " me in .........

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      Politics give me a headache...

  18. I am now focusing on the election and all of the changes that have occured in the last four years. Likley you all would be suprised who I am supporting but based on the economy I really see no other choice. I hope eveyone is doing well as now I have a little more time to check in. Most of my family concerns of the last few months have subsidded

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      I've learned that the transgender community is rather politically diverse. Hope all is well with you Dawn. :)

  19. Anyone have a story to add? It has been a while since anyone has posted.
  20. Have spring fever - Been away a while - I see there have been many changes - Hoping all the best for everyone.

  21. Winter 2011 - Happy new year all. Have some great Halloween photos of my Avatar coming soon - Called ma'am several times recently.

    Oct -When on a hike as a girl - No one made notice - Of course this is what I hope for.

    Sept - Back from the States - Nothing else exciting to say.

  22. Early August - Called ma'am yesterday - The guard corrected himself when he heard my voice. Riding in bike day tomorrow.

    End of July - Rainy today - Ready to wear my women's Levi 519s stretch jeans today to all of my outings.

    First July Thought -Almost Summer - Still cool here - Got a new vintage leotard yesterday - Just love the colors and the nylon feel.

  23. I just got back from a a couple of weeks in the USA. (East Coast) Tried to send you a personal message - but was blocked for some reason.

    I should be able to meet on second life if you get out there.

    Let me know how things with you are going?


  24. Welcome to the group. Dawn13

  25. Hello Group. I was looking to find information about the best gaff, (used to conceal the genitals); I know there are several types of gaffs but I did not find a subject in our topics that really covered this item of clothing. TOPIC BACKGROUND - I currently have one gaff but it is far from an optimum product. What I would like to find is the best gaff product/s out there; fit, price and comfort. Because I run as a woman I need a gaff designed for sports. Also where are the best places to find the gaff's we are looking for? So far I know of two shops that you can buy a gaff from, but I know there must be more. Also, before my computer crashed several weeks ago, I had a link to a shop that had the "ultimate gaff." Does anyone have knowledge of this shop? Hopefully, this topic will be of help to all of us. Dawn13 Two places I know of so far – I do not endorse either of these. http://www.crossdresser.com/ http://www.glamourboutique.com/