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    Living in the mid-west - longing for a return to Europe
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    I love history, Indian lore, hiking, ballet and modern dancing, sketching, visiting battlefields, doing genealogy, collecting coins, stamps, rocks and traveling all over the world.

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  1. Was on a trip recently and stopped at a rest area to go to the restroom.  There were two attendances' there one woman and one man.  Both of them tried to tell me when it looked like I was heading for the men's room; "the women's room is over here" "here is the women's room" and show me where the women's restrooms were.  This actually occurred three times so when I finally found the men's room I proceeded directly to a closed toilet.  I am sure they thought I was in the wrong restroom.  Also,I was concerned that the men that were in there were thinking I was in the wrong bathroom.  Actually I was pleased with this confusion but I just wanted to do my duty and move on.  I was really not trying to look female on this occasion but again I guess I did.

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      yes - I was wearing a bra - my breasts are more than subtle now. 

      Photo is from a couple of weeks ago with my own hair showing.

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