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  1. Still cannot load a photo to my Gallery. Stops every time I try to submit an image. (Up loader) However, I can load a photo here. Dawn
  2. Still cannot post a photo to the Gallery.  Up-loader does not appear to work for my computer at the Gallery doorway.  But I can load one here.  Just last week I took this photo.


  3. Dawn13

    Makeup problems

    Hello Monica and Merideth and all, Here is a link to there R&F main site = https://www.rodanandfields.com/ Let me know if you have questions. I use eight of the products in the line of products designed for me. Dawn
  4. Dawn13

    Makeup problems

    Monica and all, Yes, Rodan & Fields skincare. I use almost all of the product line and I have gotten many complements on my face/skin. I get a facial twice monthly and my stylist wanted to know my secret as she said my skin was beautiful. She really like the Lash Boost results, said my laches looked like I was wearing mascara, as my eyelashes have really sprouted. I am sure there are several other good products out there but I do love R&F. Photo from last week attached (And I am 67) Dawn
  5. Dawn13

    Makeup problems

    Simple and minimal is best - Over the years I have been in many plays and ballets. This allowed me to be on stage wearing full make-up. Lot's of chances to do make-up and practice getting it right was allowed me. The most important thing is actually skin care. I like the R&F system. With well kept skin the make-up applies better. Really light minimal makeup actually goes a long way. Most of the time when I go out I go out as gender neutral, I wear no make-up except a touch of lipstick and some lip gloss. I am almost always coded as female. ("Lady, Mam"). Some of the on-line sites have really good step-by-step instructions. Give them a try - then practice of course. Be careful not to overdue as it is so easy to look like a drag queen. Putting on make-up is fun - enjoy it!
  6. Was described as a "beautiful ... lady" last week by a waitress at a restaurant I was at in Florida.  I did not even have any makeup on.  Here is a recent photo of me with my own hair, near the time of this neat encounter.


    1. Jessicatoyou


      Very, very keen eye in that waitress!😍

    2. Dawn13


      I was not wearing this blouse at the time, just women's sportswear and I always wear a bra now as my breasts are now size B+.  Have some great photos from the trip I will post soon.


  7. Thanks Monica,. I am fairly good with computers but this one does baffel me Seems like anytime we have an update my photo files cannot be loaded. Happened before during a receint mod and I was able to reduce the file size and get the photo to load. Only affects the album loader. Thanks for the comment - actually feel like I am a bit overweight - getting ready to do a Coolwrap procedure. More soon. Your Friend - Dawn
  8. Hello everyone - still trying to load photos and cannot. Is there a format that seems to be working best? I have tried to slim down the file size but still no luck in posting. Dawn This is the photo I have been trying to load here. But cannot load it into my Albums. Dawn
  9. Dawn13

    Uploading Images

    Here is the photo I have been trying to add. It will load from this location but not into my gallery.
  10. Dawn13

    Uploading Images

    I have lost my ability to post photos again. (Have not checked in a week since my last attempt) Also my Blogs show up but the content is not showing (Front door) . I can get into the Blog content by going to an old link to a submittal(Back door). Maybe I need a new OS as I seem to be having more issues lately (Currently Windows 7). Please help. Dawn
  11. Dawn13

    How many times have you been mistaken as a girl

    Another great day of being mistaken occurred while I was on a trip driving to VA. I really think most people now see me as female most of the time no matter what I am wearing. I went into a restroom at the road side stop. Men's of course. As I was washing my hands I saw through the mirror a young man come in, He immediately paused as he was looking at my backside. He turned and went out and looked at the door to determine if he was in the right bathroom. He then came in and quickly went into a stall. I know I had embarrassed him as he thought I was a girl. (I did have a pony tail and earrings on as well as girls/unisex sports wear and now I always wear a bra but for the most part it cannot be seen) I then quickly exited the rest room. Back to where no one would know I am not a girl. Couple of photos of my growing hair below.
  12. Dawn13

    How many times have you been mistaken as a girl

    Today I was called "she and her " twice. I was at a Rural King getting birdfeed and the teller first after looking me over asked if I needed help unloading. I told her that I could handle the heavy bags - because I was able to put them in the cart. Then another teller came over and started to put the feed bags in my cart. She said I " just wanted to help her." (Me) Then I muttered something but did not mention I was a he. She said again "I thought she needed help." The other lady was heavy built with large arms and she must have seen my thin feminine looking arms and possibly that I was wearing a bra, I actually need one now, and she must have thought I really needed help handling the heavy bags. Made my day! Dawn Just added one of my never posted shots from when I weighted about 138. I hope to get back to that weight soon.
  13. Dawn13

    How many times have you been mistaken as a girl

    Just two days ago I was eating breakfast at Panera and was called to pick up my/our order "Mam here is your order" and moments later a second employee said "how are you ladies doing." My wife was with me and made the second employee see that I was her husband. This second employee seemed a bit embarrassed and then went on to explain the confusion; said it was my beautiful blond curly hair and my hat/head visor. My wife asked was it my two earrings and this lady said "no." Then see looked at my eyes, said they were beautiful and asked "if they were really mine" = really - then she told me I was "gorgeous." Wow it was almost too much to take in. Almost too much feminine attention for me in one day - Dawn
  14. Dawn13

    This world is destroying my family

    JeffDad and All, I am a happy person most of the time and I have not transitioned. I am recognized as female often without trying to go out of my way to dress and look female. Still I do fully understand Usernameoptional and for many/ maybe most the transition will help. See https://www.thesun.co.uk/archives/reallife/888347/two-years-ago-arin-was-a-girl-called-emerald-and-girlfriend-katie-was-a-boy-named-luke/ Arin Andrews is the example I most often think of as a good example with the most positive results when I think of female to male changes. But of course life is not simply made of gender. So many aspects. Really love is the main thing - go's so far beyond the sex we are or have been born with. One of my cousins took the courage to transition to being a male. He seems very happy now and we are becoming friends again now that I have learned of his change (Friends first). Yes, I was surprised and at first did not know how to take it/respond. This does make it easier to let him know I too am transgendered; just in the opposite direction. let me know if I can clarify anything - I definitely do not think changing sex will solve everything and in fact it could make things worse, as other underlining issues may be part of what is occurring. In my life role I have been a scientist/analyst. Dawn