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  • Interests I love history, Indian lore, hiking, ballet and modern dancing, sketching, visiting battlefields, doing genealogy, collecting coins, stamps, rocks and traveling all over the world.

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  1. Dawn13

    Please let me know if you find any of my looks especially appealing. I will be posting a few more photos and I appreciate questions and feedback. If there is something you really like let me know.

  2. Dawn13

    Part 2 - Today except for dieting, I do little additional to enhance my female appearance. Over the years my wife has helped me achieve some of the looks I am going to post. A couple of years ago my wife was going to get rid of some of her old clothes because her top had grown, because of her latest fitness program. She never believed I could fit into her older clothes, as I currently do.

  3. Dawn13

    A little about myself – Part 1

    I am a happy male who has been mistaken, even wearing male clothes, as a girl most of my life. Several doctors and other people in the know have told me I have a feminine bone structure and body characteristics. A few years ago, I took female hormones and had some laser hair removal. I have since stopped those treatments.

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