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  1. Happy-Birthday-smiley.gif
    Happy Belated Birthday, catherine. 

    1. catherine2003a


      Hey, this is SO nice thanks. I'm 50 and feel depressed about it. So I'll gobble up champagne to forget.


  2. anim_partyblower.gifHappy Birthday, Natalie :)

  3. Happy Birthday Warren.

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    2. UsernameOptional


      " I'd bake you a cake, but I already know your better than me at that ! :)"

      :lol:  Smart move... I don't think I'd wanna go head-to-head with him either... and I consider myself a pretty good cook.

    3. WarrenG


      lol thanks guys <3 

    4. Ronnie Virga

      Ronnie Virga

      I am ok with the basic subsistence cooking. Baking is like rocket science. And I used to do rocket science ! ;)

  4. Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right. -- Isaac Asimov

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    2. UsernameOptional


      No...but when I saw it, the first thing that came to mind was how conservatives are beating their morality drums (homosexuality is a sin, they can't support SSM), keeping them from doing what's right - allowing all people to have the same rights.

    3. Emma


      Ah! I get it now. Yes, it's a good quote, especially for that.

    4. MonicaPz


      Think it means that even if you disagree with it for yourself, but respect other people right to do it, as long as it does not harm others. For example, one night stands may not be right for me, but I acknowledge others have the right to do it, as long as both partners agree to it.

  5. Ohio leaders aim to capitalize on criticism of Indiana religious freedom law http://www.lgbtqnation.com/2015/04/ohio-leaders-aim-to-capitalize-on-criticism-of-indiana-religious-freedom-law/2/

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    2. MonicaPz


      Emma, is there any way you can fix your link? Thanks!

    3. UsernameOptional


      Dunno if you can edit status comments or not... but to get around that, copy the address, then past in your browser's address bar. The address is good... not sure why it's not clickable.

    4. Emma


      I can't edit the comment and now CNN is displaying the update that he's signed the revised bill. Like with Indiana's bill, I wonder why they need it now. Maybe to show the conservatives "see, we tried."

  6. Sounds like things went well. Take care, get some rest and speedy recovery. -Michael

  7. Happy Birthday, Kaisa. -Michael

  8. :::Sneaks up on veronica::: Back to normal... lol

    1. Ronnie Virga

      Ronnie Virga

      Ahhhhhhh! Viking Guy is back ! Awesomeness ! :)

    2. Ronnie Virga

      Ronnie Virga

      You must have rode up on your slow motion horse ! ;)

    3. UsernameOptional
  9. Happy Birthday, Ellen. -- Michael

    1. tbirdgal


      Michael , thank you so much ! ellen

  10. Happy Birthday, Karen. -Mike

  11. Happy Birthday, Lori. Hope you have a great day. =) -David

  12. Hey Bonnie... Happy Birthday! Hope you have something special planned. Enjoy the day! =) Michael

  13. Happy Birthday, Kate. Hope you enjoy the day. -Mike

  14. I see you.... where you been hidin'??

    1. Shannon


      Hi Mike, just stopped by to see what's happening. How ya been?

    2. UsernameOptional


      I've been okay... hope you have too. Funny that last night I ran across some old emails - one of which was from you... and here you are today. How are the "bead people" doing?? LOL

  15. Happy Birthday, Gennee. Hope you have a great day. =) Mike

  16. Happy B-day, Shannon =) -Michael

  17. Happy Birthday, Annie. Hope you have a great day. =) -David

  18. Happy Birthday, Beth... hope you are doing well and that you had a great day. -Michael

  19. Hiya Miss Kim! Thanks for the "hi" last time you stopped by. Nice to see your posts. =) ...Mike

  20. Happy Birthday Miss Kim! -Mike

  21. Happy B-day Miss D .. =)

  22. Happy Birthday, Susane. Hope you have a great day. We miss you around here. -Mike

  23. =) Happy Birthday, Annie. -David

  24. Hope you had a Happy Birthday... =) -Mike

    1. MsBeth


      I did Michael :) thank-you!

  25. The sock monkey looks sad... :(

    1. freemouse


      He wasnt sad, he was contemplative. Meditating.