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    Hi everyone. I am a transgender female from Columbus Ohio. I do not have a significant other. However, I hoped that I could follow and jump in from time to time and offer my 2 cents. At times, I hope to ask questions. I am having trouble finding a lover because I am a T girl / yet interested in finding a genetic woman. I am finding that males and woman alike hit on me often. But if I bother to tell someone that I am a T girl, they instantly show such disappointment - as if I have a disease and therefore not suitable as relationship quality. I hope to find a lover some day. I have been single and alone ( sex free) five years come July. I feel discouraged. I know I am not ugly. But I am made to feel unattractive simply because people are so narrow minded, ignorant about the facts and judgmental. People seem to have the idea that a T girl is a hooker / sleazy / not fit to introduce to friends and family ... etc etc. What are your thoughts? I would appreciate anyone's reply. I hope my interaction, though I do not yet have a significant other, does not offend anyone. I just like hanging with people whom are responsible ........... And I feel that people whom are in dedicated relationships shows 2 responsible people. It takes so much work, responsibility, consideration, maturity and good values to keep a long lasting relationship. And for that, I truly enjoy being around people with those qualities. That is why I hope to be an addition to this thread.
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