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  1. Ellen being very visible at the "Spaces " art showing last Saturday in Washington DC by Molly Byron for the Washington Blade magazine . Shown also is her scale model of the Crossroads Coffee house
  2. I want EVERYONE to vote Spidermites of Jesus as best picture
  3. Uh Jessica , I won't be going to Florida , however , the producer , Mr. Jerry Williams will ! The Spidermites of Jesus is going to Florida ! Two festivals announced By admin | March 1, 2019 | 0 Dirtwoman will be exposed (!) to people in 2 sunny states during the coming months. SPIDER MITES will have 2 screenings at the FLORIDA FILM FESTIVAL in April: Sunday, 4/14 at 6pm (Regal Winter Park Village) Wednesday, 4/17 at 9:30 pm (Enzian Theater) I’ll be there for Q&A after both showings. In September I’ll be travelling to California for CINEMA DIVERSE: THE PALM SPRINGS LGBTQ FILM FESTIVAL. If you have friends in either city, give ’em the heads up!
  4. Monica , until I get noticed by Hollywood studios as a legitimate prop builder , I won't say but so much . I'm still working deals to get my S A G card being as i legitimately have a role in the independent film, The Spidermites of Jesus . Two showings have been added for Florida and I hope everyone here will go and PLEASE VOTE !!!!!
  5. Christy, it's ALWAYS a pleasure when I can put a dace to someone here on TG Guide ! Here's the poop on the event : 3-30-2019 No Ma Gallery 1140 3rd St NE Washington DC 1;PM to 5PM
  6. I have been invited by the arts community to show my work at the National day of Trans Visibility in Washington DC ! I'm told they want my exhibit, the former Crossroads Coffee house at the entrance . This is really an honor for me and I hope to shake hands or give a hug to all ! https://www.transvisibilityfestival.com/events/trans-visibility-community-festival?fbclid=IwAR3-W0cbVmjYqUVUw-aFmnQsub0Hva8eb-KxWW8eJzRjQbN3r0F4JyxyXxY
  7. The independent film by Jerry Williams will premiere 4-25 in a ONE SHOWING ONLY at the Byrd Theater , W Cary street ! This is the film I'm in and I think it is hilarious as well as true , Donnie Corker was as brash as 50 grit sandpaper and I was proud to have known her as I did . Donnie brought being a Gay man in a dress to life in Richmond and certainly allowed we Transgender people to flourish . I'll be out front before and after signing autographs if ya'all care to meet me in person . ONE SHOWING ONLY !!!!!!! 4-25- 2019 Byrd Theater , Richmond Va
  8. Jessica , I think you got it !!!!!!!!!
  9. Let me fill ya in on da Pences dear . Mike Pence designed the VERY GROUNDWORK that Governor Brownback in Kansas , Governor Scott in Florida ,Governor Abbot and our LOVING Governor in N Carolina , Pat McCory!The ONLY reason it on a governor's desk in Virginia is cause Bathroom BOB MARSHALL's bills failed the senate !
  10. If you are able to come to the Virginia Commonwealth college campus , beginning February , Richmond Virginia's GLESN is able to help !
  11. NICE! Too bad this company dosen't have stores near me
  12. Me , Boston Massachusetts , January , yeah , yer kidding .......
  13. I know a good many of us will revert to our "Underground ways of the late 1960's if the Ftrump erasure really does come to pass . I know the documents stored on me during J Edgar's tenure are still around . Guess what , I'm still around and NO ONE will take me out willingly .....
  14. Hey Michael , if you're getting tired of reading this nonsense from the Communistwealth of Virginia , try being a resident as I am and living here and seeing the idiocy first hand .I have a state delegate telling me he has no Transgender people living in his district ans I brought along six transgender folks who vote , live and pay taxes in his district to meet him. Yeah , Living here is like a time warp , only BACKWARDS
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