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  1. EShaver added a post in a topic: Pinterest and other social media   

    Dawn , Pinterest is honestly wayyyyyy more transphobic than Faceless Book ! I am on FB , but ONLY because I own a architectural building service . You can find me at Art Forms design on Face Book
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  2. EShaver added a post in a topic: Trans and Cis   

    Jus yesterday , I go to a doctor's appointment . The new hire , a very young African American GLANCES at me , sirs me and then , has the GALL to hand me the PRIVILEGED Medical information of another woman although I gave her a COLD STARE as I reminded her I am a LEGAL Female ...... Oh you bet I went to her supervisor and let a lot go
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  3. EShaver added a post in a topic: Trans and Cis   

    Labeled is one thing . Being constantly mis gendered even though you have politely ask that you be addressed correctly is another
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  4. EShaver added a post in a topic: Annual Transgender Events   

    Lori, and everyone else , this is really a JAM Packed one day event that really has the power of being a TWO day event . We went from 200 to 400 in just one year once word got out about this .
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  5. EShaver added a post in a topic: Annual Transgender Events   

    ​Lori, Equality Virginia hosts a one day Health conference and show known as Virginia TIES  the 3rd week of October at Virginia Commonwealth University . This year celebrated it's 4th year and once again , I was a volunteer to this event . Next year , I am slated to do a class in what to wear at an interview . This will have several models showing attire fit for a work place interview and how to dress one's age .
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  6. EShaver added a post in a topic: Virginia TIES , now in it's 4th year !   

    Coming the end of October to Virginia Commonwealth University  10-19- 2017 ......

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    What better way to separate us from the "CHOSEN " is to divide the sins into what is REAL sin from something that can be prayed over and resolved in just an hour ....

    Every day , I see another report of some "Christian " do gooder , church leader , or Neighborhood - GOOD GUY who has had relations with a minor child . Seems , it's common now for the congregation to "Pray away the sin of this lost soul Bail bonds are collected , Priests are re located and the whole thing is hushed out of existence . . Meanwhile , the innocent victims , the kids are RUINED for life . NO ONE responds to their needs twenty years down the road . Nope , These Churches continue doing the dividing EVERY Sunday from the pulpit pitting US vs The Few . The cycle continues .....
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  8. EShaver added a post in a topic: Trans Health Conference (Philadelphia) - Sept. 7-9, 2017   

    I'm jealous ! Richmond  Virginia has done well to squeeze out a One day wunda at Virginia Commonwealth University . Course it took a LOT of badgering from people like me to get Equality Virginia to do this going on it's FOURTH YEAR now .
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  9. EShaver added a post in a topic: Yes , government CAN commit suicide   

    I'm sitting here now , and watching my beloved home slowly become a religious Theocracy .....
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  10. EShaver added a post in a topic: Lawsuit: Effects of 'Bathroom Bill' Linger in North Carolina   

    Emma , under the soon to be signed Texas bill, that won't make a bit of difference . I can already see legal challenges as some states already allow Birth certificate amendments and Texas has already stated they will NOT recognize  any change .
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  11. EShaver added a post in a topic: Lawsuit: Effects of 'Bathroom Bill' Linger in North Carolina   

    I'm North of N Carolina now by 50 miles . I'm watching the Texas fiasco only because I contract to the Texas Historical society now and I used to own a Brick an Mortar manufacturing concern in Houston .

    Personally , I'm worried as to just how "LEGAL " my Virginia permit is . Here , I'm female . Now in N Carolina and now in Texas , am I Female or just what ? I'm really unwilling to take a chance as I have charge of a Special needs son . How's it going to look when I'm visiting or doing a job and my son is with me and I'm hauled off by police for taking a Potty break ?
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  12. EShaver added a post in a topic: Texas may lose 2018 NFL Draft   

    Gennee, for some unknown reason , Texas adapted the Fire an Brimstone Baptist Revival theory and for another unknown reason , they expect someone like me to adapt to it  too...
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  13. EShaver added a post in a topic: Texas may lose 2018 NFL Draft   

    GOOD!!!!!! the legislature has gone completely 180 because the founders of the republic of Texas were Gamblers, Womanizers , Society out casts and renegades like myself who won't return until the religious Theocratists are run outta Dodge !
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  14. EShaver added a post in a topic: Victoria Secrets   

    ​Your manager was correct in that some Vitoria Secret stores are indeed Trans friendly more so than other stores . By that , some stores are truly WANTING our business.
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  15. EShaver added a post in a topic: Dr. Kathy Rumer - GRS in Philadelphia   

    Chrissy, I have had the pleasure of meeting and knowing Dr Rumer at Virginia TIES, now twice . She helped inaugurate the 1st Virginia health conference in 2012. She came well prepared and it was my actual first time being able to have a one on one with any surgeon . I have no clue who is scheduled at the fourth year of Virginia TIES other rthan I have begged, pleaded and begged even more to see this conference expanded into something that include more time .

    It was a BIG step first for Equality Virginia to have taken my chiding from years earlier as the director , James Parrish once told me that he thought the Transgender population in Virginia barely could hit 900 people and that was in 2010. He know I had my facts together and as a result , Virginia Ties came to Virginia Commonwealth University at the student commons center for the now one day event . I have been a Equality volunteer since the beginning and I look forward to again doing so this October .

    Virginia TIES is THE Come to event for all Transgender and those wishing information on the meaning of being Transgender. Subjects range from Legal issues with Medicare / Medicaid to surgical procedures . I continue to push for a dress for success class as this applies to Cross dressers as well. There is simply too much Information that BEGS to be shared to the community as a whole here and one day is simply not enough to take it all in . A social gathering at a nearby bar closes the day and all participants are treated to two complimentary drinks via Equality Virginia .

    I look forward to meeting ANYONE willing to travel to Richmond Virginia this fall to attend the event . Bring a notebook as I'm on hand to share knowlee , resources and any pertinent information I can
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