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  1. Let me fill ya in on da Pences dear . Mike Pence designed the VERY GROUNDWORK that Governor Brownback in Kansas , Governor Scott in Florida ,Governor Abbot and our LOVING Governor in N Carolina , Pat McCory!The ONLY reason it on a governor's desk in Virginia is cause Bathroom BOB MARSHALL's bills failed the senate !
  2. If you are able to come to the Virginia Commonwealth college campus , beginning February , Richmond Virginia's GLESN is able to help !
  3. EShaver

    Sephora Classes for Confidence

    NICE! Too bad this company dosen't have stores near me
  4. EShaver

    First event anyone?

    Me , Boston Massachusetts , January , yeah , yer kidding .......
  5. EShaver

    Won't Be Erased

    I know a good many of us will revert to our "Underground ways of the late 1960's if the Ftrump erasure really does come to pass . I know the documents stored on me during J Edgar's tenure are still around . Guess what , I'm still around and NO ONE will take me out willingly .....
  6. Hey Michael , if you're getting tired of reading this nonsense from the Communistwealth of Virginia , try being a resident as I am and living here and seeing the idiocy first hand .I have a state delegate telling me he has no Transgender people living in his district ans I brought along six transgender folks who vote , live and pay taxes in his district to meet him. Yeah , Living here is like a time warp , only BACKWARDS
  7. EShaver

    I started a petition

    Monica , TWO things will happen 11-6 ! #1 , Ellen will vote ! #2 , My son Israel will go the polls for his FIRST time and cast a vote !
  8. EShaver

    I started a petition

    ME for starters !!!!!!
  9. EShaver

    I started a petition

    I can think of several far more qualified I COULD vote for .....
  10. This is the true story of Diane Kelly whom some of know here as Greenshade . I have been honored by this young lady's wisdom, advice and thoughtfulness . Her first book , The Sky turned Green and the Grass turned Blue sits along side the book Damnt , My Husband wears my clothes by Bobbi Thompson . In Diane's case , she fell in love with a physician who secretly couldn't bring himself to be HONEST and share his desire of wanting to go M2F and his dark fetish in the BDSM world . Diane treats this with dignity , respect and in such a way , that I couldn't put her manuscript down as an advance reader ! I honestly felt like I was sitting alongside Tara , her girlfriend and having a coffee as they had a glass of wine . The book explains why being COMPLETELY open and honest with your significant is so vitally important . This book is also the perfect Teaching tool as the world of BDSM as well as Transgender is so misunderstood . Ellen says , GET THIS BOOK and share it with your partner !!!!
  11. EShaver

    Your Favorite Outfit ?

    Here is one of my more favored pieces . This is a Early 1970's Polyester dress . It has lace sleeves , it's very comfortable and it fit's my personality . I'm with a close friend's 1969 Pontiac GTO at a Halloween event
  12. This year , Equality Virginia is moving the Health conference to J Sargent Reynolds Community Campus in the West End of Richmond Virginia . It's best accessed by taking the Parham Road exit off I-64 Virginia TIES Saturday, October 20, 2018 J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College Parham Road Campus 1651 E. Parham Road Richmond, VA 23228
  13. EShaver

    Virginia TIES , now in it's 4th year !

    I'm not real sure who is putting the classes together for this year's T I E S yet . I do know I have volunteered to do a class in How to dress for an interview . You're welcome to contact me at my work as I own a design and exhibition service ......
  14. EShaver

    Technical help needed in posting photos

    I guess we'll see.....