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  1. EShaver

    Your Favorite Outfit ?

    Here is one of my more favored pieces . This is a Early 1970's Polyester dress . It has lace sleeves , it's very comfortable and it fit's my personality . I'm with a close friend's 1969 Pontiac GTO at a Halloween event
  2. This year , Equality Virginia is moving the Health conference to J Sargent Reynolds Community Campus in the West End of Richmond Virginia . It's best accessed by taking the Parham Road exit off I-64 Virginia TIES Saturday, October 20, 2018 J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College Parham Road Campus 1651 E. Parham Road Richmond, VA 23228
  3. EShaver

    Virginia TIES , now in it's 4th year !

    I'm not real sure who is putting the classes together for this year's T I E S yet . I do know I have volunteered to do a class in How to dress for an interview . You're welcome to contact me at my work as I own a design and exhibition service ......
  4. EShaver

    Technical help needed in posting photos

    I guess we'll see.....
  5. EShaver

    Technical help needed in posting photos

    Monica , it's a Nikon D-3400 I got it at Target
  6. EShaver

    Technical help needed in posting photos

    Emma , I did it via e-mails and honestly , Nikon might as well shut down .
  7. EShaver

    Technical help needed in posting photos

    Emma , I just wanted to see if the "Thumb nail pictures would also post within this forum . Model cars Magazine has the same server and that is another place I was blocked out of because the Nikon camera won't size pictures small enough to suit most forums .
  8. EShaver

    Technical help needed in posting photos

    OK , I wound up going directly to Nikon . They were USELESS . I discovered I have a feature on Amazon with Photo storage . By up loading an album to them , then taking THEIR THUMBNAIL , I can actually share a shot !!!! This building from 1967- 1983 was home to the Crossroads Coffee house in Richmond Va . Celebrities , Robbin Thompson, Bruce Springsteen and Elizabeth Cotton all played there . I was their Emcee 1968 1974
  9. EShaver

    Technical help needed in posting photos

    Michael, I'm headed to a camera shop this week . I'll get back to ya ....
  10. EShaver

    Technical help needed in posting photos

    Emma , I tried and they won't load ....
  11. EShaver

    Technical help needed in posting photos

    Photos transferring into my computer isn't the problem . Transferring photos to THIS forum using the Nikon , IS!!!!!
  12. This is something that has had me scratching my head since i purchased a new camera , a Nikon D-3400 . I still carry my trusty old Cannon Powr shot also . Now posting photos using the Cannon has NEVER been an issue ! The Nikon however ....... I go down to up load files and instead of watching the picture form, I see a BLACK Line ! The Black line results in Upload Failed . Can SOMEBODY who can call me or at least guide me through on what I have to do to make BOTH cameras share pictures ? I can load ANYTHING on Face book, but here ????
  13. EShaver

    Trans Women Storming the Political Arena

    The best thing Danica has done here in the Communistwealth so far is to unseat Bathroom Bob Marshal. Now , we still have THROWBACK Kirk Cox to contend with
  14. Dawn , Pinterest is honestly wayyyyyy more transphobic than Faceless Book ! I am on FB , but ONLY because I own a architectural building service . You can find me at Art Forms design on Face Book
  15. EShaver

    Trans and Cis

    Jus yesterday , I go to a doctor's appointment . The new hire , a very young African American GLANCES at me , sirs me and then , has the GALL to hand me the PRIVILEGED Medical information of another woman although I gave her a COLD STARE as I reminded her I am a LEGAL Female ...... Oh you bet I went to her supervisor and let a lot go