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  1. MichelleLea

    The Fashion Consultant

    A while back, I ordered a pair of ladies' palazzo pants from Amazon, and, as you may know, they ask for a review. I sent them a favorable one since I like the pants. They look, fit, and feel great. Then a few days ago, a lady Amazon customer writes to ask me if the inseam would work for her "curvy 5"10" figure." So, I dutifully measured the inseam and sent her the measurements along with the comment that I thought the pants would work fine for her. I did have to add that they work for my 6' non-curvy male body. Now she has written back to tell me that my comments were helpful. I am finding this whole episode somewhat amusing. Now,I wonder if I'll be asked to give any more advice. LOL
  2. MichelleLea

    Plan B

    Hi Jess, As a former Minnesotan, I remember it well. I never did get a snow blower myself and have done my share of shoveling--I think my back is finally getting healed. It's a cool 44 here this morning and my winter jacket felt good when I walked the dogs. I am a real Floridian now. I do miss having all the fun colder weather women's wear though. You have more options where you live. For now, I stuck here in sunny Florida. LOL. Good luck with clearing out.
  3. MichelleLea

    Happy New Year

    Jess, I am so sorry for your loss. It is such a big hole in your heart. All I can say is that time does help. I'm glad you have so many good memories. Like you, when my wife died, it did free me to go more to my feminine side. Still mostly in the closet myself, but that may change slowly but surely.
  4. MichelleLea

    Happy New Year

    I don't have anything special to write about. I only wanted to let you all know how special you are and how much I have enjoyed conversing with you. You have certainly enriched my life and I look forward to sharing more of our stories as we travel along. I resolve to have more fun this year and hope you all can do the same. We can celebrate the wonderful beings that we are. I wouldn't have it any other way. Big Hugs to all of you.
  5. MichelleLea

    The journey continues

    Christy, you are going through a difficult time, and I am anxious to meet you so we can talk. It sounds like you may be losing your wife. It could happen. I know mine could never accept my feminity. it was okay for others, but not in her house with her husband. I have a different view of our humanity, however. I think the mind and the body are one, and as a result, the changes your body is going through will affect your mood and your thinking. I think that is something you will have to accept and run with. Emma is more help on what you are experiencing than I am in this matter. Btw, I'm impressed with your meditation. Twenty minutes is about all I have been able to do.
  6. MichelleLea

    I Jus' Go Nuts at Christmas

    Thanks for the info. I actually found more glue-on nails as well as polish strips. I knew I saved all that stuff for a reason. I'll have another go at it this weekend. Here was my last endeavor.
  7. MichelleLea

    I Jus' Go Nuts at Christmas

    Jess, My nails were my wife's and were meant for a smaller hand than mine. They were the stick on kind and held up well except when doing heavy housework. Also, they made my nails a little sore for some reason. Still loved the look, though. Anxious to hear of your experience. I am going to look for a larger size in different colors.
  8. MichelleLea

    I Jus' Go Nuts at Christmas

    My New Year's resolution is to get my butt to the groups. I am doing fine this year, so don't worry. I put on some press-on French nails. Love them. I feel more feminine with them on and am even learning to type with them. Now I want some more in different colors. i am going to hate to take them off for work. Ugh!
  9. MichelleLea

    Trans But Still in the Closet

    It is what it is, and we are who we are. For me, also in the closet, for the most part, I get away with what I can without drawing too much attention to myself. But I've always done that anyway--I'm not exactly what you would call flamboyant. It's not the same. but I didn't think weed would become so open and accepted in my lifetime. Emma is right, though; the genie is out of the bottle. Progress does not go in a straight line--pun intended.
  10. MichelleLea

    I Jus' Go Nuts at Christmas

    I'm sure we'll all have a lot more to add after the holidays. Looking forward to it.
  11. MichelleLea

    I Jus' Go Nuts at Christmas

    I don’t know what it is. Could be the season, Christmas and all. Maybe I feel the need for presents. I did get a couple of gift cards which I will put to good use, but there were a few things that I wanted. So, while I was doing my weekly grocery shopping at Walmart, I took a spin through the Ladies section. I have some things that a belt would go nicely with. Along the way, I came across a cami that I could use. Price wasn’t bad, and I found one in my size. Next, I spied some leggings and ended up buying a couple of pair—one velour. I almost bought three—can’t have too many leggings, and it is winter, you know, even here in sunny Florida. I finally did find the belts and saw a set of three that looked nice, but I couldn’t find large size. So, I was pawing my way through the display, when a nice black lady asked if I could use help and tried to steer me to the men’s section. I told her that no, I wanted a lady’s belt, so she worked her way through the belts and finally found a large set. I thanked her for being so helpful and was on my way. I was happy with my personal gifts to myself and wore a set of leggings and the camisole all day. One other note about Christmas. One of my lady friends with whom I used to work at PACE Center for Girls sent me a nice Christmas card and used “Michelle” as her greeting. That made me feel good. She is very thoughtful that way. Hope everyone has a great holiday. I seem to be having a good one all on my own.
  12. MichelleLea

    After the shot

    Christy, you have a full plate, my dear. It does sound like you have a neat and thoughtful dad, and you're right, we do need to hear from the other side as long as it's done respectfully. I'm sorry about your mom. It's tough. My wife could not come to grips with my feminine side--okay for others, but not in her house. I lived with a lot of negativity on that issue for years. Hopefully, your wife will reach an understanding. I just want to let you know that some women never do. Always enjoy reading about your experiences. My life is pretty tame by comparison. I went to our community Christmas party last Friday evening. Somewhat boring would be a nice thing to say. Food wasn't even that great. Singer wasn't bad. Next time I'll go to the trans meeting. BTW, read an article that all of us non-conformists should start going under the "Q" umbrella. The alphabet soup is getting out of hand and is splitting us into factions. Your thoughts?
  13. MichelleLea

    Starting to have a different mental image.

    Thanks as always for your words of support. Big hugs to both of you.
  14. MichelleLea

    Starting to have a different mental image.

    Thanks, Christy, for sharing your story. My sister asked me if I wanted to transition, and I told her that I feel like I am too old to do surgery. Still, I do envy your female evolution a bit. I am still male in my working life, even though I seem to be spending most of my time in the company of females which is my preference. Change is not easy no matter what, and this is a big one. It sounds like overall you are on the right track, and will emerge as that beautiful butterfly.
  15. MichelleLea


    Great thoughts and comments all of you. It appears that most of us have had our experiences being bullied, and, shamefully in my case, being a bully at times myself. It is never acceptable and does lasting harm. In the Broward District schools and at PACE Center for Girls where I worked for many years, we had a zero-tolerance policy. We took any bullying behavior very seriously. Sadly, it persists, and our current political climate is not helping. We will continue the fight.