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  1. MichelleLea added a blog entry in Random thoughts and ideas   

    More On My Own
    Hello again. Today I’m feeling “a bit low.” It’s going on eight months since Sue died, and maybe all this aloneness is starting to catch up with me. Then there’s the “always something there to remind me” thing like in the song. I was at a Chamber event the other evening at Westside Hospital with which we were both all too familiar, and who should I happen to run into—her oncologist. Just last week, I was prospecting in a part of town that I don’t visit, but it was where Sue had her first PET scan—seven years ago. We had our difficulties, but after 33 years, there are all the little things I miss. So, I guess I must keep soldiering on. I watched a Star Talk episode last night in which Neil De Grasse Tyson interviewed Stephen Hawking. His final remark was like Churchill: Never Give Up. Sometimes I do, but I’ll think about it tomorrow. That’s it for now. 

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  2. MichelleLea added a comment on a blog entry: My Day   

    I have been careful to go to the non-alcoholic events. At this stage, I want to network, not socialize. I prefer morning meetings--people have more purpose.
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  3. MichelleLea added a blog entry in Random thoughts and ideas   

    My Day
    it's a little embarrassing, but I am frequently being held up as a role model at our staff meetings. This despite the fact that I haven't made any sales recently, although that is going to change. I guess it's just that I work every day like we are told to do. There is no way around it. Unless you put in the time making calls and setting appointments, you don't have a chance to make sales presentations and close deals. I really don't think that I work that hard. But anyway. I did open another account today with a Bail Bonds and Investigations office. Great guy. He even wants to take me to an exclusive club he belongs to for lunch and even dinner. It may be an introduction for me into the legal world which up to now has been a tough nut to crack for me. I also made one direct sale--not a lot of money, but something. I finally got my neighbour who owns a flooring business to take a look at what we have to offer. I've got a lot of other appointments coming up, so we'll see how it goes. And tonight I went to another speed networking event the Chamber puts on. My little presentation seemed to go okay, and I did meet a lot of nice people again. I'll follow up with notes. I think things will come together by and by.
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  4. MichelleLea added a comment on a blog entry: Being Alone   

    It never hurts to be helpful.
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  5. MichelleLea added a comment on a blog entry: Being Alone   

    Thanks as always for your comments. I'm doing better today, and I have a busy week ahead. Tommorrow evening, I have another speed networking event with the Chamber of Commerce, so that will get me out of the house and out of my comfort zone. I giving a short presentation on team building which I found on Eric Barker's blog: Barking up the Wrong Tree. Good stuff. Wish me luck.
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  6. MichelleLea added a blog entry in Random thoughts and ideas   

    Being Alone
    Yesterday was my wife's birthday, so it has been a bit of a poignant weekend. As it is, I have created my own little world, and overall, it seems to suit me quite well. My wife used to say that I really didn’t need anybody since I was so self-contained. I hate to think that’s the case, but there is truth to it. I have such a routine with the dogs and the house and everything needs to be on schedule. I really doubt that anyone would want to put up with that. I certainly don’t want to wish myself on someone at this point.  Besides, I don’t want to take on anymore heartache and tragedy. I have absolutely zero desire to go out. I do make myself go to evening Chamber of Commerce functions—some anyway, and I am obligated to attend AFLAC awards parties, although I go under duress. I don’t drink anymore either and this is a party crowd. I’m just so content to be at home in the evening, dressed in comfy clothes, and looking out after my puppies. It’s quiet on the weekends. During the week, my phone chimes often with texts from my boss and co-workers. I still hear from family and friends, so I do have social life of sorts.  It seems to work.

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  7. MichelleLea added a blog entry in Random thoughts and ideas   

    Return of the Native
    I was hoping to come back with a splash, but that will have to wait. For the record, I did hit my Fireball award--which came with a nice bonus--and I am now aiming for Super Fireball and an even nicer bonus. I am continuing to do what I do and try new things too. Nothing earth-shattering yet. I still feel confident that I will make my next goal. When I do, my boss wants me to take a leadership position on our team which means having a small team of my own along with a quota that goes with it. I'm not quite ready yet, but it is a nice vote of confidence. I have led teams before so I know how to do it. I won't mind the extra money that comes with it too. Aside from that, life goes on about the same. I pretty much work, eat, sleep, and do some dressing when I'm home. I am doing okay. I hope everyone else here is doing well.
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  8. MichelleLea added a comment on a blog entry: girl jeans   

    I've been wearing ladies' corduroy pants for years now. I've tried men's, but the ladies' pants fit so much better.
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  9. MichelleLea added a comment on a blog entry: Big Boy/Girl   

    Thanks as usual for your comments and encouraging words. I plan on getting more involved with Chamber activities and projects as I am able. So far, so good.
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  10. MichelleLea added a blog entry in Random thoughts and ideas   

    Big Boy/Girl
    I have enjoyed reading everyone's experiences in acknowledging their gender roles--some good, some awkward given the culture we live in. As I have written before, I am content now to be able to wear feminine clothing on my own and feel comfortable doing it. I have to thank the girls at TG Guide for being supportive and empathetic. I believe that if we do nothing else in life, we need to be there for each other. We're all we have, and we're all in this together. I love you all.
    On another note, I opened my first business account all by myself today, and do I feel smart. It was a small beauty salon, and fortunately, the owner was a lovely lady who was very patient with me. I go back this Sunday after everyone is out of church to complete the enrollments.  This makes three barber shops and now one salon that I have opened. Maybe, I have found my niche. I am going to the speed networking event at the Chamber of Commerce on Monday evening. That should be an experience for sure. More to come on that later.
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  11. MichelleLea added a comment on a blog entry: Socializing   

    Monica, I hope you will be okay. I'm not sure what I can do to help, but let me know. At least, keep us up-to-date.
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  12. MichelleLea added a blog entry in Random thoughts and ideas   

    I attended my first "Chamber Chat" s yesterday morning. I was held at a local Jewish Center for disabled children, and about 40 people showed up--a decent number in my estimation. As expected, everyone was very friendly and welcoming, and I was able to visit at some length with at least six. I did meet a few more in passing. This is just one of the events that take place o a monthly basis, and I think it will not only eventually be good for my business, I think it will be good for me personally to be a little more social. On the suggestion of one of my fellow agents, I have been reading Endless Referrals by Bob Burg where I got the idea to join the Chamber in the first place. His approach is very low-key. Be interested in the other person and let them do the talking. Then follow up with a personalized thank you note which offers to refer business their way as able. I think this is the rapport building phase. It will take time, but I enjoyed the gathering. BTW, one of the members gave a tour of their facility. JAFCO is doing amazing work with disabled children and their families. I was impressed.
    On the other hand, my neighbor, Chris, invited me over tonight as I was out walking my dogs. He does invite me from time to time, and I was tempted to stop in for a few minutes. But it turned out to be a HUGE gathering, and I chickened out at the last minute. I am not feeling that great tonight, and besides, I think I would be a little overwhelmed and out of place. I don't think I'll be missed. And with that, I am going to take my two puppies and go to bed. And to all a good night!
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  13. MichelleLea added a comment on a blog entry: Update   

    My furry children definitely keep me on my toes. They are a full-time job, but I love them and they love me, so that's all that matters. They are a lot of company which is helpful now that I'm all on my own. 
    BTW, I joined the local Chamber of Commerce today. I need to meet more people and I think it makes good business sense. Besides, it won't hurt for me to get a little more involved with my community. I'll let you know how it goes in future blogs.
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  14. MichelleLea added a blog entry in Random thoughts and ideas   

    It's been a few days since I've added anything, so I thought it is time. I have been keeping pretty busy with work and have opened two new accounts this year so far. I have three more ready to go before the end of the month which puts me on track to meet my next milestone. This is a good one since it comes with an $i800  bonus, and I can certainly use the cash. I may have mentioned that my District Coordinator wants me to be the #1 account opener in our market this year--I think I can make it. 
    Yesterday I had implant surgery. I had an appointment for a consult along with my routine cleaning , and as it turned out the dentist had a cancellation, so I thought I might as well go for it. It will help save three of my back teeth and restore my chewing on that side, so I think it will be worth it. I am lucky to have plenty of bone in my jaw so that no bone grafts were necessary. It was somewhat painful even with the novacaine, but I had little pain afterwards, so I'm happy about that. My next big expense will be my two poodles and their visit to the vet. As you can see, I need to keep working! No more feminine shopping for the time being--Michelle will have to wait. She is not hurting anyway--LOL. Later.
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  15. MichelleLea added a comment on a blog entry: I Don't Care Much for Myself Tonight   

    I am late in commenting, but I feel for you, Emma. Life is a roller-coaster, isn't it? Another Grateful Dead lyric: Sometimes the light's all shining on me, and sometimes I can barely see. You know it will get better. Keep on pushing. Big hug in the meanwhile.
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