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    I love history, Indian lore, hiking, ballet and modern dancing, sketching, visiting battlefields, doing genealogy, collecting coins, stamps, rocks and traveling all over the world.

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  1. Ears just pierced, wearing two small Zirconium ones - Hard to believe I waited 6 decades to get this done - What a feeling of freedom.

    1. Ronnie Virga

      Ronnie Virga

      Fabulous. Getting mine done soon too!


    2. Dawn13


      Thank you - it was a good decision - now the whole world of earrings are now possible - cannot wait until I am healed and can wear larger more feminine ones - any ideas?  Maybe a drop style.  Was just at the stylist today and my hair is now way down my back and colored blond.  Now this with my earrings the change is no longer subtitle rather I now look much more like a woman, even in guys clothes. 

      Other changes - Even my muscles look more like a girls.  Just had a physical two days ago and apparently my T level is way down, way below normal.  My natural estrogen level also appears to be up likely above normal.  Wondered why I was feeling fatigued lately and appearing to lose some muscle.

      ear 2.jpg