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  1. I guess this is slightly older news now, but I didn't see another posting mentioning it (if I just missed it, my apologies!). Bill C-16, a bill to protect transgender Canadians from discrimination at the federal level, was introduced by the Trudeau government in May 2016. Here's the legislative summary of the bill: The bill had been stalled in the senate for a while, but the good news is that it was finally passed by the senate (without amendment!) on June 15 of this year. It received royal assent, and became law, on June 19! This has been a long time in getting here. The NDP had been trying to get similar legislation passed as a private member's bill for roughly a decade during the years the Conservative Party was in power, but it never ended up passing. Now that the Liberal Party formed the government in late 2015, this version was actually introduced as a government bill by Trudeau's Minister of Justice, Jody Wilson-Raybould. Of course, the small irony is that every province and territory ended up adopting protections for transgender Canadians before the federal government finally passed their law. (In one case, I think New Brunswick, they beat the passage of C-16 by only a few weeks.) But this is still an important milestone to have these protections in place at the federal level, and was a cause for celebration for transgender Canadians across the country!
  2. ​ My understanding is that Pence is *heavily* anti-LGBT: http://time.com/4406337/mike-pence-gay-rights-lgbt-religious-freedom/ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/michelangelo-signorile/mike-pences-blatant-anti-lgbt-extremism-completely-ignored-in-debate_b_12353590.html http://www.towleroad.com/2016/10/mike-pence-lgbt/ Pence at least doesn't bring the crazy like Trump, so I agree with Emma that Pence would be less of a threat for world wars and such, but I think as far as LGBT issues go, he *would* be a huge concern.
  3. ​ I thought it was a little odd that the original post linked to Breitbart of all places, but sadly the US version of the hate bus (or as they call it, the "free speech bus", uh-huh) is apparently all too real. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2017/03/23/bus-anti-transgender-message-vandalized-nyc/99560530/ http://www.msn.com/en-ca/money/other/free-speech-bus-carrying-anti-transgender-message-visits-new-york-city/vi-BByI069 It was apparently in NYC for something at the UN, and will continue some kind of tour throughout the region.
  4. On January 9, Correctional Service Canada released an updated policy for transgender inmates. There were some changes around clothing and eligibility for GRS... but they reaffirmed their existing rule that prison placement would continue to be based on birth sex, rather than gender identity. On January 12, in a town hall meeting in Kingston, ON, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked specifically about prison placement for transgender inmates. Trudeau admitted the issue hadn't been on his radar, but that: And the next day, January 13, CSC issued a statement indicating that they will now (on a case by case basis) be "considering" placement for transgender inmates based on gender identity instead of genitalia. http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/transgender-inmates-placement-policy-1.3934796 It doesn't sound like a definitive rule yet, but it's certainly a step in the right direction. And I do have faith that Trudeau's government will see this through, so I can see it becoming a definitive rule in the near future.
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    Let's talk biology vs. modern life.

    OMG, are you my long-lost sister? I have the hardest time with a "normal" sleep schedule, and whenever I end up with a few days of vacation, I end up sliding back to my old "night owl" habits. Now I'm glad I can just blame evolution! -Sara
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    Holding On to what Youv'e Got

    Hi Ronnie, So glad to see you're hanging in there! All the best to both you and Vi, and CONGRATULATIONS on 42 years! That's awesome! And no worries, my friend, I have NEVER known you to be boring! Take care! -Sara
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    ​Hi Michael! (That's sweet that you even remember me!) Sounds like we're experiencing the same intermittent thing. Today it appears to be working fine for me. Kinda funny that no one else has had any issues, though. I'm using Windows 7 and a Firefox-based browser, if that helps. ​No kitten memes? Sorry, that was ruled unconstitutional because it's considered cruel and unusual punishment!
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    ​Hi Michael, I'm not sure if this is related to the problem you were having in November, but when I go to the main blog page today, all I get is a blank screen. Clearing my browser cache doesn't appear to help.
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    Haha! Turned tables!

    Turnabout is fair play! Someday we'll find the portal to the parallel dimension that the dryers send all the socks to, and then our poor planet will be overrun with socks... all of them mismatched!
  10. Hi Briannah, It is a pleasure to meet you as well! I'm really happy to hear that this site has been so helpful to you, both with your relationship with Nikki and in other areas. I agree that it is important for partners to find support, and that is often difficult to find. I'm so glad you were able to find it here! This site has also been very helpful to me as I was working through things. We are fortunate that so many wonderful people visit here! I, too, wish everyone would learn that lesson about kindness and connection. The world would certainly be a better place. It's so heartening to hear that you and Nikki are growing closer, and that you are choosing to do so. Not everyone in the same situation would make the same choice. I always enjoy hearing about couples who decide they can still make their relationship work after one of the partners comes out as non-cis. Since so many marriages do not survive that type of revelation, it always warms my heart to see examples where the relationship endures, and even grows! I am sending both of you my best wishes! And beef is OK, but I *love* seafood! But not to worry, unless my financial situation changes significantly, I doubt I will ever be on a cruise, so I will never have to worry about being tempted by the lure of cheese mousse!
  11. Hi Briannah, I don't really know you (I have been away from the site for a while), but I just wanted to say... this post is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I wish all the best to you and Nikki as you repair/rebuild your marriage. (Well, OK, the cheese mousse thing... maybe not so beautiful. But definitely everything else! )
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    Top Surgery

    I'm a bit late, but congratulations on your surgery, Chrissy! I hope your recovery is continuing to go well!
  13. Sara17

    Coming out to family

    Hi Nicky, That's wonderful that things are going well, and that your parents are trying to be accepting. It's always nice when someone surprises us (in a good way) with their reaction. Sending you my wishes that everything continues to go well! Telling my parents is still on my list of things to do. They're not bible thumpers, but my dad is very much a bigot too. So I'm not really expecting it to go well, but maybe my parents will surprise me too!
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    >100 Miles!

    Congratulations on this accomplishment, Emma!
  15. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that his government will table a transgender rights bill on May 17! We don't know the full details yet, but a full announcement is expected Tuesday morning. Trudeau has stated that the bill will "ensure the full protection of transgender people". http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-transgender-rights-1.3584482 This is actually a big deal. None of our previous attempts at such a bill were ever tabled by the sitting government. And since we have a majority government right now, I feel they've got a really good chance at getting this one pushed through to become law. I'm a little worried about the senate (if I remember correctly, the last iteration had a bunch of anti-trans* amendments added in the senate), but overall, I'm fairly optimistic about this. This bill will probably have the best chance to become law out of any of the attempts so far. I think if anyone can do this, Trudeau can. I'm hoping for the best!
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    Dealing with the Red Cross

    I don't know about the American Red Cross, but Canadian Blood Services has been pretty discriminatory in the past. Under Canadian Blood Services' policy, trans women are men Transgender blood donor turned away in Vancouver I don't know if things have improved recently or not. Monica, I don't mean to speak ill of your friend... but I am constantly amazed that there are actually people who still think this way.
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    My very own Pandora

    I was a bit worried when I read the title of this post, but was relieved when I found out you meant Pandora in the bracelet sense, rather than Pandora in the mythological sense! Happy (belated) birthday!
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    The Papers

    Congratulations on getting your letter, Warren! (And that's great that the dog is feeling better, too!)
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    Weekend goals...

    Hey, Veronica, you just need to figure out how to package up all that water and ship it to California. I hear they could use it!
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    Thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner

    I guess that's sort of the double-edged sword of celebrity exposure. Anything that brings awareness to the general public is good, but the rich and famous live in such a different world than the rest of us that their experiences will not realistically reflect most peoples'. The CBC actually ran an article a couple days ago on that exact topic: Caitlyn Jenner's transition doesn't represent most transgender experiences Although we also shouldn't lose sight of the fact that Caitlyn felt the same pain we're all familiar with.
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    Mikah, I know we all tend to be our own worst critics, but really, you look great! And apparently you enjoy BSG *and* Firefly, so you have great taste, as well! Glad to hear that you're feeling better. Best wishes and hugs to you! Sara
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    Post surgery report 1

    Congratulations, Karen, and best wishes for a speedy recovery!
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    When You're Trans, Fantasy Trumps Reality

    Oh my, does it date me too much to admit that when I was very young, I really wanted to be Electra Woman? (Yeah, you younger ones will have to Google that... )
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    Update - Hormones

    Congratulations, Lisa! It must feel fantastic to get that part of your journey started! Best wishes, Sara